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The Corona pandemic has affected millions of people, not only in terms of health and disease, but also in terms of employment and employment. Millions of people lost their jobs in the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

In the report published by the American “CNBC” website, the author Shannon Smith said that she – like millions of Americans – found herself unemployed during the pandemic. Initially, she was fired from a job that worked in a restaurant, then she started working as an online fitness trainer, but that job required 10 hours of work per day, and she only had between one thousand and two thousand dollars a month, and in July 2021 I decided to take a new experience in Entrepreneurial, she started using her account on Tik Tok and Instagram to promote wealth building methods and online programs.

According to the author, her work flourished by October 2021 and the number of followers on Tik Tok has grown to more than 40,000. Since then, she has earned about $ 8,000 a month in commission income from her publications, including several-month-old publications and recurring subscriptions to her educational programs. It should be noted that Smith no longer works just two hours a day and spends most of her time sharing her posts on social media.

The author explains that when people ask: How can they create a business that brings them a steady, regular income, they must realize that they have to put in a lot of effort in the beginning, and this will pay off in the long run.

work and technology

The author recommends that in order to earn a regular income, it is necessary to set up automated systems at the beginning of the work as it will save a lot of time because the basic tasks will be completed automatically.

Create a product that requires limited maintenance

Smith began her entrepreneurial journey as a personal trainer, but she discovered that providing an individual coaching service meant she spent all her time making more extra income; Thus, in order to achieve a stable income, it must provide a product that does not require much energy to create the product and provide it to the consumer.

The author claims that marketing products and services of other brands has helped her make more money, and her goal is to create a product once and sell it in the long run through digital courses, online community subscriptions and applications .

Automatically create sales funnels

The author points out that the “sales funnel” is the process a customer goes through before making a purchase. Through her work, customers find him on social media, and then they are pushed by her sales funnel to subscribe to her email list to send them product listings.

The author has created a system on her website that creates a sales funnel for her where customers are automatically added to her email list who receive offers about her service.

Email autoresponder

The 7 factors of marketing success is one of the oldest rules of marketing, based on research conducted by dr. Jeffrey Lant said, you should contact a potential customer 7 times in 18 months before they are ready to buy a product.

And the author points out that with many ads online, you may have to contact potential customers many times to succeed in selling your product to them. According to the author, she used the Uber app to send daily follow-up messages to potential customers who did not purchase her product to further motivate them. It should be noted that other business owners use the Get Response and MailChimp services to send automated emails.

Do not waste a futile attempt

The author noted that many people are trying hard to make room again through social media posts to highlight their work, indicating that after learning 109 thousand and 100 followers on Tik Tok, I learned that the key to rapid dissemination and augmentation of the audience is to study what works with others; Of course, you have to be original, but you have to post content that people actually find interesting.

Use this mechanism to post your own touch on social media posts, where the author recommends studying what other people in your field are talking about. For example, if you sell health products, are there any health discussions you can add to that, or questions that people always ask in the comments section that you can answer? Use these statistics to illustrate your message or the information and advice you will share.

She explained that she regularly watches TikTok Marketing to stay abreast of trends, which shares her strategies for getting around quickly and building a relevant audience.

Focus on solving a problem

The author states that the main purpose of any business is to sell a product or service, but in the end no one cares what you sell; People care about their own goals, dreams and problems.

And she indicated that you should indirectly market your product in a way that shows how it can help meet the needs of your audience or help them achieve their goal.

Interact with your audience

The author explained that individual posts on Instagram or Tik Tok are effective in providing value and entertainment to your audience, but it is almost impossible for your audience to get to know you through these posts.

She said it is important to have contact with the audience because when people learn to know who you are, they begin to trust what you say and what you sell, which will lead to more sales.

“I communicate directly with my audience by responding to their comments and messages, or through live broadcasts on Instagram and TikTok. It gives me an opportunity to build a personal connection with them through a real conversation,” she says.

The best choice is what you promote

The author advises those planning to start an affiliate marketing business, noting that these are the most important things she recommends looking for:

high gravity: Attractiveness means the number of people actively promoting the product, and if the number is high, you know the product is good.

Low recycling rate: The author noted that if the product has a high rate of return, it means that many people were not satisfied with it, so it should be avoided, as promoting products with high rates of return can reduce your audience’s confidence in you.

Recurring subscriptions: The author says that these are the best type of products to promote, because you will receive a commission every month every time a subscriber renews their subscription.

Positive reviews: She added that she always checks with Google for the affiliate programs you are looking at before deciding to promote it, to make sure it is the most desirable product.

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