Sheikh Ali Al-Esai in an interview with “The Trustees”: The Presidential Council is the last rescue ship, and we demand that the coalition include Yemen in the Gulf countries – Al-Amina Net

Sheikh Ali Al-Esai in an interview with “The Trustees”: The Presidential Council is the last rescue ship, and we demand the coalition to include Yemen in the Gulf countries

Sheikh Ali Alawi bin Ghalib Al-Esai said in an interview with the newspaper “Al-Amina” that the formation of the Presidential Council at this critical stage is the only lifeboat and the last lifeboat to solve all the problems of Yemen in the south to solve. and north.
He stressed that the presence of the Council is a new shift and an urgent addition, after the delay in resolving matters at all levels, and many solutions in internal and external matters have been frozen. According to Sheikh Al-Esai, who has touched on various political and economic issues related to the Yemeni issue, he called for the coalition to quickly include Yemen in the Gulf Cooperation Council and to amputate the arm of Iran that threatens to safety and security of the region.

Details in this person interview conducted by the newspaper with Sheikh Ali Alawi Al-Esai
Member of the Riyadh Dialogue Conference – Member of the Administrative Council of the Embassy of Yemen in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Who is Ali Alesayi?

Sheikh Ali Al-Esai is a Yemeni citizen, like any individual in Yemeni society, most of my life while I am abroad. I serve the Yemeni community and receive important officials and accompany the ambassadors of Yemen, but my first concern is the stability of the country and its development until it becomes in security and peace among the Gulf countries so that we can return and spend the rest of our lives in our fatherland can live and We are safe for ourselves, our property and the future of our children under the banner of law and order for all the people

Welcome to this humble journalistic interview, thank you for your continued interaction with the country’s issues.

Thank you all for giving me this opportunity through your newspaper, which is characterized by its high professional sense and acceptance of the other opinion and opinion.

V / We start with you from the recent developments, as you are a political and economic figure …

1- In your opinion, what will the formation of the Presidential Council add politically and economically to the Yemeni file, and what are the dimensions of this step for the alliance?

(C) At the outset, we would like to congratulate the Presidential Council for giving their confidence in leading Yemen. We express our gratitude and appreciation to all members of the political leadership for raising the level of awareness and to all who seek to serve the country. And back to your question
The truth is that the formation of the Presidential Council at this critical stage will certainly give a new shift and is an urgent addition, after the delay in resolving matters at all levels and many solutions in internal and external matters frozen. honorable person is relieved of this sad situation, which is a product of war and complex circumstances. It is true that the Presidential Council faces many major challenges, represented in political and military crises, economic disasters and some obstacles, but we believe in the competence of the leadership and members of the Council and their zeal to meet the demands of the people who suffered a lot and still suffer under war today. And the political differences, including the regional ones, the Presidential Council is in fact the only ship of salvation for all our Yemeni people, if they really wanted peace and built the homeland in the light of these circumstances filled with political events in our dear Yemen and our great people. By the coalition in the Yemeni issue, it is in order to eliminate the Iranian tide in Yemen and liberate the Arabian Peninsula and Yemen is a real disaster and crises led by the enemies of the homeland at home and abroad , and we, in our capacity, express our gratitude and appreciation to the coalition countries for their fruitful efforts for the sake of Yemen’s stability, reunification, the rule of the Yemeni House and the maintenance of its security, which is an integral part of Gulf Security .

2- Was the formation of the Presidential Council with this mixture a step with well-thought-out goals and guaranteed results, and what do you expect it to achieve at this stage?

(C) The formation of the Presidential Council is one of the outcomes of the national dialogue with the participation of all political blocs in Yemen without exception. We must be optimistic and expect the country to emerge from this dark violence that has engulfed the country. Just and satisfying for all parties, and before that alleviate the suffering of the people who have been robbed for years due to the ongoing conflict.

3- To return to the file of the southern issue, in your opinion, is Yemeni unity still welcomed by the southern street?

(C) Yes, my esteemed sir, of course, the people of the south played a major role in achieving Yemeni unity, and the southerners were the ones who called for independence for Yemeni unity. If we go back to the past and remember the school department after 1971 AD, the department was
Al-Sabahi is for the sake of achieving Yemeni unity. Indeed, unity has been achieved for all our Yemeni people on the basis of agreements serving the two peoples, but unfortunately some abuses have taken place after the union and they have not started the provisions of the unity agreement and the exclusion and marginalization.
Southern state employees at that time, which led to the congestion of the southern street against Yemeni unity and the demand of the southern people to return to the pre-1990 AD.

4- Do you think that the southern community, the leadership and the people, today are on a united word that unites them in the common interest?

(C) There will be no united word, neither for southerners nor for northerners, except when we realize that national interests take precedence over personal interests, and there will be a common advantage in the south and north, and all the sons of the country enjoys security and stability in Yemen, north and south.

5- You were one of the first supporters of the Southern Movement in its early stages of its uprising and took part in many activities and supported the leaders of the struggle movement Do you think the desired goals have been achieved and are there any weaknesses or shortcomings?

(C) Yes, my honorable sir, of course, we are southerners, in the first place, and with the country, but we are
Opponents of abusive practices against the people of the south, and we demanded the governing authorities
At that time in Sanaa, social equality among the people of the country under the banner of the Republic of Yemen, and compared to what the southern issue was yesterday, we see today that it achieves a large percentage of the goals of its demands has .

6- If you explain to us to some extent, what role have you contributed since the beginning of the Southern Movement?

(C) We have attended some peaceful events calling for justice and equality among our Yemeni people, and our views are still firmly against violence and creative chaos that is destroying our homeland, and supporting us
Dialogue and return to the negotiating table, which is the only way out for all problems


8- You have had several articles in which you called for Yemeni reunification and arbitration of the language of dialogue Does this contradict or does not contradict your previous views with the Southern Movement and support for the Southern cause, and what is its fate today?

c) We were, and still are, against chaos, wars, the tearing down of the homeland, and with the southern demands to restore legal rights

What is your advice to each of the southern leaders and the southern media?

My advice to the southern leaders is to unite all under one banner and to call for satisfactory political solutions to their just, legitimate and globally recognized cause and to build strong relationships with neighboring countries to achieve their goals.
Elimination of corruption because corruption is what has brought us to where we are today and to fight nepotism, regionalism and tribalism and apply order and law to all the sons of the nation and the people to be aware and the right man on to choose the right place not to stand with the corrupt or the ignorant, even if he is one of the sons of his skin and achieves social equality and respect for freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by the constitution

My advice to the southern media is to investigate credibility and communicate the truth to the people, because the press is the fourth authority.
And the newspaper Al-Amana is a regular person who gives up credibility and criticizes any corruption in the country or any immorality in society and attacks the corrupt.

9 – Based on your knowledge and proximity to decision makers, in your opinion, what does the Gulf and Arab alliance want from Yemen?

C) We and the Gulf countries have historical ties with them and common interests, and the security of Yemen is part of the security of the Gulf, and who does not thank people, thank God
The Yemeni people will not forget the support and honorable political views that the Gulf states have provided towards the Yemeni people and their political leadership since the outbreak of the crisis and then the conflicts and fighting.

10- How do you evaluate the period of the reign of President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi politically and economically?

C) President Hadi’s rule was a difficult period of wisdom, filled with all events. He could not offer anything to his homeland, and due to the political differences in the homeland, and in light of the international resolutions on Yemen, President Hadi was a military man more than a politician.

11- What did the businessmen inside and outside the country offer to the Yemeni economy?

C) Yemeni businessmen and financiers provided much assistance to the country and played a major role in mitigating the famine during the war and in these catastrophic conditions that the country went through, and with regard to investments, the security aspect was the first obstacle for investment in the country.

12- What are the main urgent solutions that need to be taken to get Yemen out of this dark tunnel?

C) The most important urgent solutions are the healing of the wounds between the fighting teams, the provision of services to the Yemeni people, the establishment of security, the activation of the just judiciary, and the support of the Yemeni economy by the brothers in the Gulf countries until Yemen recovers and among other things. the Gulf ranks.

13- How do you evaluate the role of the international community towards the war in Yemen, and does it continue according to the policies of the coalition, or is there an intersection?

C) We do not believe in the resolutions of the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the permanent member states, we hope in God, and then our brothers in the Gulf are the only ones who have the upper hand to lift Yemen out of what it is today and they have strong influence in Yemen as well as for them all the appreciation and respect of the Yemeni people and the Yemeni political leadership

One last message you would like to deliver?

We call on the Presidential Council to provide services and eliminate widespread corruption with its responsible judgment on these people who have suffered greatly at this and previous stages, and we call on the brothers in the Gulf countries to include Yemen in the Gulf Cooperation Council. to amputate the hand of Iran and any other ambitions that seek to destabilize the security of the Arabian Peninsula, which is a global source of energy.

Finally, I say “thank you” to all of you for giving me this opportunity through your glorious newspaper, known for the integrity of the journalist, and thank you to everyone in charge and workers for demonstrating the word of truth in the fatherland, in every land and under every heaven

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