Al-Mudhaf Sabah Al-Salem University is an academic building

  • Al-Roumi: The university is the highest platform for education, a center for intellectuals, and a beacon for the state to graduate its needs
  • Zainal: “Administrative Sciences” received academic accreditation from the American Accreditation Corporation (AACSB).

Alaa Khalifa

The Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf confirmed that Sabah Al-Salem University City is a leading academic building, a clear indication and a unique model to confirm the state’s interest in the exalted message of higher. education, facilitation of ways, utilization of capabilities and directing energy to improve the education system, explaining that it is the largest university city, and we look forward to completing Work to promote Kuwait University academically and research.

This was during his speech on behalf of the sponsor of the celebration of the golden jubilee of the first group of graduates of the College of Trade, Economics and Political Science at the University of Kuwait, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, who was organized last night by the College of Administrative Sciences to honor the first group of graduates and the 50th anniversary of their graduation.

Al-Mudhaf said: I have the honor to convey to you the greetings of His Highness Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled as I represent His Highness in this occasion which establishes the legacy of higher education in Kuwait. The adults who are a beacon for our generation and generations to follow, follow their example in the process of education and human building, which is a difficult task that requires cooperation and integration between family, school, community, government and educational institutions requires that this university return to a pioneer in the region as it was. He sincerely congratulates the family of the College of Administrative Sciences on the renewal of international academic accreditation at bachelor’s and master’s level, and for the election of his dean within the AACSB Advisory Board for the Accreditation of Global Business Schools, a well-deserved achievement that confirms his academic prestige.

A unique building

In turn, the director of Kuwait University, prof. Youssef Al-Roumi, states that this academic building, full of his expertise and sciences in finance, engineering, medicine, science, law, literature, education and sharia, was and still is eager to lead society through his children on nurture, upgrade his energy and share his members’ experiences with their experiences in state institutions.

Al-Roumi continues: Since the founding of the University of Kuwait in 1966, it has been considered the highest platform for education and a center for groups of intellectuals, and it has been a landmark on which the state has relied with confidence to needs to graduate. his graduates, we celebrate the first group of members of the College of Trade, Economics and Political Science, and a group of those who have had a major impact on society.

big leaps

In turn, the acting dean of the College of Administrative Sciences at Kuwait University, prof. Muhammad Zainal, said that the study at the College of Trade, Economics and Political Science began in the academic year 1968-1967, and the number of students at that time was 150, and it is one of the first colleges of the University of Kuwait .

He added: Our dear graduates, who today humbly stand before us to honor, are not only among the first graduates of the college, but they are among the first of the university because they have all our love and Pride. with specialists and experts in the branches of modern science, and the strengthening of cultural and scientific ties with Arab and foreign universities and institutions of higher learning.

He added: If we celebrate the honor of first-generation college graduates, we can not fail to salute all the next and successive groups of graduates to our current academic year. We also have the honor to pay tribute and respect to those who played a role in supporting the work of the college, especially Anwar Al-Nouri, the First Secretary-General of Kuwait University, and dr. Hassan Al-Ibrahim, the first Kuwaiti director of the Kuwait University and the first Kuwaiti dean of the Trade College, and dr. Shoaib Abdullah, the former director of the University of Kuwait, and prof. Fayza Al-Kharafi, the former director of the University of Kuwait.

On the other hand, Zainal stated that the College of Administrative Sciences strives to advance academia and research, and has succeeded in achieving one leap after another and being able, under the conditions of the pandemic and the closures that most affected by the education sector, to present a clear model of readiness and transformation to distance education in a short period of time, pointing out that it has achieved academic accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Colleges of Business (AACSB) , and it was the fourth college in the world to obtain accreditation during that period.The college also started by launching its Fifth Generation project through the process of developing the graduation newspaper, programs and specializations provided, to begin to keep pace with the new world that requires a greater understanding of our accelerating technological reality.

On behalf of the winners, the former Minister of Finance, Mahmoud Al-Nouri, gave a speech in which he said: I remember the first day we entered the College of Trade, Economics and Political Science in September 1967, and it was in the college building in Adailiya. The defeat of the 1967 war and the ensuing ideological preconceptions brought new ideas and organizations to the scene.

Al-Nouri indicated that the University of Kuwait, like all Arab universities, was a major theater for this intellectual conflict, and was distinguished during that period by the strong support of the political leadership for the student movement, pointing out that the quality of the doctors was distinguished by all standards, therefore scientists were selected, each in his field, in addition to the fact that the number of students in each was small. This chapter left a great opportunity for direct dialogue and transfer of ideas between the professor and his students.

He advised current students to stay away from extremism in opinions, and to insist on excluding the other opinion, emphasizing that there is a big difference between love and pride for the tribe and sect and the pursuit to exclude the others, as it is a waste of Kuwait’s energy and wastes it in the midst of disputes, calling on the university administration to strive to raise the standard of the University of Kuwait compared to international Arab universities.

The Intruder: A generation that witnessed the emergence of state institutions

Prime Minister Abdulaziz Al-Dakhil’s cabinet said many of the graduates of this group have held ministerial and leadership positions in the state, and are being sought to take advantage of their expertise. They are considered a generation that has witnessed the rise. of state institutions, and praised the zeal of the University of Kuwait to honor its graduates.

Al-Jassim: To honor is a good gesture

Yousef Al-Jassem, one of the celebrated graduates, confirmed that he is overwhelmed with happiness after half a century of the joy of graduating and obtaining a university degree.

Al-Jassem praised the Kuwait University’s honor of the first group of college graduates and explained that it is a good gesture, hoping that it will be at the forefront of universities in the world.

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