Karam Gabr: The Supreme Council for Media is working to launch the “Safe Media for Children” initiative

Journalist writer Karam Gabr, head of the Supreme Court for Media Regulation, confirmed that the council is launching the “Safe Media for Children” initiative, in partnership with all authorities involved in childhood, and intends to work to to support national identity and for the child to realize the value of singing the name of Egypt in the morning assembly and the value of a salute. Science and everything are principles we want to achieve, because after years this child may wear a military uniform to defend his homeland, so patriotism and love for Egypt must be implanted in all children.

Jabr indicated that children are a focus of attention for the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, and that the meeting is with the National Council for Children and Motherhood to discuss how the media can contribute to a safe social and cultural awareness message for children creating the concept of identity in their depths and national principles, and creating a model and role model for the child to promote concepts that are consistent with the nature of our society, as most of the current models are foreign and is related to the spread of strange ideas about our homeland, the nature of the country and the country in which we live, which requires that the bonds of cooperation between the two councils be expanded.

He pointed out the importance of paying attention to the child and his issues, adding that childhood is one of the most important stages of human life, as this stage represents the basis on which the rest of life stages are based. Where the personality traits of the individual are formed, the Egyptian state is eager to give them the necessary care and attention to build their personality at an early age.

This happened during his participation in a participatory meeting with the National Council for Children and Motherhood, in the presence of Dr. Tariq Tawfiq, Deputy Minister of Health and Population for Population Affairs and supervisor of the National Council for Children and Motherhood, Sumaya Al-Alfi, head of the central department for follow-up, dr. Samir Abu Raya, head of the central department for documentation and information, and directors of departments and programs The National Council for Children and Motherhood.

The head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation explained that the council seeks to work with the competent authorities in spreading child rights and ways to eliminate various manifestations of violence, adding that work should be done to focus on social networking sites on topics not suitable for children, as children do not have full awareness of what to choose. They look at whether interaction with it, as well as electronic games, which play a major role in the spread of violence among children, pointing out the importance of spreading proper awareness of these crimes.

He said the Egyptian character needs to be revived in every way, noting that there have been some serious changes in the recent period and social media has helped to spread it, so we need to work to educate families about the need to face the danger of social networks. websites and electronic games and increase their educational and supervisory role and do not leave children Easy prey for this cutting edge technology.

He pointed to the need to hold ongoing workshops between the council and the authorities involved in childhood, including the National Council for Children and Motherhood, to agree on the most important issues to be worked on in the media. , to be in the media when discussing childhood issues.

He added that the future of nations lies in the extent to which they succeed in caring for their children properly, for the progress of nations and their progress are measured by the extent of their interest and care for their children. developing people.

He pointed out that it is necessary to work on awareness and values ​​in children from an early age, and to work on this in the media and within families, especially as there are religious schools that develop extremism in the child and there are foreign schools which developed other tendencies, and we saw during the protests of terrorist groups in the year of the Brotherhood’s reign, children swarmed With a scarf written on it “A martyr’s project”, even though they had to wear an engineer’s or a doctor’s project , there is also a great danger to children of electronic games that plant violence in children.

For his part, dr. Tariq Tawfiq expressed his happy co-operation with the Supreme Court for Media Regulation and emphasized that since its inception the media has been an authentic partner of the Council in promoting children and motherhood issues, and that a framework for co-operation is needed there. to identify the target groups of children and each age group is treated with a different and appropriate content, and to agree on issues Specifically to work on and develop characteristics appropriate to each issue, as well as to active partners from the media , partner donors, children and civil society through the formation of a working group that coordinates and comes up with an appropriate media plan.

He pointed out that the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood was addressing one of the most important issues related to children, namely “Towards child-friendly justice in Egypt”, and stressed that significant work and reforms had been carried out in Egypt to improve protect children and enable the course of justice.

While by dr. Samir Abu Raya, Head of the Central Department of Information and Documentation of the National Council for Children and Motherhood, stressed the need to implement workshops with professional media to focus on the media’s treatment of children’s issues from a human rights perspective , taking into account the criteria for appearing in the media, taking into account the best interests of the child in the media’s handling of his issues, and developing a plan to protect children from the dangers of the internet.

In turn, Somaya Al-Alfi, Head of the Central Administration for Planning and Follow-up at the National Council for Children and Motherhood, stressed the importance of the role the media plays in building social awareness to address the conditions of childhood. promote and promote. motherhood, which represents an important and urgent priority in line with Egypt’s vision and priorities in the new republic, and notes Issues related to the development of the conditions of childhood and motherhood represents an important axis in the aspects of the formation and formation of the consciousness of society with its various groups.

She added that the Egyptian family faces many modern challenges in raising their children that require awareness and training programs for families on how to meet these challenges, especially in light of the spread of modern media, the internet and social networking sites that educate and educate children, so it is necessary to work to keep up with this constant change And quickly in a way that contributes to creating conscious generations aware of their rights and duties, in able to advance the conditions of the country.

She explained that the National Council for Children and Motherhood is working on many files related to changing inherited and wrong concepts and trends, including the file of female circumcision, which it implements in collaboration with the mosque, the church, natural leaders and rural pioneers in the governors, in addition to the Child Protection Committees working to protect children from danger in villages and hamlets at The level of the Republic, the existence of the Child Helpline 16000 mechanism to protect and care for children, the file of found children, and other important programs that require joint efforts and collaboration with professional media, intellectuals, creators and writers to highlight these initiatives and raise awareness of urgent issues, and to come up with a mechanism to close the dialogue gap with young people break and learn about their demands.

In turn, Mohamed Mostafa, director of the Egyptian Children’s Forum, said that the National Council for Children and Motherhood in the governors is working to form a forum for children, which is a miniature model of the House of Representatives through elections, and its main objective is to support identity and should indirectly promote between children through activities, and emphasizes that children The forum implemented a session on the “WhatsApp” application to determine their needs, which is represented in the right of children to express their opinions and hear their voice according to the times and standards suitable for them, and the participation of children in the media through its various channels and means and in all its stages from production, preparation and presentation, and what children have With an appropriate area of ​​work submitted to them and setting appropriate times for presentation, the need to review everything required by specialists and guide children to the child, dealing with children from the human rights approach and finding content that is appropriate for their special circumstances or various disabilities, and firmly intervenes to ban inappropriate content for children on the Internet, Focus on media coverage of children’s activities.

Samia Desouky, a senior researcher in the Media Department, stressed the need for cooperation at national level in this field to protect the child and preserve his national and cultural identity, and the importance of raising awareness of an important issue such as child rights issues build. , especially with the increasing intensity of children’s use of social networking sites, the internet and electronic games despite the fact that their health and psychological risks and their social education, and that there is an urgent need for measures aimed at is around his values ​​and conscience in a healthy way.

She pointed out that successful positive models need to be exploited and built upon to support children’s participation in the media, for example the idea of ​​the “Listen to us” program when children have prepared it and presented it about all their rights. and gave them the opportunity to freely express their views on their issues and the importance of the child’s association with attractive national cartoon characters. She added that Egypt has successful and attractive models for children, such as the cartoon character Nour, who presented role models to children. and appreciated by the international Egyptian player Mohamed Salah as a pleasant and influential character for the child in the children’s cartoon series entitled “Noor in the village of good people”.

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