Multi-cloud penetration is the key to success for companies interested in it

The Maturity Multicloud report looks at performance in two areas – data cost control and scale innovation – and offers some tips for increasing performance

United Arab Emirates Today’s multi-cloud networks are a mixture of uncoupled clouds. At a time when these networks are becoming increasingly complex and expensive, the friction between them will lead to an inability to access data and consequently a significant loss of business value, but according to a new report on the sector the reality be different.

The Multicloud Maturity Report from Seagate Technology, a world leader in data storage and management solutions (NASDAQ: STX), highlights the need and potential to reduce data costs and drive data-driven innovation in multicloud networks, and outlines the steps organizations need to take. assume to reach the highest level of achievement.

Commissioned by Seagate, this report builds on a survey of the world’s top IT and business leaders to build a unique and mature multi-cloud model that explains how companies handle complex multi-cloud systems, and demonstrates the business benefits Revenue for mature companies adopt multiwolk.

Multicloud organizations that effectively manage cloud costs and promote innovation outperform their business competitors and can achieve many results, including:

• To earn twice the income of his less mature peers.

• It has the ability to reach the market and compete with 6.3 times more than others within months or seasons.

• The probability of announcing that their business is in a very strong position is increased by almost 3 times.

• It will probably increase by 3 times its expectations of the company’s ability to increase its valuation five times over the next three years.

On this occasion, Adam DeMatea, Senior Director of Specialized Research at ESG, said: “When we try to prove the link between actions and outcomes in research, we do not really know whether our hypothesis will be proven. But the report clearly made that actions taken by any

An organization that can improve cloud costs and innovation outcomes, and most importantly, the combination of actions that improve cloud costs and drive innovation using cloud process models, has positive business impacts. ”

Dave Mosley, CEO of Seagate, said: “The amount of data in the world doubles every three years, so it’s essential that we understand how to handle this huge amount of data, especially as it is no longer acceptable to companies. to keep. or use only a fraction of their data. The more business leaders realize that data is an essential and important currency for their businesses, the easier it will be for their companies to find a way to deliver better results and greater value to their business. “

In its report, Seagate emphasizes the importance of data in multiple clouds, arguing that data-centric companies scale successfully, and the most mature cloud multimedia strategies are data-centric strategies. The report reveals that promoting innovation contributes to eliminating the friction that slows down the process of data access, whether due to high costs or other barriers. Cloud multimedia is an established reality for many organizations, but the many sources of friction are optional.

How can you promote your company? Please download the report, answer data cost and innovation questions, and read the recommendations on how to improve performance.

Report methodology

The insights provided by the Multicloud Maturity Report come from a global survey conducted in February 2022 among 500 respondents, including senior IT leaders (71%) and leaders in software development and data analysis (29% ), which has an impact on storage, cloud and data management technology decisions in their organization, and their organizations store some of their data on the public cloud. Research leaders work in small and medium-sized organizations (with less than 1,000 employees, 24%) and large organizations (with more than 1,000 employees, 76%), with at least 1 Petabyte of unstructured data under management. Multiple industrial sectors were represented in the study, including technology, manufacturing, communications, media, business services and others. The respondents live in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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