See the Nasser International Leadership Scholarship with the slogan “Southern Cooperation, South and Youth of Non-Alignedness”

Embedding the vision of the Egyptian state and its quest to strengthen the role of the youth locally and globally, and to enable them to possess the tools of leadership and political and social action, the different versions of the Nasser go scholarship for international leadership continues, in the context of ensuring the transfer of the Egyptian experience approach in building the new republic, and creating a base of promising young skills Where all forms of support, rehabilitation and training to the youth participating in the award are provided, in addition to organizing field trips and discussion and dialogue sessions in various fields in order to broaden the horizons and perceptions of young people, and enable them to create a comprehensive and crucial vision that related to global issues and sustainable development plans.

In this regard, the Media Center of the Council of Ministers has published a video highlighting the third edition of the Nasser Scholarship for International Leadership, which is being organized this year under the slogan “South-South cooperation … and the youth of non-binding “.

The video has statements by the Minister of Youth and Sport, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, included in which he confirmed that the third version represents the characteristics of a large soft power, especially that it is very developed, and added that this version is attended by 150. young people.

The Minister of Youth and Sport emphasized the importance of the fair and the events, forums, conferences and visits as young people are ambassadors for Egypt in their countries.

In a video statement, the president of the National Planning Institute, dr. Ashraf El-Araby, expressed his congratulations on the interaction and communication between the youth participating in the award, hoping that it would be the beginning of more cooperation between the countries of the South and the South, and the achievement of regional integration around the different to face current challenges.

Dominic Goh, Ambassador of Singapore to Cairo, also emphasized in a video interview that this award is of great importance for his role in fostering cooperation between various countries, especially young people representing future leaders, and added that it sets out the principles of non-alignment reinforced and represents an opportunity to form friendships.

The video highlighted the multitude of activities and events taking place in the third edition of the award, in order to develop the abilities of young people in the areas of leadership, decision making and to propose visions and ideas to deal with many issues, including the Unlined Movement, the future of energy and the file on climate change.

The video explained that the award activities include the organization of various field trips to take a closer look at the various comprehensive development efforts in the Egyptian state, including visits to the headquarters of the House of Representatives and Senate, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Suez Canal, the Giza Pyramids, and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

The video monitored the views of a number of participants in the award in its current version, as they emphasized that the award represents an opportunity for them to build new relationships, and to engage in deep conversations and conversations about many important and pressing issues affecting themselves in the international arena, making them more aware in dealing with their land issues.

The participants also emphasized the ease of registration procedures for joining the fair, and the zeal of the organizers to select the best elements according to specific criteria, while many participants expressed their gratitude to the political leadership for providing this opportunity to young people from different countries to familiarize themselves closely with the Egyptian experience in building national institutions and continuous development processes Various levels, and to learn about Egyptian culture and civilization.

It is noteworthy that 120 young people from 28 African countries participated in the first version of the grant from 8 to 22 June 2019, while the second version from 30 May to 16 June 2021 witnessed the participation of 150 young people from 41 countries. .

Nasser’s scholarship comes at a time when the Egyptian state’s efforts to provide more support and empowerment to young people, whether at the local or international level, have multiplied.Presidential Decree no. 434 of 2017 has been issued to establish the National Training Academy, which aims to meet human development requirements for youth cadres in all sectors of the state.In addition to holding 4 forums for the World Youth Forum since 2017, which followed the Third National Youth Conference came forward.

The state’s efforts to empower the youth also included the launch of the presidential program to qualify the youth for leadership in September 2015, which aims to create a youth base of competencies capable of political, social and to assume administrative responsibility in the state.

As far as the political empowerment of the youth is concerned, it has the issuance of Prime Minister Decision No. 422 of 2020 including regarding the system of assistants and assistants of the Prime Minister and Ministers, where one of the conditions stipulates that the age of the assistant may not exceed 40 years, in addition to the decision of the Minister of Planning and Economic Development No 5 of 2019 on The youth education system in the state’s administrative apparatus, to train them and link the educational process to practical life.

In addition to the above, there are “simulation models” in universities, the National Project for Youth Qualification for Places and Political Participation, and the Egyptian Youth Parliament, which is a political school for the training of young people aged 25 to 40, as well as the introduction of the “Be an Ambassador” initiative, in November 2020, with the aim of graduating young people who are capable of spreading sustainable development goals in society, and applying them to the ground.

In terms of the economic empowerment of the youth, it included support for the financing of small and micro enterprises, in addition to the launch of the presidential initiative for the work of the youth and the establishment of 17 industrial complexes, the launch of the “Egy Turk’s mobile food initiative, as well as the “Pioneers 2030” project, which is listed on the United Nations platforms as the best project to achieve the sustainable development goals.

This comes when the state launched several initiatives to empower and train young people, including the “Future Technology Pioneers” presidential initiative, launched in November 2016, and the “Our Digital Future” initiative, which launched a free allowance is to qualify young people. to pursue free digital jobs, as well as the “Digital Future” initiative. Your work from home “with the aim of providing information technology training courses to educate and train young people on self-employment skills and distance learning.

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