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The Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency is preparing early for the third edition of the “Made in Damietta” furniture exhibition, following the huge success of the previous two sessions, and the large turnout of visitors, praising the Egyptian national products has, and agreed on special sales contracts, with the days of the exhibition coinciding with the wedding season. .

The new issue of “Made in Damietta” is scheduled to be organized during the first week of next September, in collaboration between the Enterprise Development Authority and Damietta Governorate, and with the support of Cairo Governorate, to help small project and craft owners to encourage, as part of the agency’s initiative to launch an exhibition specialized in the furniture industry and open markets New front for Egyptian products, and promotion of their marketing abroad.

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Nevin Gamea, Minister of Trade and Industry and CEO of the Enterprise Development Authority, confirmed that the organization of the exhibition falls within the framework of the political leadership’s guidelines to provide all aspects of support and assistance to the national industry, which is on one of sy asse mik. to promote and develop the furniture industry in Damietta and to help it implement international quality standards, enabling the owners of these projects to export; She added that coordination between the Enterprise Development Authority and Damietta Governor is underway and is in the process of providing an integrated set of soft financing packages and non-financial services to owners of furniture and wood projects in the governor, in a way which contributes to the growth and continuity of these projects and their absorption of more decent and sustainable jobs.

She added that the encouragement and promotion of this national industry retains the skilled craftsmanship for which the governor is known as it is one of the castles of the furniture industry in the Arab region.

The CEO of the Enterprise Development Authority said that the “Made in Damietta” exhibition comes within a series of exhibitions organized by the Enterprise Development Authority in collaboration with Damietta Governorate, explaining that the exhibition is aimed at supporting and furnishing Egyptian furniture makers. helps open up new marketing. horizons for their products which on the one hand enjoy high quality and competitive prices.On the other hand, she pointed out that the exhibition has achieved successive successes since its launch in 2016, and that the exhibition comes with the aim of developing the furniture industry and the opening of marketing areas for it.

The exhibition “Made in Damietta” for furniture, held by the Enterprise Development Authority in collaboration with the Damietta governor, experienced a remarkable public turnout as the attendance exceeded tens of thousands of citizens who wanted to obtain luxury Damietta furniture at reasonable prices.

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Visitors to the exhibition welcomed it to be held more than once a year in Cairo as it saves them the hassle of traveling to Damietta to purchase their requirements of furniture that enjoys an international reputation as well as the cost of shipping furniture to Cairo, emphasizes that the prices of pieces of furniture in the exhibition are competitive and do not compare with their counterparts in the exhibitions.In Cairo, while the high quality of the distinctive wood material and the luxurious and elegant finish what Damietta furniture manufacturers are known for, is maintained, its sales and exhibition contracts have exceeded ten million pounds.

Engineer Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah, one of the visitors to the exhibition, said that he was preparing for the wedding nest, and that his visit to the exhibition came with the aim of commissioning the exhibition with the commissioned work in the workshops. compare, whether in terms of of price or material, and that the exhibition needs more than a day to visit, and to settle on the purchase, especially that he intends to buy and travel two bedrooms.

Sarah Mahmoud, a fourth-year student at Al-Alsun Faculty, confirmed that the exhibitions are very tasteful and beautiful, and that the reason for the visit came with the aim of getting to know the products and that she has already contracted for kitchen buy.

Madame Zeinab Hosni, one of the visitors to the exhibition, said that she was eager to be present in the exhibition “Made in Damietta” during its sessions, and that she had already decided to have a room and a sofa set and ‘ a corner for sale, and note that the exhibition includes a diverse range and different prices that allow everyone to buy.

Yemeni Hassan, a student at the Faculty of Agriculture, described the products as somewhat high in price, and there should be more discounts.

The agency wanted to include a large selection of luxury Damietta furniture in the exhibition, which is characterized by the best types of natural wood, in addition to providing distinctive furniture designs for bedrooms, dining rooms, children and lounges to meet the needs of the local population. . market with the best types of furniture at reasonable prices for everyone.

The Minister explained that the exhibition’s participation of furniture makers has been reviewed to include a range of luxury Damietta furniture with an international reputation, characterized by the best types of natural wood and heritage and modern designs to suit different tastes, at competitive prices within the reach of the Egyptian consumer who wants to equip his home and purchase pieces of Luxury furniture.

Jameh stressed that the “Made in Damietta” furniture exhibition comes within the framework of close cooperation with Damietta Governorate to support the owners of furniture factories and workshops in the governor, to encourage the national industry and to be one of the important to promote industries for which the governor is known, and whose products enjoy a good international reputation.

She said: The political leadership is well aware of the importance of the furniture industry for Egypt in general and for Governor Damietta in particular, as it is a source of livelihood for thousands of workers and owners of workshops and factories in this sector. to be a broad industrial base in the governor whose products can be exported abroad, and note that the organization of the exhibition is My league in Cairo offers more marketing opportunities for its visitors and meets the needs of the public against competitive prices.

Skills development

The Minister of Trade and Industry explained that the Enterprise Development Authority has relied on providing various aspects of support to the skilled workforce in the furniture sector, financially and technically, and has begun to raise awareness for workers in the sector through their participation in workshops and to allow introductory seminars. and holding training courses for manufacturers and owners of small projects on best practices in the development of the Furniture sector using technology in the hands of international experts, as well as the development of their skills in the practice of display mechanisms, modern promotional and marketing methods, and modern applications used in marketing and product promotion, such as professional product photography and web design.

She revealed that for 94 months from 1 July 20114 to the end of last month, the Enterprise Development Authority provided financial support to approximately 5 156 furniture, furniture and wood products projects in the Damietta governor, with a total amount of £ 230 million, which contributed to improve the sector’s productivity and provided about 17,000 new jobs.

Dr. Manal Awad, Governor of Damietta, in turn praised the constructive collaboration with the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Authority to launch the second phase of the “Made in Damietta” furniture exhibition for this year, celebrating the success of the first phase of the exhibition, which took place last March, and the success it achieved Approval of the participants of the furniture, furniture and woodmakers on the one hand, and the citizens visiting the exhibition on the other, as it is reflected in achieving sales of millions of pounds.

Awad explained that the exhibition aims to complete the plan initiated by the governor in collaboration with the agency, to achieve the state’s vision to promote that industry in Damietta, and to promote manufacturers and workers in this sector support and develop in line with the needs of the Egyptian and global market, in addition to contributing to the creation of new marketing horizons for their products, noting that The Exhibition has achieved great success in its various stages since its launch in 2016 She also noted that this year will be the launch of two more. expenses in December.

Marketing Services

Engineer Tarek Shash, Vice President of the Enterprise Development Authority, said: The device offers a range of free marketing services to project owners at the “Made in Damietta” exhibition, with the aim of helping small business owners market their products in modern and innovative ways. device provides these services through a specialized business development unit that includes a number of From experts and specialists to assist project owners participating in the exhibition to market their products professionally.

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