City Cars launches innovative 2022 SUV Kia Sportage in Tunisia

City Cars, the commercial agent of the South Korean car brand Kia, has announced the official launch on the Tunisian market of the Kia Sportage SUV, a vehicle carefully crafted to inspire customers at first glance with its beautiful design inside and outside.

The Kia Sportage 2022 enters a new era for one of the brand’s most sought-after models, with a complete and radical redesign. The fifth generation model redefines design standards and takes the Sportage Identity to the next level, while reviving its rich and dynamic heritage …

In keeping with its “top-selling” predecessor in its category, the new Sportage should excite Tunisian customers looking for perfection.

With its spontaneity and modernity, the Kia Sportage 2022 redefines the rules of SUV design As Kia’s flagship SUV, the brand new Sportage is irresistible. It offers significantly more space and a wealth of the latest high-tech features that meet the most sophisticated requirements of drivers and passengers.

The new design offers customers the opportunity to drive a Kia Sportage that redefines the rules of SUV design … which: brings spontaneity and modernity to the SUV segment.

Challenging and daring ‘United Opposites’ The new Kia design philosophy is emphasized by the ‘contrasting opposites’ at the heart of the new Sportage, which inspires every aspect of its appearance and assertive character. The challenging and daring philosophy reinforces the connection between the design and direction of the Kia “Inspired Movement” brand.

The “United Antonyms” consists of five pillars: Joy for Reason, Ability for Progress, Technology for Life, Stress for Serenity, and Boldness for Nature. The last pillar is Boldness for Nature, which has profoundly influenced the creation of the brand new Sportage, capturing the natural world and creating a design identity that is bold, emotional, modern yet organic.

“Tiger Nose” grid as a visual focal point

The brand new Sportage front creates instant impact and inspiring design with detailed black grille graphics that span the full width of the face. Graphic technology combines the key features of the brand new Sportage and creates an imposing frontal volume.

An extended grille connects Kia’s modern Tiger Nose grille, which serves as the vehicle’s visual focal point, with distinctive and futuristic boomerang – style daytime running lights, which in turn create strong dividing lines for the LED headlights.

An effective presence on the road reflects strength and stability

At the rear, the brand new Sportage maintains a strong road presence with a strong tailgate design emphasized by the taillights, which enables the SUV to embody power and stability, giving it a surprisingly wide rear-view impression.
The interior of the brand new Sportage is daring, offering intuitive and innovative technology, to create a driver-focused space that is truly the latest.

The interior is designed with both the driver and passenger in mind, providing a unique high-tech environment that is visually impressive as well as spacious. At the center of the car’s modern cabin is a beautifully sculpted integrated display with a slim touchpad and finely detailed air vents.

The 8-inch high-tech touch screen meets the needs of the driver and is also easy to use. The 12-inch instrument panel is also equipped with the latest generation of thin-film LCD screens for incredibly clear and sharp graphics.

Power, performance, responsiveness, efficiency…

The new Sportage is introduced with a full range of powerful, responsive and efficient engines, including the latest generation of clean petrol engine technology.

From the beginning of development, the brand new Sportage is intended to take the latest advances in propulsion system technology, making it one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly sport utility vehicles.

TGDI 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, 180 Ch Din, 6.3 liters / 100 km.

The new Sportage is equipped with a 1.6-liter TGDI engine that generates 180 Ch Din.

The four-cylinder unit delivers better fuel efficiency thanks to an improved new combustion process, revolutionary refrigeration technologies and important friction reduction measures, including an advanced integrated thermal management system and the use of a low-friction ball bearing.

Safety … among its priorities

The brand new Sportage includes the latest active safety technology and ADAS. With safety the highest priority during development, the fifth generation Sportage is one of the safest cars in its class.

Behind the brand new Sportage’s sleek, contemporary exterior design hides a reinforced, lightweight body structure with high rigidity. The brand new Sportage has the self-control system and various safety structure applications, including driver airbag, passenger airbag and side airbags.

Prices and availability of the new Sportage, the first of the fifth generation

The new Kia Sportage is finally available in Tunisia at all authorized Kia dealers. Two models were marketed:
The SX is immediately available at 146 980 TND
Sportage EX will be offered from mid-July 2022 at 135,980.

Like all other Kia models marketed in Tunisia, the new “Kia Sportage” comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty (up to 100,000 km).

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