Cyber ​​security is an essential pillar for the protection of citizens’ data in all areas

At the end of the first day of the CAISEC 22 Information Security and Cyber ​​Security Conference and Exhibition, which ends today, Tuesday, participants unanimously agreed on the need to provide the minimum required for data protection through the inauguration. of laws and regulations governing it, establishes the necessary controls and distributes roles among the participants in this system.

Dr. Amr Basileh, Head of the Central Administration for the Development of Technical Education at the Ministry of Education, said that there is a set of developments made by the Ministry with regard to digital development in public and technical education, as the Ministry best specialized groups in the field of cyber security to protect digital development in the education system, and this In collaboration also with the Ministry of Higher Education and a number of international companies.

Information security is an integrated system, including human resources

In turn, dr. Mohamed Hegazy, Legal Adviser at the Chamber of Information Technology Industry (CIT), said talking about information security means talking about an integrated system, including the part related to human resources, with the need to reach the minimum . need to protect information according to the tariffs that can be relied on.As for cybersecurity legislation, he made it clear that Egypt has laws that reach the minimum level of protection and business continuity, emphasizing that the law is always a dry matter . it is difficult to change as technology evolves on a daily and instantaneous basis.

The Legal Adviser of the Chamber of Information Technology Industry “CIT” added that most of the technical and technological matters are placed in the executive regulations to facilitate its development with the continuous development of the systems, and a set of legal texts has been introduced imposing certain obligations on the various service providers in order to ensure the protection of information security in the structures. Essential infrastructure such as electricity, education and others, which emphasizes the need for each party to have a protectionist policy and plans for business continuity through its specialized human cadres, in terms of the Information Security Crimes Act, and after years of implementing the law and implementing the regulation, the matter needs to be reconsidered to develop some Items to keep abreast of ongoing developments in the field of information security .

Hegazy said the part related to emerging technologies testifies to a lack of legal regulation in a very big way, as a framework needs to be found. The destinations of demand, and the destinations of the users themselves, call for a balanced regulatory framework so that it does not stifle investment.

On the comprehensive health insurance and its digital developments, Mahmoud Sabry, Head of the Central Administration of Information Systems and Digital Transformation at the General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance, said that the system is built to be fully digital and secure, and the first part is represented by the medical part relating to medical data for each patient, and the second part is represented by In the medical insurance data for each citizen, and on the basis of income, the costs and other information that will be included in the application, which fully secured is covered.

He added that attention should be paid to sufficient awareness of the importance and danger of such data to maintain the confidentiality of accounts and information, as there will be a map for public services, and once the map is activated, which is from Port Said Governorate begins. , it will include health insurance and all services as it will be linked to the citizens’ bank account.

Digital attacks are made for money

In the past, digital attacks were for entertainment and entertainment, while today they are for money, and the focus is no longer on the large financial sector, and about 43% of attacks are aimed at small sectors.

He added that today thinking is about how to protect data and establish protection systems and protect the protection systems themselves, and that the market has shifted from the implementation of operations of large data centers to the implementation of operations at their implementation sites to reduce the risks of the transfer of data to and from data centers.

Engineer Eman Wafi, an information security expert, said the protection of the gas and oil sector against digital attacks is of great importance in various parts of the world, and since the development of the Egyptian petroleum sector began in 2016, the zeal to secure the sector has been . of cyber attacks, and we have established rules for security Information in the petroleum sector.
She added that the oil and gas industry in Egypt will be integrated into one system, which will not only be concerned with technology but also interested in building human frameworks, as there is a problem in human frameworks at the level of Egypt and at the level of the information security sector.

Ahmed Mercur, an information technology expert, said that the real enemy is time, not attacks alone, and solutions are being sought in an easy and simple way at the lowest possible cost in light of the current global conditions we face. need to deal with these threats and prepare for them in a healthy and safe way.

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