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Enjaz Information Technology

Enjaz Information Technology is one of the most important and largest technology companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and provides its services to all people, especially people living outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Enjaz Information Technology Company is one of the subsidiaries of Irada Company specializing in certain specific projects, and the main role of Injaz Information Technology Company is to act as a mediator between citizens, outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • This is where the company imports the data of people outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from wherever they are, with the payment of data processing costs, and then the website sends this data to the system in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Thereafter, the system at Injaz Information Technology Company provides a tracking code so that everyone can track the stages of transactions with the relevant ministries.
  • Enjaz Information Technology Company is considered as an important stage of technological development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one of the key processes for the transformation of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a complete e-government in all transactions.
  • This makes it easy for all people outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to complete all their government transactions without having to undergo transfers or flights to the Kingdom or even wait.
  • It is known that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most difficult countries in the world to obtain a visa, as it requires a set of conditions that must be met in order to obtain a visa.
  • For example, there must be an invitation from the host within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and there are many factors that play an important role in the travel visa, such as the nationality of the individual, the profession in which he works, as well as the fact that he practices this profession in a fairly well-known company, as well as the type of visa that will be withdrawn and also the city or destination of the individual.

Services provided by Enjaz Information Technology Company

Injaz Information Technology provides a wide range of important and useful services, including

  • Apply directly for the visa at one of the offices of the embassies or consulates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abroad.
  • Permission in the visa application, for people who want to obtain a work visa in one of the professions, their subsidiaries authorize them to submit the visa application.
  • It is also possible to make some changes to an application that was previously submitted incorrectly or to a field that you forgot to fill in the database data when you submitted your visa application.
  • You can also pay the mandatory fees required to obtain a visa.
  • The service of searching for an application previously submitted to an individual or company is also provided which can locate the application submitted to him, as well as to know at what stage the application came, up to the number submitted at the beginning of the application. to track developments in the subject of the application as it is submitted.
  • In the case of applying for a work or residence visa, it facilitates the payment of their health certificate expenses.
  • It also allows people who want to obtain a visa to ensure that their health certificate is issued, as well as the corresponding medical center.

Visit Enjaz Information Technology website

  • You can visit the website of the IT company Enjaz by clicking on the following link.
  • This is to gain access to and benefit from the available services provided by the company to people outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Message provided by Enjaz Information Technology Company

Therefore, it is clear that the employees of Injaz Information Technology Company have the highest specialized training in converting traditional paper systems to the latest digital electronic technology systems, thus providing electronic services that give everyone who deals with them the greatest amount of luxury guarantee, convenience and transparency.

  • It is a company specializing in the conversion of all traditional paper-based systems into digital electronic technology systems to keep up with the modern era.
  • So that everyone who deals with it enjoys great luxury and ease in completing procedures and transactions, as well as transparency in handling.

Enjaz Information Technology Company’s message

Enjaz Information Technology Company undertakes many and many tasks, the most important of which is its continuous striving to keep pace with the great digital and electronic development in the world recently, as well as the continuous development in all services provided by the company, where the company performs many tasks out, including:

  • Building comprehensive electronic platforms to provide a wide range of electronic services that make life easier for citizens.
  • Providing many solutions and alternatives that are capable of completing and terminating all government transactions and keeping pace with the ongoing development in this field.
  • As well as connecting a large number of countries in the world with groups of electronic portals, using specialized servers for that purpose, to facilitate access to and handling of scientific electronic portals.
  • The company is always developing its data and establishing a complete and solid digital electronic infrastructure, in order to facilitate the user to carry out transactions and other electronic services easily and conveniently.
  • Enjaz Information Technology Company works through its employees, as well as through the technology used in it, to facilitate and facilitate the procedures of all transactions for users of government and non-government services.
  • And to equip these services in a way that guarantees to all who deal with them the highest level of luxury, convenience, transparency, privacy and security.
  • Enjaz Information Technology Company is also responsible for the transfer of knowledge to all future generations, enabling them to enter the labor market in an easy and simplified way, so that the company will make a real contribution to new forms of Modern Technology draw on the traditional academic knowledge provided by the school or university With the requirements of employment in the labor market, which provides millions of jobs for a large segment of young people.
  • Injaz therefore has a real advantage in providing the service circuits on which many electronic portals depend.
  • The company also gives high priority to software development, in order to provide firmware processing for computer programs.
  • And protect it from damage in record time and present it safely, completely free of defects or gaps.
  • It also works on connecting digital systems through collaboration with relevant authorities, companies and specialized offices.

Addresses and telephone numbers of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

You can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by obtaining the key addresses of its headquarters or telephone numbers.

The main building in Riyadh

Telephone number 0096611405500_00966114067777

  • The telephone number for the building responsible for the information technology is 00966112122047.
  • The fax number is 966114030645.
  • Zip code for correspondence is 11544.
  • The mailbox number is 55937.

Jeddah and Mecca

Phone number 00966126047000.

Dammam tak

Telephone number 0096613863310.

Medina tak

Phone number 00966148617100.

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