How do you make a man suffer with your love?

How do you make a man suffer with your love? Its purpose is not to create suffering in a man’s life and to exhaust him, or to make his love for a woman a cause of punishment and pain, but when a woman wants to make her husband loves her, and suffers in her love, she tries to keep the flame of love in his heart and push away any symptom that it can extinguish or reduce A number of ways that make the man related to his wife and with her love suffer, and we learn about the ways that make the man appreciate his wife and relate to her.

How do you make a man suffer with your love?

Love is one of the highest human feelings God has placed in the souls of men and women, and God has the husband’s love for his wife, as well as the wife’s love for her husband, as the causes of harmony and the continuity of ten and the building of houses and families, and the woman may fear that the man’s heart will leave her or feel bored towards her, for this reason Many experts in souls and those who know the conditions of hearts have a number develop ways that make the man sweat and suffer under the love of his wife.We learn about them as follows:

Arouse your husband’s interest and curiosity

One of the things that helps to strengthen the relationship between a man and a woman and make the man suffer in his love for his wife, is that the woman arouses his curiosity and interest by taking care of her appearance before him, as well as by entering into conversation with the man in which she makes him feel her intelligence, understanding of things and her ability to analyze.

Not to make the sexual relationship the basis of the relationship

The woman is mainly expected to fulfill the man’s sexual desires and to respond to him at any time when he requests it, but if the man does not ask for her, for example due to his obsession, it is not appropriate for the woman her does not multiply. presentation of herself to the man so that he does not get bored for her, but the sexual relationship despite its importance only That it should not be made the basis of the relationship and the basis for the continuity of love and kindness between spouses.

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Surprise him with your arrogance

A man is attracted to a woman who has more confidence in herself than he is attracted to others, and the woman’s confidence in herself in her dealings with the man or in expressing her opinion on the matters he consults. the man attracted to her and is eager to communicate with her permanently, which causes happiness and stability in the relationship between the spouses.

Always be attractive

The woman was bred to love adornment and to show charm, and the woman is expected to take care of her appearance and appearance in the presence of the man, and which makes the man related to his wife and more in interested in her, she is eager to choose sexy clothes in his presence and put the favorite scents she knows are attractive to him, which makes the woman attractive and interesting to him Her husband’s style of talking and talking to him is more spoiled and softer.

Make it yours forever

A wife’s deception in love and dealing with her husband’s feelings are signs of femininity and the exploitation of a woman’s instinct in dealing with her husband. Or let him send messages on WhatsApp and only reply to him after a while, showing longing and curiosity about It.

How do you make your husband love and appreciate you?

Love between spouses has signs and things that confirm it, such as caring and attention to the partner, concern for his comfort and attention to his feelings, and the wife can through a number of ways and means her husband loves and appreciates her at the same time and be eager to please her and obtain her love, and the following teaches us about the most important ways and means a Woman can follow her to be loved and appreciated by her husband:[1]

Good communication with him

One of the things that increases the power of the relationship between a man and a woman is good communication from the woman to her husband, and good communication with him is to show interest in him and listen well to him and him give the opportunity to speak and express what is going on in himself Friendly emotions and feelings when you listen to him.

Show him respect

A man likes to have a prominent position in his home and in the same position as his wife, and one of the most important things that makes the man love his wife and appreciate her more is that the woman shows him a lot of appreciation and respect for his words and opinion, and observance of what he commands and obeys him in what he asks of her, and these things increase the husband’s love His wife also increases his appreciation for her in himself.

Offer him ongoing support

The man often likes to appear as a strong man who is not affected by events and can overcome problems, but in many cases he has to support the woman and stand by him and understand his fears, this is what the woman is for must care, and one of the methods to provide support to the man is to provide comfort And the means of calm at home and the relief of the work pressure he encounters during his day.

Women’s interest in their femininity and attractiveness

A man’s attraction to a woman is one of the innate things God has made in the hearts of all men, and the intelligent woman who desires her husband’s appreciation and love for her is the woman who understands this nature and work to nurture it by showing the man’s femininity and treating him with pampering and courtship and loose stubbornness and quarrels.He meets and sees many women, and the smart woman is the one who makes her husband think only of his wife and only related to her.

Always understand and approach him

It is important that the wife’s understanding of the relationship with the husband is based on giving and sacrificing and meeting the partner’s need in what he wants, and that increases the husband’s love for his wife is to let him know that she cares for him and tries to get close to him and is eager for things that increase harmony and compatibility between their hearts, and it is not important for the woman to exchange attention with the man in the sense of showing interest in him if he does not show interest in her, but the smart woman is the one who initiates communication, courtship and feelings for the man.

Avoid offending the one he loves

The man’s family are the closest people to the man, who cares for them and is eager to please them, especially his mother, father and brothers. The woman who desires to gain the man’s appreciation and love is the woman who avoid offending the man’s family. and those who love and appreciate them, and the wife is not expected to avoid abuse of the husband’s family before them and on the contrary you avoid to offend them and take revenge on them before the husband to to preserve his feelings and seek his pleasure.

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Avoid excessive jealousy

Jealousy of the husband is proof of love, and the flame of love remains glowingly strong in the heart, but if the matter exceeds its limits, it can turn against him, which means that the husband loves the feeling that his wife loves him caring and afraid of women and changing him, but when the matter turns into permanent doubt about the man or Jealousy is misplaced and exaggerated because this is what leads to many men alienating the woman and changing his heart for her and feeling unhappy in his house.

That’s how we got to know How do you make a man suffer with your love?And we learned about the best ways and means that make the man care for his wife and appreciate her from the interest in appearance and femininity, or the appreciation of the man and his respect and good communication with him and to provide him with appropriate support in various situations.

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