HSBC and tennis player Emma Radocano work together to inspire the new generation

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  • bank announced HSBC Today on a new multi-year partnership with International sports star Emma Radokanu.
  • Emma will work together HSBC To launch sports initiatives and financial opportunities that support the new generation.

HSBC has announced a four-year partnership with current British women’s number one and US Open champion Emma Radocano. This collaboration aims to create opportunities for the new generation of young men and women.

Emma entered the world of tennis in 2021 when she became the youngest British player to win the US Open. Since then, her playing style of authenticity, skill and determination has made a global impact outside of tennis, as a world citizen with a multicultural lifestyle.

In her visual announcement, Emma expressed her enthusiasm for this partnership, which is based on shared interests and values ​​between the two parties, and aims to promote cooperation between countries, inclusivity and opportunities for the younger generation.

HSBC is a partner in five Olympic sports – golf, sevens, tennis, badminton and soccer. This support is based on a commitment to future generations, the achievement of a sustainable future for sport and to contribute to making it available to a wider segment of the public. The Bank is also committed to providing a world of opportunities for our clients and communities around the world, from focusing on supporting initiatives that help children benefit from sports for body and mind, to creating opportunities which encourages the public to participate in and enjoy sports. .

HSBC is also the official banking partner of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Since 2010, it has supported the ticket resale system, generating an estimated £ 1.8m in resale tickets to help charities through the Wimbledon Foundation. It has helped increase opportunities for local communities and the next generation of tennis players.

Among the initiatives that benefited from this support was the Give It Your Max initiative, which paved the way for more children in boarding schools to play tennis.

The bank has also introduced and represented the Mexican wireless operator Telcel since 2004. HSBC works in 64 countries and territories to support young people, such as Emma, ​​who are looking for a bank to help them find opportunities that are important to them, or to pursue university studies, travel or simply start a business, manage their own money.

andclean Mr Noel Quinn, CEO of Global Commercial Banking at HSBC sayThere is a long-term relationship between HSBC Emma and her family. We are very proud of Emma’s outstanding skills, both personally and for what she has achieved in her career. We also believe that there are some wonderful and innovative ways that help us inspire and educate young people. That’s why we welcome this new and long-term partnership with Emma.

On the other hand, Emma said:My partnership with HSBC This is of course, since I started participating in a championship from a young age HSBC
Road to Wimbledon
I have also been a customer of the bank for several years. And if I were not a tennis player, I would definitely want to work in financial services.. So I’m excited to learn more about this business line over the coming years.. We are currently working on some great ideas. I am especially looking forward to working on initiatives that help young people, such as promoting financial literacy, more information on this will be provided later. “

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The history of the relationship between Emma andHSBC:


Emma won the HSBC Road To Wimbledon Southeast Regional Qualifier held at West Worthing Tennis and Squash Club

HSBC becomes Wimbledon Tennis’s official banking partner, with Emma recording her first Wimbledon tennis court finish

HSBC Ambassador Tim Henman has been appointed as Emma’s mentor at the US Open

HSBC announces partnership with Emma

HSBC works with some of the world’s most sought-after international sports partners to create a world of sporting opportunities. The bank’s global sponsorship program also includes partnerships with sports such as golf, sevens, badminton, Tottenham Hotspur football club and e-sports.

Going global: Emma Raducano collaborates with HSBC To create new opportunities for the younger generation around the world

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