Libya the future | Hassan Al-Amin: My goal is to provide information, and the number of “likes” does not make me think.

Libya the future (Abdul Salam al-Fiqih – Gateway to the Middle): Information technology has enforced its own impact on the taste of the recipient, and accordingly shapes its cognitive behavior based on its content and the technology used to approach it, according to the age group and its interests..

In line with this rapid succession of modernization and its manifestations, the communication networks represented another wing of the communication portals, which started as a window for acquaintance, so that the recipients of the information had a free space to share ideas. pressure and in the general cultural dimension. About the information and its distribution to benefit, so that it has become a strong competitor for the sites if the feature of comments and part is added to it and the ease of contacting the admin and discussing it on the published topics.

During its five years, the “Libyan Penthouse” represented an important Facebook model that could attract a large number of readers, as it is based on the investment of most of the literary journalism clips “news, follow-up, dialogue, etc.” , and presenting it in the form of daily meals without much complication, to learn more On this trip was the meeting with its founder, general media supervisor and journalist, Hassan Al-Amin.

> How do you evaluate the journey of five years from experience?

When I started the barn, I did not think of starting a “project” … All that mattered was that I wanted to open an account where I could share my reading with friends. The barn grew and gained the approval, acceptance, and support of friends and followers. Today we celebrate its fifth year, and I am pleased with its progress and achievement. However, the evaluation process and the development process is an ongoing process..

> The Facebook platform has its pros and cons To what extent has the impact of the negatives been on the level of performance quality?

The Facebook platform differs technically, technically and administratively from websites. The Facebook space is a space beyond the control of the blogger and publisher, and it is often confusing and can even lead to the closing of the page. Publishing on Facebook also has its limitations in terms of technical output, and it gives neither do you sometimes. There is plenty of opportunity to control and diversify the output of the material as you wish.

> Some readers’ views hope to switch to paper … Do you have a specific vision?

Yes, it’s not only possible, but we’re starting to prepare for it. This is a very important matter .. The Facebook page can disappear at any time and for various reasons .. The archive and everything you have done over the years will be lost with it..

> From experience, do you have a relative judgment on the nature of the topics that appeal to the reader’s mood, and does it help to draw up a future policy for editing?

The mood of the reader – at every place and time – is influenced by many factors .. the taste is diverse .. and therefore it is difficult to come to absolute judgments here .. just as every creative type has its fans and followers. and the barn is followed by several readers. In general, the preference is not necessarily for the creative type, but for the content itself, whatever its type.

> How do you evaluate the language of numbers in terms of quantity and interaction?

The numbers do not necessarily reflect the actual follow-up. There are large numbers that are not in your friends list or your followers, but they enter your wall and see your posts. Therefore, it is difficult to get the true follow-up size. On the other hand, I really do not care about numbers and I do not think about the number of “likes” and comments .. my goal is to convey the information .. and if it shows up and some benefit from it, this is satisfactory . I say, however, that the barn is very highly regarded and distinguished.

> You receive a lot of material and it puts pressure on individual work, and can affect the quality of performance?

This is true .. and as I said earlier, I’ve been working on the barn – since it started – on my own .. I did not even enter the “Libya al-Mostaqbal” team .. That’s probably true, especially after the barn got a high level of follow-up. This is not a correct situation .. it really has to To a team … However, I still insist that I continue on my own because the barn is “I” and I want it to remain mine and my fingerprints to wear. It is important to say here that I am very grateful to the many who contacted me whether they warned me about a specific post, sent a post or drew my attention to a mistake .. and it happens constantly. so thank you to all of them.

> Have you ever considered stopping, and why?

Several times .. I remember in moments of frustration contacting the poet Ramez Al-Nuwaisri and telling him, “I have a pension. I’m thinking of closing the barn or handing it over to others. ” Thinking of stopping usually comes to me when I’re under a lot of pressure .. I’m next to the barn Ashraf On the Libya al-Mustaqbal website, which is a daily job .. I also continue my human rights activity through the Platform Coalition for Human Rights. In the end, we would not have continued without the support and encouragement of friends and followers. We will do everything in our power to keep the barn growing, growing, developing and providing everything that is important, useful and enjoyable..

> Did you receive offers from institutions or individuals for support and development, or the acceptance of this project … and how did you view those proposals?

Yes, it has happened to people and institutions. It is certainly encouraging. However, the independence of the barn is important to us. We will not accept any conditional support that will limit our independence..

> The strike syndrome is still associated with any cultural project “magazine, newspaper … etc.” Do you have a vision to overcome this complex?

Yes, especially when we talk about the Facebook platform, as I mentioned before, the Facebook platforms can sometimes be closed, even with “malicious” correspondence. Stopping is also always possible for several reasons. Some of these reasons may sometimes be out of your control and you can do nothing about it. But it is important that we believe in ourselves and persevere and strive to continue.

> The presence of a large percentage of interaction removes the negative view in the absence of the reader. It does not relate to the lack of desire to read?

I think the reader exists..but this reader does not necessarily like or comment, and I know many who follow our posts regularly but do not interact with the post. And we know that it was in the original “read” and not “comment”, and it is – as I mentioned earlierwhat matters to us.

* Quoted from the weekly issue of “Al-Wasat” newspaper

Gateway Center, Friday, June 17, 2022

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