My Morning Routine: Farah Ehsan, Founder of Flow by Farah

Farah Ehsan is a fitness and yoga instructor and a joint and postpartum health specialist: My Morning Routine is a weekly segment where we talk to a prominent person in our community and how they are starting their day, as well as asking them some questions about their work. Farah Ehsan (LinkedIn), founder of Flow at Farah, talks to us this week.

My name is Farah Ehsan, and I’m a fitness, yoga, wrist and postpartum health trainer. I started my career in venture capital and marketing. Before starting my coaching career, I worked with startup accelerator Falak, RiseUp, and global design agencies such as CBA Design.

I have always had a passion for fitness and movement. I trained my clients in the gym before the pandemic. But when the pandemic broke out and gyms closed, I decided to move my business online to help clients stay fit from home. And the oldest yoga, exercise and fitness programs since online.

Online exercises have connected people in a time of isolation. When the closure took effect, people felt isolated and had a real need to connect with others. Having a platform that brings people together was completely satisfying for me. The online exercises were strange at first and it took time to coordinate and improve the quality of the work. I invested in my setup, bought lighting equipment and a big screen TV where I could watch every student. Over time, online exercises have become an essential part of my online business. Considering the convenience and quality of online training, there is still a huge demand for online exercises, even after restrictions have been eased.

Motherhood has helped me to understand the needs of a specific segment of my clients on a deeper level. Putting myself in the shoes of many of my clients and going through the same physical changes and problems they face as parents has enabled me to understand their busy schedules, exercise needs and so much more. For example, I decided to get a certificate to provide pregnancy and postpartum exercises to help mothers and pregnant women stay healthy and fit.

My morning routine is very important to me. I get up at half past five in the morning to take care with my baby Seven months oldThen I get up early in the day of my own time before I start the day and interact with others. I start with a cup of coffee and do 20 minutes of movement exercises that include basic exercises for the whole body and stimulate blood circulation. After that, I spend some time with my husband before we both get to work.

To maintain a healthy work-life balance, I divided my week into two parts: Give-days and take days. The nature of my job as a coach is very caring and giving and I love doing that, but the constant giving can be exhausting. If you do not make time for yourself to learn, develop and prosper, you will not be able to help anyone. I give one day to my clients and one day to myself. At Giving Days, I coach my clients, either in person, via Zoom, or in groups. I also record content for my website, prepare material for social media platforms and teach at events and brand promotion. On my take days I focus on honing my skills, learning more about my field and taking courses to expand my knowledge. This method recharges my energy for the next day of work and helps me stay focused. Studying has always been my favorite way to reduce stress.

Working from home also helped me find a good balance. I was so exhausted before the pandemic, I did not have time to work on myself. Working remotely enabled me to get many courses and many certificates.

Benefits of being self-employed: Regardless of the fact that I am passionate about my job, I am in control of my time and I have the freedom to work seasonally. I have never had such luxury while working as a full time employee. I truly believe that more time helps to increase productivity levels and unleash creative talent. It helps me get back to work with new ideas that help improve the lives of my clients.

The only thing I need to do daily is exercise and move my body. Short movement breaks are a constant for me, I do it regularly between workouts and even while studying, it is very effective and keeps me physically and mentally in good shape. My exercises center around these short rehabilitation exercises. I think exercising regularly is the best way to stay healthy.

One of the best books I read recently Do less Kate Northrup enTribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss. The first book is very interesting and delves into the challenges that working mothers face, and brilliantly celebrates women’s success in a world dominated by men. As for the second book, I always turn to it when I feel lost, exhausted, or uninspired. The book is very interesting and organized in a way that caters to people on the go, you can read about the experiences and trials of successful people in a compact format. Exploring the struggles of the world’s best coaches and learning how they overcame their failures has helped me navigate a difficult period in my life. This is one of the reasons why I love this book.

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