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The writing of the series “Al-Bayt My House” was clever and uncomplicated, and relied on the comedy of the situation and horror due to anxiety and tension, not based on visual effects with which artists in the Arab world are still indistinguishable not. .

Almost one week we separate from the end of the series “The House of My Home”, which is the news that made the audience sad about the work, especially since it is rare that there are dramatic works that combine comedy and horror, either in Egypt or the Arab world, but that did not stop the pioneers of communication platforms from competing to guess the secret.Behind the deserted palace.

to laugh out of fear

“The House is My Home” is a short Arabic series, and it is one of the original works of the “Shahid” platform, which started showing just 3 weeks ago. Although his heroes have no sales in the world of absolute heroism, and carried the weight of a complete work without the presence of other stars, even as a means of support, they were a successful choice of the director, and they have managed to attract viewers of different interests.

The work belongs to two categories on either side, as we have not seen them together in television drama before, even though they were presented by Ismail Yassin in the movie “Forbidden for You” and the movie “Ismail Yassin in the House of Ghosts” in the fifties of the last century.

Therefore, the workers calculated the exact balance with which they calculated the case, so the drama was balanced and the comedy was spontaneous and dense without affecting the horror space or its type, so it seemed vulgar or superficial more than funny and justified.

The series tells the story of “Karakiri”, a taxi driver who lives with his small family, where his wife defied her family for him before he frustrated her and did not achieve her financial ambitions. And Benno, a rich, reckless young man who is indifferent to anything but traveling and enjoys the company of friends around him who see him as a money machine.

Benno’s father dies, and the latter discovers that his part of the heritage is a palace of which he knows nothing.The funny and the sequential.

Smart writing is the solution

In contrast to the tyrannical charisma about which the actor Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz – one of the main characters of the series – and the haunting chemistry that brought him with Mustafa Khater – the second hero – possess, writing and narration continue to be the central cornerstone on which the series as a whole.

The writing was clever and uncomplicated, and relied on the comedy of the situation and horror due to anxiety and tension, not based on visual effects with which artists in the Arab world are still indistinguishable. The narrative was also marked by excitement and dramatic escalation without boredom or any filler for events, which is one of the positive aspects of the short Arabic series that does not have to be stretched and expanded to complete the 30 episodes.

The series “The House of My Home” is a work with a magical mix and a clear public success, which was not enjoyed by many other comic works that relied on heavier names or had the opportunity to show during the month of Ramadan, including the series “The Return of the Prodigal Father” by Bayoumi Fouad (Ramadan 2022). And the series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash” by the star Yahya Al-Fakharani (Ramadan 2021), the series “Sugar Ziada” by Nabila Obaid and Nadia Al-Jundi, the series “Men of the House” by Ahmed Fahmy and Akram Hosni, and the series “Omar and Diab” Mustafa Khater and Ali Rabie (Ramadan 2020).

This success was reflected in positive reviews and approval phrases that flooded into the work on social media platforms, increasing tweets and increasing viewers’ interest with the plot containing a secret, as everyone wants to know the hidden link behind the meeting of the two heroes and what connects them to the ancient palace story.

Among the public’s expectations, which have received much support, is that “Karakiri / Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz” is the original heir of the palace and the cousin of “Bino / Mustafa Khater”, or the son of the servant with whom he was in the secretly married will be.

Has ‘The House of My House’ been renewed for a second season?

“The House is My Home” is a comedy series in a framework of horror and mystery, with only 10 episodes, although we do not know if its producers will decide to take advantage of its popularity and soon a second season to to offer or not?

The work was written by Ahmed Abdel Wahab and Karim Sami and directed by Khaled Marei. As for the championship, it was performed by Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mustafa Khater, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mirna Jamil, Mahmoud Hafez, Mohamed Utaka, and May El Kady, in addition to a few guests of honor such as Ola Rami, Sami Maghawry, Sabri Abdel Moneim and Suleiman Eid.

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