A famous Egyptian artist who participated in the October War and refused to honor Israel because of one of his films

Although fame was only associated with the artist Lotfi Labib many years after his studies at the Faculty of Arts at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, he quickly made a name for himself in the world of high-end due to his participation in the Exhaustion War and the October War. comedy by its prominent roles and lightness.

Lotfi Labib began his artistic career at the theater, where he participated in several works during the eighties, including the play “Kalam Khawajat, the bald singer, and Shahatin, the king is the king”, followed by a series of plays in the nineties, including “High Heels, The Hostages, Souk Al-Hawa, Sweet and fluffy.”

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During these two decades, he participated in roles in a number of series and films, including: “One Thousand and One Nights 1995, Al-Zeini Barakat 1995, Arabesque 1994, La 1994, Al-Trial 1993, Al-Mawardi Street 1993, Angry and Angry People 1993, One Thousand and One Nights 1992, Fawazeer Occasions Fawazeer 1989, Owned Prison 1987, Raafat Al-Hagan 1987 “.

The fame of Lotfi Labib expanded to the extreme in the period from 2000 to now, so you rarely find him in a work of art, whether it is a movie, a television or radio series, or a theatrical work .. And he could see through his “eyes” that the audience had memorized out of his head.

Among these platitudes are: “Your son is crazy, Hajj,” the movie “Karkar,” “Send, Oh my aunt,” the movie “Oh, I’m my aunt,” “Be merciful to my mother, Al-Ayanah, “the movie” Black Honey, “and” A Need to Fall Fast for the Professor, “the movie. Al-Lambi, and “Love is the gas with which we ignite the gas”, the movie “Tair Enta”, and other captions during his artistic career.

During his artistic career, Lotfi Labib has presented more than 115 films, nearly 100 series and nearly 13 plays.

Lotfi Labib was born on August 18, 1947 in the city of El Fashn in Beni Suef, which at the time belonged to the Minya governor. He is the third son out of 4 children, and his father worked in a bank, before he had his family moved to Alexandria.

Lutfi Labib was a lover of knowledge, and was fluent in the classical Arabic language, and the reason for this was his reading of the Holy Qur’an and the memorization of a number of his verses despite his conversion to the Christian religion.

His father refused to enroll in the Faculty of Agriculture in the field of art, but he could not last more than two years to join the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts.

The stage of his service in the Egyptian army is considered one of the most prominent stages of his life, and he spent 6 and a half years as a soldier in the infantry, within the “26th Battalion” which defeated the Suez on 6 October channel crossed. .

Lotfi Labib was near the martyr Ahmed Hamdi, during his martyrdom through an Israeli shell on the bridge built by the Egyptian forces to cross to the second front of the canal.

Lotfi Labib wrote down all the details of his term of office, until he published the book “The 26th Battalion”, which is a dramatic story from the reality of the October War, and all his wishes were that this literary work be translated into ‘ a movie.

After completing his service in the Egyptian army, the late artist Saad Ardash nominated him to establish the Dubai National Theater, which he agreed to and traveled directly to, and lived in the United Arab Emirates for several years.

Lotfi Labib revealed that the artist Adel Imam was the one who nominated him to embody the character of the Israeli ambassador in the movie “The Embassy in Architecture”.

The number of Lotfi Labib scenes in the movie “The Embassy in Architecture” is only five, and it was filmed in three days.

After his overwhelming success as the Israeli ambassador in the movie “The Embassy in Architecture”, he refused an invitation from the Israeli embassy in Cairo to honor him.

Despite his refusal to talk about his personal life, Lotfi Labib revealed his marriage and that he has 3 children and 4 grandchildren, explaining: “I love the family atmosphere, and I dedicate Friday to my family and spend to play with my grandchildren. “

Source: Al-Ahram

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