Astronomer Maya Hazeem reveals the most important weekly predictions for the horoscopes


Weekly forecast for all horoscopes:
From the 19th to the 26th of June:

The astronomical developments accelerate somewhat in the next week of June, and under those changes and developments: The sun goes in to illuminate the sign of Cancer for a whole month. The week begins in which the moon is in Pisces and ends with the moon in Gemini .. The angle of Venus is the sixth of Neptune and its climax is between the 18th and 22nd of the month, as well as the waiting angle between Mercury and Jupiter..23 month there is a very important event that marks the transition of Venus to Gemini … the week ends with the corner of Mars the sixth of Saturn ..

Due to the new angles of the buyer during the week, you are the happiest during this period .. a week full of joy and goodness as well as beautiful care about friendship and friends and they offer you support, especially those with have many benefits that will reach your hands like raises..many relationships during this period of social openness But emotionally you are attracted to friendship more than love .. your position is higher and the energy of Mercury Gemini stimulates the material and professional aspects and announces something completely new .. the sun of Cancer promises you more money and harmony within the family environment ..

Venus, your planet, coincides with Neptune in a beautiful sunrise. The slightest happiness is at its best, so developments and works await you, for your reputation may become popular among people as a dear and successful human being. And if you want to start a personal project, the time is right after the 20th of the month .. you tend to be serious with love and emotions go calm and find what you want .. With public relations you can increase your stubbornness and insistence on your position increases .. Also, the Sun of Cancer suits you very well and is one of the reasons for future changes ..

The presence of the corner of Mercury, the sixth of Jupiter between you and an ally of yours, will support your astrological home, which is concerned with happiness, social openness, matters related to children, renewal, multiple occasions and important relationships . Easier and more strengthen your personality and you look flexible and gentle..emotionally you achieve what you want and hunt for what suits you ..

During this period, and because of the energy of Mercury, which is the sixth of Jupiter, there will be a positive transformation in your personality, so that you appear more mysterious in an attractive way. To be very possessive and show great jealousy, but the situation makes you more attractive and eccentric..Your sun entering the sign of Cancer means that you are ushered in for one of the best months of the year ever, and from the middle of the week there are corners that support your most important astrological homes and a sun that illuminates your first home, your personality, your ambition, your fame, and proves yourself and your confidence .. important friendships and financial support will come to you. .

A very important week for you. You will have many opportunities and there is some emotional activity, especially if you are single, despite your lack of seriousness, but important opportunities appear to you. The time is also suitable for new business and development related. to sign documents and transfers, more contract or professional, something new like a job, trade or education, as it supports you Your immediate environment..I mean, it does not prevent the presence of some competitors in the field of work, but you are superior and attractive to win in the field of business and litigation, if it exists..emotionally, a very wonderful the middle of the week until Thursday. You may be thinking of a trip during the week or a major renewal in your life.

The best start is during the week, as there were professional and material developments with the most important angles at all..Yes, health and psychological condition improved. This is a period called openness to ideas and abundant material gain. You will not complicate matters anymore, especially this period. Mercury’s angles with Jupiter and the sun will motivate you. With Cancer to simplify everything and live without limitations and austerity .. As admiration grows around you .. The period may bring you a new job or new emotional stories and more money .. Mercury’s connection is excellent with Jupiter and the angles of Venus are good, so you will be successful in everything ..

A week that suits your aspirations as long as Mercury supports an important house of happiness, renewal and adventure. You, Libra, benefit most from the position and angles of Jupiter and Mercury as well as the angles of Venus, and primarily Venus, your ruling planet, so you will live the coming period with happiness and achieve the joy you are waiting for .. Love will be at its best You will find an entertaining and beautiful relationship if you are single..You will also achieve many benefits financially and material that relies on happiness and expects many gains, gifts, love and renewal, as well as the sun of Cancer supports your ambition that you will cover during this period.

One of the most beautiful and happy periods, satisfaction and renewal, and there is the intention to travel, whether it is physical or intellectual, and maybe you will join academic courses, especially if you have several planets in Scorpio .. The Sun of Cancer will support you as well as move the ruler of your 12th house to the eighth, thus a period of healing and solutions, in which family and emotional worries disappear and find Solutions to a confusing situation..the time is right for the financial and health situation..the chances are very good for a job that yields more material than you expect..the time is suitable for official transactions and for signing papers..with passion is a very important period, especially since the flower is basically the house of association, so the stage seems appropriate Therefore, you can live in a relationship that has a future of association.

Sagittarius will realize that this is a crucial week, why ?? Because Venus is thereby Venus, it moves to Gemini, the house of partnerships, contracts, marriage and association, the axis of the other and the ego. The fortunes increase due to the position of Venus as well as to Mercury and Jupiter. The period is very good for education, culture, correspondence, communication, travel, not far travel and career .. and to find solutions to differences between brothers and the environment around work and home. And others .. it seems like you are able to absorb everything, so there is a return to old relationships that have been cut off, especially friendship with the opposite sex .. a wonderful period during which a wish or a precious dream comes true financially you have many pleasant surprises, including money without effort that comes as a result of the transfer of the sun to Cancer. .

A period of the best phases for passion and partnerships, such as allying with others and being open with your thoughts and aspirations. In the coming period the corners of Jupiter will be active, like its sixth to Mercury, as well as Venus sixth by Neptune, and it’s in your interest, so money, current liquidity and love will be the titles of the coming period. happy house related to your money and your profits are full of surprises and the tenth house is activated by the transition from Venus to Gemini important and communicate with people outside your area.

Between June 18 and 23, remember this date. There are very strong angles. This coincides with the activation of your fifth ninth house, and the ruler of the first ninth is one-sixth of Jupiter and the second one-sixth of Neptune. You will have multiple fortunes and opportunities that can suddenly occur, such as a job promotion and an increase in money and you are on a date with professional changes to your advantage. Venus is one of the planets that gives the most happiness, whether it is work, money, passion and health. Venus after the 23rd of the month is one-sixth of Jupiter. It gives you gravity as if you are like a star and everyone comes close to you..and there is the opportunity to win a pending case and money that comes to you without account ..

An excellent start to the week due to the amazing angles where the planet Neptune is in a sixth position with Venus and your luck with Jupiter and Mercury and from the sun of Cancer.You trust your mind and are not afraid of anything. .Your positive thoughts will be strengthened and you will be an inspiring personality for those around you..everyone tries to get close to you..emotionally, you are the most likely period of your feelings to be able to direct them as you want..just watch out for those who chase any mistake from you, they understand Many are waiting for you.

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