Do entrepreneurs only work for money?

Money is always a by-product of vigilance, determination, focus, perseverance and teamwork on a project.

In his explanation of the relationship between a businessman and money, “Business Eligators” sees that getting rich is not the primary goal for businessmen, indicating that they firmly believe that once they succeed, the reward will be theirs immediately. follow.

The website believes that “successful” businessmen do not strive to make money because their beliefs and happiness lie in introducing a product to the market and its success in competition.

For them, their goals are indispensable and more important to them than money. They are people who focus on the success of their products and think day and night to come up with something great, and after putting it on the market, they think about it. to develop it to continue competition.

Raise money and build wealth

– People make a mistake when they confuse freelancers with businessmen because there is a big difference between the two types. The first is related to making money without the second type.

Most people think that the minds of entrepreneurs are focused on making money, but the truth is that they are building fortunes and helping others make money.

In his book, The Ten Secrets of Entrepreneurs: How to Stop Being an Employee, Keith Cameron Smith discusses entrepreneurship and says entrepreneurs build fortunes while employees make money.

People who are always looking for money before adding “value” to their efforts often fail in the entrepreneurship race.

Entrepreneurs do not seek to raise money, but develop a tendency to create value-added products or services that make a difference in people’s lives.

Work out of passion

Passion is what drives people to succeed, and when you look at successful businessmen, it becomes clear that their passion and passion for their fields is what motivated them to work harder and harder until they reached their aspirations.

Passion is an important element in the journey of success because it will not be an easy journey and there will be many challenges that will lead to failure if one does not face it well. Therefore, passion pushes its owner to carry on and move on and not think about it gives up.

Business owners follow the path in which their passion drives them, no matter how long the journey is going to take, and they keep going until they reach their goal.

Passion for “Gates”, “Jobs” and “Zuckerberg”

Bill Gates was passionate about computer systems and programming, so everyone now sees the result of his passion for his product.

Gates had a strong desire to develop a computer program, which is why he was so successful in the race.

Steve Jobs once said that people with a passion can change the world, and the man was passionate about building tools that help people manifest their own skills.

The reason for Jobs’ success is his passion for consumers and their ability to change the world by using his products.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has always been passionate about building systems that connect people, and that passion fueled his energy to persevere.

They are working to make a difference in the world

Entrepreneurs believe that the product of their hard work is the ability to make a difference in people’s lives or the world.

Successful businessmen do not pursue their own personal goals, but work to make a difference in society.

The “Microsoft” founded by “Bill Gates” has changed the whole society and now everyone knows that the computer plays an important role in daily life and that the “Windows” system that the devices work with, by the company is made.

“Microsoft” has placed a device in every office and in every home, and with Bill Gates’ great effort, the computer has become available to every individual.

Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, has changed people’s lives.

They are not narcissistic and donate to charity

The website sees that successful businessmen are not narcissistic, but they care about people and work to increase the well-being of others, and instead of spending the fortune they have built on personal luxury, they tend to be frugal. to be and to the point of thinking to others that they are donating a lot of money.

Bill Gates donates large sums of money and is known for calling on other billionaires to commit to donating half of their fortunes, helping people in need in Haiti and improving the health of many patients in Africa.

In 2006, businessman Warren Buffett offered about $ 30 billion worth of shares in his giant company, Berkshire Hathaway, to help the Gates Foundation’s charitable efforts.

Entrepreneurs help their employees make money

– Regardless of the extent of one’s ability to work and focus diligently, there are areas in which he will find himself weak and need help, and each person has strengths and weaknesses.

It is always advisable to hire skilled professionals and bring out the best in the work team as investing in people and their skills makes the businessman’s journey less difficult.

The team plays an important role in the life of a businessman, and so that the owner of a company can turn it into an example of real success, he must help his work team and employees to gain knowledge and leadership. possess. skills, and all of this adds to the weight of their fundraising skills.

Help to innovate

– When the business owner has a successful team, the work is diversified, as well as the problems, and thus the businessman has more than one solution to any problem, because every individual contracted by a company plays an important role in its success.

Facebook employees act in an innovative and creative way because Zuckerberg does not believe in the traditional work environment in which the boss gives instructions and the employee executes them.

Companies like Apple and Facebook have created work environments that allow employees to express themselves rather than subject to everything the boss says.

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