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The labor and business sector is the backbone of the economy and a safety valve for it. The economies of countries thrive with a variety of ways to preserve the rights of shareholders in them. The influential Emirates, which has the most prominent role in the global economy, took note of this, and the labor sector gave most of its attention and much of its efforts. The new labor law was well received and admired by employers and companies, which reaffirmed the state’s zeal to preserve the rights of the worker and the employer, and to create suitable environments for doing business and developing productivity.


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is making great efforts to ensure the application of labor legislation in various private sector institutions, and to monitor the extent to which employers and workers adhere to the provisions of the law, through inspection teams visiting work premises . at different times, and also work to define and educate both parties to the contract about their duties. The main activities they carry out through introductory workshops, and the ministry identified communication channels through smart channels and the telephone, and set up guidance centers to investigate and immediately decide issues and disputes between the parties to the contract, which contributed to reducing labor disruptions by more than 90%, according to the latest statistics released by the competent authorities.


In this context, the judge at the Dubai Labor Court, Ali Muhammad Al Hosani, confirmed that the new law aims to achieve efficiency, flexibility and sustainability of the labor market in the country, regulate labor relations, and the rights and obligations of the parties in a balanced manner.

He pointed out that the sources of labor dispute before the court arena include the following: “All industrial, medical, educational and other free zones (except Jafza), companies of all kinds, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship – Department of Reconciliation and Reconciliation (employees of some banks, hotels and certain security companies), Jebel Ali Free Zone, and Dubai Government Legal Affairs Department.

And he touched on the types of employment contracts approved in the law, which are the full-time contract, the part-time contract, the temporary employment contract, the flexible labor contract, the teleworking employment contract and the work-sharing contract. .

He explained that the common factor in those contracts is to specify a period for it, with a maximum of 3 years, which can be extended or renewed for a similar period or less, once or more, and it is extended , if the parties continue to implement the employment contract after the expiration of its term, without an express agreement. The original contract is considered to be tacitly extended with the same previous conditions.

eternal race

In turn, the lawyer, dr. Abdullah Al Nasser, emphasizes that the Emirati legislature is in a permanent race, with the aim of making the UAE the first in the world to bring about equality of rights between all on its soil, “and under those measures, the amendment of labor laws, so that the UAE is the first country in the world. ” In achieving equality and justice among all workers on his land in the labor rules (privileges, labor rights, etc.).

He said: «The new labor law, with its decisive rules, has made the working environment more comfortable and safer for the worker, as the working relationship has been surrounded since the probationary period, with many guarantees supporting the seriousness of bringing the worker, and around him subject to the probationary period in a fair and equitable manner, subject to minimum and maximum legal periods, as well as to ensure that the law ensures the proper functioning of the employment relationship throughout the contract period, and ensures the rights of the worker and the employer, to have a work environment that is free from any inconvenience, transgression, harassment, bullying or physical or verbal violence.

relationship balance

In turn, lawyer Rashid Al Kaitoub said: “The new labor law strikes a balance in the relationship between the employer and the worker, and increases the efforts of the country’s citizens to participate in the labor market – as well as to increase efficiency. and increase the attractiveness of the UAE labor market, and its sustainability, which has a major impact on the national economy and increases production. ».

And he indicated that the same law unites the majority of the provisions and principles for the citizen and resident worker, and in other cases equalized between workers in the state sector and the private sector, with the aim of closing the gap between the contracts of the two sectors, in order to achieve justice.
He added: “Among these cases is the prohibition of discrimination between all in its territory, as well as in work with one-job tasks, as well as the probationary period (within 6 months), and patterns of full-time, part-time, temporary or flexible work The type of employment contract is “fixed term”, as well as the working hours of 38 hours, with a maximum of 8 per day, and annual leave (maternity leave, parental leave, illness and mourning)., official holidays and study leave, as well as provisions for end-of-service benefits).


Tawfiq Al-Tahawi, a businessman, said the “law” that has been implemented since the beginning of the year comes as a continuation of the UAE’s efforts, which since its inception have been keen to protect the rights of people in general, and the rights of its workers in particular, and notes that the constant updates and new amendments, which It has instituted by law, work to create a stable and safe environment for doing business and increase productivity.

He explained that through his experience in the private sector, over the past 25 years as an employee, in the private sector, thanks to the laws of the state, he has found the desired job stability.She did not just leave the matter at the time of issuance. laws, but also emphasized the awareness of all parties, and to inform them of their rights and duties, through the efforts of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, and its awareness campaigns, in addition to guidance centers, which inform the worker about all his rights and duties, if he is not aware of them.


In turn, Ateeq Abdullah, a businessman, said: The new labor law, and the law that was previously in force in the country, has undoubtedly established a balanced relationship between the two parties to the contract, and that the amendments made in the new law included, comes to keep pace with labor market changes and maintain a healthy environment.This guarantees increased production, and provides the private sector with all the basic ingredients.
He pointed out that the worker today, regardless of his culture and religion, is aware that there are binding laws that guarantee his rights, just as the employer or investor is fully aware of his duties towards the employee, and he is also aware of this that the worker is obliged to perform the tasks specified by law.


In the same context, Mutaib Abdullah, a businessman, said that the law has contributed to the provision of a clear package of legislation, policies and procedures, to preserve and guarantee the rights of workers in the state, and to provide an exemplary working environment, within the framework of ensuring the interests of the production parties, and providing protection for the contractual process, in accordance with the legislation.Nationally, pointing out that the legislation governing labor relations in the state is comprehensive and cover all aspects affecting the rights of the worker and the employer, which have contributed to burying any potential disputes between the parties to the contract.

Investors attract

Abdul Latif Juma Bayef, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic in the country, said that the UAE government has made many decisions aimed at supporting and encouraging the private sector, and attracting investors from within and outside the country. , and accordingly thousands of companies started. to establish large businesses and projects in its various emirates, thanks to the laws The fairness introduced by the Emirates, and the legislation that maintained a transparent and balanced relationship, and helped to provide more flexibility for both workers and employers .

He explained that strict laws in maintaining rights and flexibility in the work environment have made the UAE one of the few countries in the world, providing more than a million opportunities annually to workers striving to develop their capabilities and a better life for their families, all thanks to legislative steps and advanced practices it provides The state, whether for categories of aid workers, or other workers in various economic sectors, in parallel with the assurance of the interests of employers, in ‘ an effort to balance and transparency in the contractual labor relationship between its two parties, which is reflected in increasing the productivity of the labor market in the state for basic rights at work, of Where the worker receives his wages on time, the provision of appropriate housing, the application of mechanisms and procedures guaranteeing the right to lodge labor complaints, their speedy resolution, and other rights, in the light of the t application of an advanced system for inspection and control of the labor market.

a report

The UAE ranked first globally in the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2022, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report, ahead of the fourth worldwide in last year’s report, and thus outperformed all the world economies participating in the report thanks to its existence. Of transparent labor laws.And the entrepreneurship system, and it provides an empowering environment for companies, an incubator for entrepreneurs, and an attraction for entrepreneurial projects, especially based on new ideas, innovation and emerging technologies.

The report indicated that the global leadership achieved by the state reaffirmed the solidity and strength of the government’s economic policy, and the effectiveness of the private sector organized by transparent laws guaranteeing the rights of the worker and the employer, which updated to keep pace with the developments and changes taking place in the labor market year after year. growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the launch of initiatives and programs making the activities of small and medium-sized enterprises strengthened the state’s orientation towards transformation to technology and innovation, benefiting all sectors and economic activities, entrepreneurs and investors in all emirates of the country.

The report indicated that the country was regionally ranked first in funding emerging projects and entrepreneurship, and for the first time in its history attracted more than $ 1 billion in venture capital to fund small and medium-sized enterprises and promising emerging projects, and fifty projects. was launched to develop incentives for national entrepreneurship Implementation of the largest range of public-private partnerships, to launch the Entrepreneurship Pillar, to represent a gateway to the development of entrepreneurial practices and projects to new levels, and to establish and attract to support more than 20 billion companies in the state’s markets over the next ten years, all thanks to the financing of entrepreneurship and policy Supportive government programs, the integration of an entrepreneurial culture in education, business infrastructure, level of professional competencies, and easy access to markets.


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