Joseph Howayek to Asharq Al-Awsat: I hope to play a role in a historical series on Lebanon

Joseph Howayek to Asharq Al-Awsat: I hope to play a role in a historical series on Lebanon

He finished filming his role in the series “The First Wife” in his second season

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Joseph Howayek (Middle East)

Beirut: Vivian Haddad

Joseph Howayek attracts you with the positive energy he enjoys, and spreads it spontaneously in his small-screen talk shows or in the roles he dramatizes. Howayek currently appears in the series “If We Did Not Meet”, which is shown on LBC. It plays Youssef El Khal, Sarah Abi Kanaan and a group of Lebanese actors, in which he takes on the role of a decent and loving man who manages his wife (Natasha Choufani) to be a happy woman. Howayek tells Asharq Al-Awsat: “In fact, I like this type of role that looks like my real personality. I prefer it over other evil roles, because in my opinion the latter may not be sympathetic to the viewer. I have played evil roles before, but I am more comfortable in the role of a loving and close man.
Howayek believes a professional actor can play all the roles offered to him. And even if you play the roles of evil, it is preferable that you carry a specific message, just like in the series “Ashab 3”. And about those of his colleagues who portray him in the role of the villain, he says: “In the series” We Meet “, Wajih Saqr played this character with remarkable perfection. Sometimes I even called and scolded him for provoking me with his right actions. I always said to him, “If you were near me, I would take revenge on you because you practiced all this evil in the character you play.”
Joseph Howayek, who started his career with acting and later in the media, cannot choose between the two professions. He first sees a field he loved, then he leaves it and soon returns to his embrace because he is passionate about it. As far as the media is concerned, he describes it as his stadium, especially since he has been in this sector for more than 27 years. He started his media career on the “Al-Mustaqbal” screen, and he was one of his famous faces, to whom his name stuck for many years. After that, he moved to the “New TV” screen, where today he participates in the presentation of the morning program “Sabah Al-Youm”. On the other hand, he practiced acting from a wide range, and he participated in various series such as “Test the Neighborhood”, “Ashab 3”, “The White House”, “Hind Khanum” and others. Recently we followed him in a Ramadan work titled “We Met”, and currently in the series “If We Didn’t Meet”.
She met him several times with colleagues in the media field, Kimni Shri, Rola Bassati and Karen Salama. Does he enjoy performing with a colleague more? He responds: “Sometimes these posts are intentional, especially if we have a strong friendship. I do not deny that I feel a pleasure and pleasure to work with a former colleague. ”
Joseph Howayek draws you in with his natural performance, making you forget you’re in front of a stage. What is the secret of this spontaneity he enjoys in the dramatic performance? He explains: “First of all, I am not an outsider of this profession, but rather I have studied and practiced it in the hands of senior professors on university benches. As Amin Khalil, I also learned a lot from my teacher, Boutros Rouhana. I also have training sessions with Dr. Had Antoine Achkar. I memorized and saved their notes and advice, and I dressed up the role in a very natural way. I also used a few lines from my real character and colored in my performance to make the scenes believe me better. ”
“Today I know how to study the character and dig into its axes,” he added. And most importantly, in my opinion, he should read the whole text so that the actor can have an automatic performance. He is not happy with reading his role, but should be familiar with the reactions of the rest of the characters to him. It enriches the roll, so it establishes its basic lines in the head and stores it directly. This is something we have to do before we start filming the work, as in the past I would add to the role it needed, today I read and prepare in advance, to start strong. ” And about the role he hopes to embody one day, he says: “I love historical series and I hope to present a role that tells the story of Lebanon’s history before or after independence.”
Regarding his opinion on the dramatic scene from his point of view as a journalist, he says: “I wish the state pays attention to this sector and takes care of it, in addition to the theater. Lebanon is full of stars and talents in this field. The Lebanese drama has also made great strides and achieved remarkable progress and spread in the recent period, especially with mixed Arab participation. There are Lebanese manufacturers that we have missed, and they need someone to pay attention to them because they have no trick in the absence of anyone to support them. This profession is ungrateful, and when its owners are absent, people forget it, and continuity is important to them. ”
And about what provoked or shocked him in the drama world, he says: “I do not want to exaggerate my positive opinion, but it is realistic, as I find that fame and love dominate the atmosphere of drama. There are friendships that are born between us and continue even after the end of work. “Of course there is an atmosphere of competition between actors, which is normal as in any other profession.”
We usually follow Joseph Howayek in second leading roles, but he has not yet had the opportunity to present an absolute championship, so is he waiting for that? He responds: “I do not care about the space of the role, just as much as I care about the impact it can have on the viewer. We can sometimes play in a small role, and in “The White House” and “We Met” I felt I had achieved what I wanted. In “If We Never Meet” I offered a role that I loved because it looked like me. In time, I might get this opportunity, especially since the decision of the absolute championship rests with a group of people. The screen that shows the work intervenes in this matter, just like the director, producer and writer. In the end, the role I play has to suit my character. ”
Howayek has finally finished filming his role in the series “The First Wife” in its second season, and it will soon be shown on the “New TV” screen. But why does his media presence dominate his personality more than the dramatic actor? He says: “It’s normal because I started in the media field since I was nineteen years old. I give each area the attention it requires, because each time has its own judgment. Today, after the experience I gained in acting, I do not know what opportunities await me in the future. ”
Haweek could not follow up on dramas during the Ramadan season as he was filming other works. On the other hand, he says: “I like to follow and keep up with everything new, to learn, criticize and test. “Sometimes I look at Arabic works, and other times I look at Turkish drama so that I can discover new additions from it.”
And whether he was attracted by young talents in the world of acting, especially because many series took refuge in them, as in “To Death”, he replies: “There are many new talented faces that attracted me and not to me do not come. thoughts at this moment. But since you talked about “dying”, I can say that actress Deja Hegazy caught me by her performance, as well as Joel Dagher, who appeared in a new character that distinguished her.
Joseph Howayek has collaborated with several directors, but does he feel he needs a director to bring out the energy that is buried deep within him? I was impressed by Elie Samaan’s directing during my participation in the series ‘Ashab 3’. He is a director who knows how to manage an actor excellently, and I have benefited greatly from his experience. She has also collaborated with other directors such as Makram Al-Rayes in “We Meet Us”, his calm presence dominates the atmosphere. I was able to accept my role with his help, and later found out that he was right about many things. I will not forget my experience with the Syrian director Kenan Iskandarani, who is also a creator of creative energy. We have a large number of good directors like Philip Asmar and Joe Bou Eid, but I hope to work with Elie Samaan again. ”




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