Newspapers emphasize President Sisi’s participation in the St. Petersburg Forums


Saturday 18 June 2022

Cairo (AA):

The two speeches of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, during his participation in the St. Petersburg forum in Russia and the major economies in America, put the interests of Cairo newspapers issued this morning on top.

In (Akhbar Al-Youm) and under the title (An Effective Egyptian Participation in the St. Petersburg Forums in Russia and the Major Economies in America), the newspaper delivered President Al-Sisi’s speech during his participation, yesterday, via ‘video conference’ reported. ”, In the opening session of the twenty-fifth session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum under the auspices of Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which he reaffirmed Egypt’s pride in its strong historical friendship with the Russian Federation.

President Sisi praised the excellent level reached by Egyptian-Russian economic relations in recent years, adding that Egypt hopes that the outcomes of the forum, which are held under unprecedented political and economic conditions and challenges, will contribute to effective solutions to to find these challenges. in a way that mitigates the crisis The global economy and its negative effects on many countries of the world, especially on the economies of emerging countries.

The newspaper also focused on President El-Sisi’s speech – during his participation yesterday, via “video conference”, in the summit of the Major Economies Forum on energy and climate change under the banner of US President Joe Biden – during which he joined Egypt’s accession confirmed it. the Global Methane Pledge initiative in the petroleum industry, which seeks to reduce its efforts to reduce methane emissions from the petroleum and natural gas sectors, based on the expertise and funding provided by the initiative and in collaboration with international partners in this field. sector.

He added that Egypt was fully aware of the extent of the responsibility entrusted to him as President of the Climate Change Conference, to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh next November, and was aware that the people of the world all over the world world is looking forward to tangible results that will help bring about real change on the ground that we are taking from the journey of negotiating texts and announcing the Promises to the stage of real implementation at all levels to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement reach, the most important of which is the goal of one and a half degrees Celsius.

Under the heading (Matrouh opens its doors to European tourism) the newspaper (Al-Gomhouria) quoted Matrouh Governor Khaled Shuaib confirming the continued flow of foreign tourism to Matrouh with the start of the summer season. This week, Marsa Matrouh International Airport received 554 Italian and Polish tourists on three charter flights.

The governor explained that the three flights, including two flights last Tuesday, which carried 367 Italian tourists, and another today, which carried 187 Polish tourists; The total number of foreign tourists who flocked to the Marsa Matrouh International Airport during the two weeks reached 1,427 Italian and Polish tourists.

And in (Al-Masry Al-Youm) and under the headline “Education completes preparations for secondary examinations,” the newspaper reported that the Ministry of Education and Technical Education is preparing for the launch of the marathon for the General Secondary Certificate examinations completed, which is scheduled to start next Monday, and instructed to ensure that students enter without any electronic devices, and to use the stick.The students were also instructed not to write on the draft book and to do so daily. to submit to the observers base.

The newspaper added that the ministry had instructed the observers to exercise self-responsibility and responsibility while conducting the examinations and to work to provide calm within the committees, in order to preserve the interests of the students, and emphasized that the draft booklet will be distributed to the examination committees before the examination begins, with the need to warn students not to write on it and to hand it over to the observers. After the examination is completed daily, because the student is not allowed to the committee to leave, as it will be used for years to come.

Al-Ahram newspaper focused on the 13th anti-corruption session and explained that the sessions of the thirteenth session of the Implementation Mechanism Review Team and the thirteenth session of the Open-End Government Working Group on the Prevention of Corruption in Vienna, chaired by Minister Hassan Abdel Shafi Ahmed, Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority and President of the Ninth Session of the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, concluded its activities yesterday.

The paper added that the mechanism for exchanging information, practices and experiences gained in the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption had been discussed over the course of five days, and issues concerning the encouragement of the use of information and communication technologies for the implementation of the Convention were discussed, and the outcomes of the special session of the General Assembly on challenges and measures aimed at preventing and combating corruption and strengthening international co-operation.

She indicated that Minister Hassan Abdel Shafi was on the sidelines of the sessions with dr. Ghada Wali, Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, met to discuss existing and future cooperation projects between the United Nations and the Administrative Authority. in the field of preventing and combating corruption at national, regional and international level, and discussing the results of the session The Ninth Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, held in Sharm in December El-Sheikh was held in 2021, under the leadership of Minister Hassan Abdel Shafi.

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