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Cairo – The Shahid digital platform chose short drama programs to present to its audience outside the drama race for the month of Ramadan, and these programs came about two years ago and achieved high viewing figures of especially the younger generation, away from the confusing portion of episodes mostly without reason.

Among the platform’s latest programs, the series “The Eight”, which has been broadcast since the ninth of this June, and its events revolve around an interesting police template, based on action, excitement and mystery, where the work contains the hidden files of gangsters and their association with criminal and terrorist organizations. The series has been popular on search engines since its first episode aired.

The story of the series revolves around 8 people who are being sought for justice, including the financier and businessman Nasser, who has been working secretly for a secret criminal organization for more than twenty years.

The work was filmed between Egypt, Morocco and France, with Aser Yassin, Khaled Al-Sawy, Reem Mustafa, Mohamed Alaa, Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi, Hanan Suleiman, Lara Iskandar, Sarah Abdel-Rahman and guests of honor Ghada Adel, Mohamed Mamdouh in the starring. , Ahmed Fouad Selim and Ahmed Wafik.

The series “The Eight” is the first written experience by Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority

The series also features a number of Arab stars, namely Jihad Saad, Munther Rayhana, Muhammad Muftah, Wadah Suwar, Fatima Nasser, Firas Saeed, Abdel Latif Shawqi, Khaled Saqr and others, in addition to appearing international actors as guests of honor. during the episodes, namely Michael Beach, Pasha Leshnikov and Richard Dumayo.

After playing the role of a well-known lawyer in the series “Suits in Arabic”, Aser Yassin presents in this series the character of an officer who saves a hospital from bombing during the events, in addition to performing many heroic deeds, while Ghada Nobility plays the role of a famous actress.

Actor Khaled El-Sawy appears as the influential man, who regularly visits a cabaret, and gets to know Reem Mustafa, who works in it, and develops a love story between them, and this relationship ends in a tragic way, where Reem kills becomes in the end, while Muhammad Alaa appears as an international official working for Interpol, Lara Iskandar also embodies the character of Khaled El-Sawy’s daughter and Aser Yassin’s fiancée during the events.

Khaled Al-Sawy described his role and wrote: “Nasser Al-Minshawi, who exports and imports food and drink, is pursued in vain by suspicions and investigations, as he masters work in the light and masters crimes in the dark, faster than any. other opponent and more torturous, outwardly very social, but he is united and implied in his cocoon he made for defense Then it became a reasonable prison for him and his bitter memories, the delusions of the great oppressor and the hallucinations of the crushing between the human semen. He continued, “Nasir Al-Minshawi betrayed humanity and fate, and reached the end of the line. “Now he will kill all his opponents, or he will commit arrogant suicide before he kills him.”

The events reveal what can happen when the organization decides to liquidate Nasser and get rid of him in a horrific process in which a number of innocent victims fall, and can someone who has lost everyone he loves all he owns ter give up for revenge? And how does Nasser plan to harm the members of the organization, and can he reveal his secrets, expose his commitments, and capture all who deal with it, from businessmen and people of power and influence?

A liquidation in which a number of innocent people fall
A liquidation in which a number of innocent people fall

The “Eight” series consists of 8 episodes, directed by the Egyptian Ahmed Medhat, and this is the first experience of Turkey Al-Sheikh in dramatic writing, and he is an adviser in the Saudi royal court with the rank of Minister, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi General Authority for Entertainment.

Turki Al-Sheikh has become famous on an artistic level over the past decade, especially in the music sector through his writing of lyrical poetry, and his words have been sung by a number of Gulf and Arab artists.

Since his appointment as head of the entertainment authority, Al Sheikh’s star has risen more and his fame has increased as he has organized major and successful artistic events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that have made it an artistic destination par excellence.

The strategy of the Entertainment Authority, as he always emphasizes, represents a silent Saudi revolution, not only against the remnants of 40 years of extremism, but also on a cultural heritage that has long been distinguished by its negative view of art and entertainment instruments. .

The series brings director Ahmed Medhat back to TV drama after an absence of about four years, where “The Disappearance” was the last series he presented in 2018

Director Medhat explained that the series was attended by about 22 nationalities, whether actors or staff behind the camera, and filming took about a hundred days, while the editing process was completed within 11 months.

This series brought director Ahmed Medhat back to television drama after an absence of about four years, as “Disappearance” was the last series he presented in 2018, starring Hisham Selim and Nelly Karim.

The series is the director’s third collaboration with his brother, writer Ayman Medhat, after the series “Black Envelope” and “Between Two Worlds” by star Tarek Lotfi, and the second collaboration with his father, artist Medhat Morsi, after their meeting in the series “Aswad Envelope” starring Amr Youssef.

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