Tips for making new friends

The friendship relationship covers most of most people’s lives because it is they who walk the life journey with us and share moments of joy, sadness, pain and happiness with us, and without friends life would never be the same as it is now and we would not be what we are now. Dr Tamer Shalaby, an expert in human development, tells my lady: “Making new friends may be a challenging task, but the results are certainly satisfying. Friends in the end are when you are looking for new friends you trust will be by your side when you need them, and that they will do their best for you. ” .

Tips for getting to know each other and making new friends

You need to realize that your fears are not real

Your fears are unreal.

Since some people view meeting new people as a frightening event, we may be dealing with issues of making a good impression, impressing, continuing to talk, etc., and the more we think about these issues, the more frightening the situation, and the anxious feelings we first feel can develop into fear. It takes over our minds, takes over our lives and prevents us from making new friends without even realizing it.

Start with people you know:

Start with small steps that make the task easier. Start with your closest friends, and the people you know the most.

• Communication with acquaintances:

Do you have any passing friends you made in previous years? Or friends with whom you have lost contact? Send someone a nice welcome message. Ask to meet him.

• Find groups you can join:

The purpose of this step is not to join a group of people with common interests per se, but to get used to being with new friends.

• Get to know your friends’ friends:

You can join them during their outings with your friends, or ask your friends to invite you over.

• Fulfillment of invitations:

If you want more friends, you should shake off the dust of laziness, and go out a lot, because it is not possible to make real friends if you stay at home.

Meet new people:

The next step is to expand your circle of friends to include people you do not know. There are a few steps you can take to do this:

• Join social media site groups.

• Attendance of workshops and training courses:

These opportunities are one of the most important ways to bring together people who think the same.

• Attendance at parties:

Parties are events like birthdays, New Year’s Eve parties, housewife celebrations, weddings, etc. You will probably make a lot of new friends at such parties.

• Internet communities:

The internet is a great way to meet new people, and the best friendships can start online. Online forums are nowadays one of the most important places where online communities are built, find forums that deal with topics that interest you, get involved constructively and add more value to your conversations.

Take the first step:

When you go out and mingle with others, someone needs to take the first step. If the other person does not start the conversation, you are welcome to welcome them and get to know each other better. Talk about yourself and then give the other person a chance to talk about himself. There are great questions to start your conversation with, such as “How was your day?” and “What did you do today or last week?” Once the snow melts, communication becomes easier.
You may sometimes have a preconceived notion of the kind of friends you want, as you may want someone who is understanding, good at listening, has the same hobbies, watches the same movies, has a similar scientific background, and so on. You can then meet a person and realize that they are different from the picture of a friend you previously had in your mind and block the path for the relationship to develop. Do not do this and give the friendship a chance to grow, and above all give yourself a chance in this budding relationship.

• Open your heart to others:

The relationship between you and the other party can only begin when you open your heart, it means trusting others, believing in them and believing in the goodness they possess.

Get to know the person

Get to know the person:

Friendship is a relationship based on you and the other person, so get to know the other person and ask him some questions like: What is he doing? What are his hobbies? What are his latest projects? What are his priorities and goals? What is the most valuable thing in his life? What are its principles? What are the things that motivate him and inspire enthusiasm in himself? What are the things he is most passionate about in this life? What are his goals or dreams?

– Communicate honestly:

It is you and your friend who define the relationship between friends. Show warmth, love and respect to everyone you meet, and do nothing because you have to, but because you want to. Take care of others as you care for yourself, if you treat others honestly, you will attract people who want to communicate honestly, and among these you will find a true friend in the future.

Act spontaneously:

This way, your potential new friends will get to know your true personality. You do not have to be alive and articulate; Because it is about acting spontaneously, true friendship is built on both sides that accepts the other as he is.

Stand with your friends:

Friendship is a relationship between two people who support each other, stand by your friends whenever you can.

The feeling you get when you help others and know they are better off; More satisfying than anything you can get for that help.

Do your best to maintain communication:

In the end, it is always necessary to make an effort to maintain friendship, and the willingness to make an effort is what makes good friends.

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