Turkish Ambassador to Al-Anbaa, I will not forget my period of work

  • Empowering women is a necessity for sustainable development, and women in Turkey and Kuwait are among the freest in the region
  • Two billion dollars Kuwait direct investment in Turkey and 801 million trade exchange in 2021
  • If I were not an ambassador, I would choose any profession that alleviates people’s suffering and paints happiness on their faces.
  • The new Turkish ambassador, Tuba Nur Sonmaz, will arrive in Kuwait early next July.
  • 374 thousand Kuwaiti tourists visited Turkey in 2019, and 246 thousand went there in the past year
  • I cook delicious varieties of Turkish cuisine for my family, especially grape leaves with olive oil, which they like
  • I regularly received lessons in the Arabic language and will continue to study it as it has become one of my biggest hobbies

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The Turkish ambassador, who has ended her duties in the country, Aisha Hilal Koytak, has revealed that she will be leaving Kuwait during the last week of this month, declaring that the new ambassador, Tuba Nur Sunmaz, will arrive early next July, and explains that she will miss Kuwait and the richness of social life in it and its prominent diwaniyas, pointing out that she will not forget the period Her work here and will continue to support bilateral relations as a volunteer ambassador. In an exclusive interview with Al-Anbaa, before she left for Kuwait after the end of her career, Kwitak reviewed the most prominent achievements made during her four-and-a-half years of representing her country, Emphasizing that the security and stability of Kuwait equals the security and stability of Turkey, notes the efforts it has made to improve cooperation in the field of defense industries, and points out that the total volume of Kuwaiti direct investment in Turkey amounted to two billion dollars, while the trade exchange between the two countries reached 801 million dollars in 2021.

She stressed that the empowerment of women is a necessity to achieve sustainable development, pointing out that women in Turkey and Kuwait are among the freest and most successful in the region. To the details:

In the beginning, how do you evaluate the time you spent as your country’s ambassador in Kuwait?

I arrived in Kuwait in November 2017, and my first stop was as an ambassador, and my work period over 4 and a half years was very special, in which I made great efforts to support relations between the two friendly and fraternal countries and to strengthen. Always with pride and longing, and I will never forget all the support and love with which the Kuwaiti people of all kinds overloaded me from the first day I took over my job until the last day.

What are the key achievements during that period?

* Although I spent half of my work period in Kuwait during a difficult phase that several countries of the world faced without exception due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, but fortunately I was able to contribute to the development of Turkish Kuwaiti relations in a comprehensive manner and supports various aspects of bilateral cooperation.

After Turkey canceled the visa for Kuwaiti citizens, we opened the Visa Application Center in 2018 so that citizens of other countries can get visas quickly and easily. This step has made travel to Turkey easier and tourism has become one of the most prominent areas in our country. become bilateral relations.

And Kuwait sends the largest number of tourists to Turkey compared to the number of its population. In 2019, more than 374,000 Kuwaiti tourists visited our country. Despite the outbreak of the “Corona” virus, more than 246 thousand Kuwait visited Turkey in 2021, and we hope to increase the number of Kuwaiti tourists in the coming period, I believe that this year, with the easing of restrictions , the number of Kuwaiti tourists visiting Turkey will reach a record.

Our facilitating steps towards tourism have also largely overshadowed trade and investment relations, and the volume of trade exchanges between Turkey and Kuwait has increased steadily, reaching $ 801 million in 2021, and direct investments from Kuwait to our country amounted to $ 2 billion. , and the number of housing units exceeded Kuwait in Turkey bought 12,500 units, and the volume of work done by Turkish contracting companies in Kuwait amounted to $ 8.4 billion.

As we see the security and stability of Kuwait as equal to the security and stability of Turkey, we have also made great efforts in the field of cooperation in the defense industries, and I can say that important steps have been taken in this area, and we have special attention was paid to the further strengthening of cultural interaction between people, and from this point on we expanded Turkish language courses and the activation of scholarships awarded to Turkey to teach Arabic.

One of my biggest goals was to open the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center in Kuwait to implement our cultural projects in the best possible way and we were able to follow the official process closely and move the agreement to the signing stage, and we hope to have our dream soon to establish this cultural center.

wealth of social life

What will you always remember about Kuwait and your time here?

I will always remember the friendship and love I saw in Kuwait towards Turkey, and I will also never forget the feelings of affection towards me as the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey. I will miss the richness of Kuwaiti social life, as I will miss visits to the prominent Kuwaiti diwaniyas.

Diplomatic work is not easy and has many burdens How would you describe your life as an ambassador?

In the beginning, representing my country is an honor without honor. Despite the burdens and responsibilities of diplomatic work, Turkish ambassadors around the world carry out their duties successfully even in the most difficult of circumstances and unselfishly contribute to the implementation of Turkish diplomatic policy. . I feel proud and responsible for being one of them.

A working woman has to make some sacrifices, especially in her family life. That is why I want to thank my family for their continued encouragement and support. On the other hand, I feel privileged and privileged to be an ambassador in Kuwait, as the support I have received from the Kuwaiti authorities and our Kuwaiti friends has greatly facilitated my task. I owe them their gratitude.

We’ve had a lot of ambassadors lately, how do you evaluate your collaboration with them?

When I took office in November 2017, the number of female ambassadors working in Kuwait was relatively small, and as a woman I was pleased with the increase in their number over the past period, we are in close contact and cooperation with female colleagues in the diplomatic corps and meet regularly on various occasions and exchange ideas.

Arab love

How did you spend your time in Kuwait?

I worked most of my time while in Kuwait, trying to get to know the country and its people better and to communicate with everyone. For this I carried out as many invitations as possible and participated in social and cultural events, and whenever I had the opportunity, I explored the historical, cultural and tourist richness of the country, and I did not know the Arabic language. all I regularly received lessons and now I will continue to study Arabic, which has become one of my biggest hobbies, because it is a very rich language And wonderful, and when a man works in a country he loves and have sincere concern, do not realize how time passes, and so time passes quickly.

If you were not an ambassador, what profession would you like to pursue?

If I were not an ambassador, I would choose a profession in which direct communication with people is intense so that I can offer innovative solutions to the community and find solutions to problems, and in general I would pursue any profession that people’s suffering can relieve and draw happiness on their faces.

Do you prepare food for your family yourself? What is the best dish to make?

Due to my busy work schedule I do not have much time to cook, and my family has a high taste in food that is enough to call them “gourmets” and I cook for them delicious varieties of Turkish cuisine, especially grape leaves with olive oil, which they love, though scarce.

Women’s empowerment

How do you evaluate the situation of Muslim women in general and Turkish and Kuwaiti women in particular?

Women make up half of the world’s population, and they play an active and key role in development as well as social life and families, so women’s empowerment is a necessity for sustainable development, and in this context we must strive for the obstacles that Muslim women remove. face in social, commercial or academic life, and while doing so it is necessary to remember our civilization, that is, who we are.

I am happy to say that women in Turkey and Kuwait are among the freest women in our region, as our women participate in every sector of the economy, play an important role in political and administrative life and achieve success in scientific fields, and I believe that the men with whom we share life should be our supporters.

Will you return to Kuwait as a visitor?

From the first day I arrived, I saw Kuwait as my second home, and I leave it with fond memories. I think I will visit Kuwait as a tourist in the near future. Given the close distance between our two countries and the frequency of flights, transportation between Turkey and Kuwait has already become very easy and convenient.

What is your next destination and when will the new ambassador arrive?

A busy schedule awaits me in Turkey, but I want to take a short vacation first and spend some time, especially with my kids and my extended family. After that, my active and busy working life will continue. I will continue to work to contribute to Turkish-Kuwaiti relations as a volunteer ambassador to Kuwait. The last week of June, Ambassador Tuba Nur Sonmaz will arrive in early July to take up her duties in Kuwait.

382 companies 0 Products

The Turkish ambassador indicated that the number of companies working with Kuwaiti capital has now increased to 382 companies in Turkey, adding that the largest financial institutions and family companies in Kuwait have investments in Turkey and operate in various sectors of finance to food and beverages is, and from real estate to building materials.

Friends I will never forget

Turkish Ambassador Aisha Koytak said she has formed many valuable friendships at various levels in Kuwait, hoping that these friendships will continue despite our presence in different countries. She added: I am grateful to my friends for the close attention they gave to me and my family during my tenure, and I will return to Turkey and leave a piece of my heart in Kuwait and invite all my friends around me to visit hometown. Istanbul.

important projects

Kuwaitac explained that among the major projects recently launched was the second building of the Kuwait International Airport, the car park building (the largest tender awarded by Turkish contracting companies abroad at one time and the most comprehensive tender awarded by Kuwait outside the oil sector), the infrastructure project. for Al-Mutlaa City and the Kuwait International Airport building. Fourth, the Kuwait Oil Company boat harbor project, the highway project, the Al-Mutlaa city crossing, and the infectious disease hospital, for example.

active role

Kuwaitak reaffirmed that her country’s relations with Kuwait are “model” and that it is one of the key players in the stability of the region, pointing out that her country and Kuwait share similar visions on many regional and international issues of common significance.

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