A strong country and a better future for the author / Talib Qassem Al-Shammari

The Iraqis dreamed of their new republic after the American occupation, and they wanted to live under the illusion of organized freedom, transparent democracy, national political projects, a developed economy, a society full of activity, construction, power and creativity, and the active contribution of all to the building of the state and its prosperous future within a regional and international framework that relies on respect for all and bridges with the world in security and peace.They dreamed of their state and their united society and the end of the era of wars and bloodshed, but they were awakened by the sounds of traps reaching their bedrooms, and not even their mosques, universities, colleges, archaeological landmarks, cafes and neighborhoods were excluded. The green and the dry and what they have, like all dreams have disappeared, their lands are deserted, their institutions have retreated, and their scientific research centers have been destroyed instead of being developed, and all that existed of them, was destroyed even during the time of the former regime.
What happened in Iraq after the year 2003 requires volumes of description, investigation, and detailed explanation, and it requires thousands of interactive programs to explain the plight of Iraqis in their homeland, their society, and their allowable and loose wealth. And his politicians who stole the dreams of Iraqis, rather killed instead of overcoming the impossible and taking apart their crises they created, and instead of working hard and with honor and responsibility to make these legitimate dreams transform into tangible reality and work to achieve what is required to build a new state, society and country.
All dreams, even simple ones, have evaporated. Rather, they pushed the Iraqis to nostalgia for their dictatorial past, after being disappointed in the return of culture, literature and art to their society, homeland, state and new republic. Types and forms of financial and administrative corruption models and the umbrellas of quotas and sharing from the top of the pyramid of politics and power to the bottom to protect corruption and the corrupt, and the extent of the difficult challenges facing the Iraqis, which were the products of some of their rulers, political leaders and parties, and it was the first cause in the factors that caused internal and external crises, repercussions and circumstances. The difficult situation that is still besieging Iraq and its people, and the results of these repercussions and circumstances were the absence of strong political will. And the Iraqis had nothing but patience and perseverance from all these difficulties until poverty and class inequality overwhelmed them, and their disasters and crises increased and services were cut off from them. The living were responsible for 30% of the Iraqi people, and the situation has The Iraqis rather lost sovereignty over their country until ISIS occupied a third of the nation-states before being returned and liberated with the blood of millions of unfaithful martyrs of the army and the popular crowd.
The Iraqis have lost their dream while viewing their homeland is incomplete with sovereignty and without development or national national projects. Terrorism continues to grow and forms hotspots that threaten our national security and a political card played by some regional and international countries and used by Washington at the expense of the enemies of Iraq in general and Israel in particular to humiliate the Iraqis and subject them to circumstances In order to remain silent and accept their bitter reality, the main instrument of which is corruption and the corrupt among some rulers and politicians attached to foreign countries and who are interested in climbing to the normalization complex under pressure from some regional and international countries and their scandalous policies and projects intended to play with the capabilities of Iraq, its people, its history , present and future, and they are working hard to cut the arteries of Iraq and work to get rid of them like construction and reconstruction projects, fight corruption, thwart investment programs and plans, and improve the conditions of Iraqi life by not allowing it to build its bases, starting points, and economic foundations, thereby undermining its self-sufficiency in can achieve gas and electricity to meet the needs of industry, agriculture and investment of all kinds. The goal is to place the Iraqis in circles, spaces and narrow spaces, and prevent them from going out into the vast and developing world, to limit our lives, to multiply our challenges, crises and disasters, to destroy our infrastructure, and even to prevent the water of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers from staying overnight.
The dreams of the Iraqis have become nightmares that we can not name and their size are nightmares that cost them a lot of their blood and national wealth after they wished their homeland would become more beautiful, beautiful and better than they were in a difficult and abnormal reality before the hateful occupation by which Washington criminalized the Iraqi people and the entire region. It was a dream that Iraq and its people are the best and in the most beautiful image they deserve and are in, but with the will, determination and faith of the Iraqis in their homeland, abilities and wealth, honorable and loyal, and they is many.The path to their salvation and success is life itself, and that tomorrow is close to the spectator.

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