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(NAME- Akhbar Al Khaleej)

Bahrain recognizes the essential role that the adoption of advanced technology plays in promoting economic and social growth, the development of jobs and the development of human frameworks in line with the future of our digital world, and the same role it plays in its Economic Vision 2030. making this possible, achieving digital transformation will require prioritizing resource preparation. At the forefront of this are the qualified technical human cadres to lead the development. This should be done in the light of the focus on the implementation of more training programs in the field of information and communication technology, especially advanced technologies that define the characteristics of the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and reform our future.

In view of the real shortage of ICT skills that our world suffers from today, the requirements for building the digital economy will put enormous pressure on universities to produce enough high quality talent and talent to thrive in the digital technology market, which increases the importance. of building more bridges of partnerships between Academia, the industrial sector and technology companies to develop a system with thriving skills development and expertise models.

Although there are many aspects of collaboration between universities, companies and institutions, these alliances are characterized by many problems. Many companies enter into such agreements without clear, binding goals, and sometimes fail to align their goals with those of talent development in universities. In addition, the prioritization of theory over application still influences the success of the program on the part of universities.

Bahrain University of Technology has been involved in addressing these issues and has worked to establish strong relationships with clear objectives and implementation mechanisms with operating companies and the public sector, to ensure that its programs are in line with market needs. Its partnership with Huawei is a successful model for the seamless integration of ICT vocational training concepts and university training programs. Instead of one paradigm replacing the other, theory and practice play a complementary role in preparing our students for their future careers, thus preparing qualified leadership cadres for the future.

The joint program began with “Huawei” training faculty members at the university in artificial intelligence technology, to then obtain professional certificates. Accredited The HCIA-AI Comprehensive Training Program teaches machine learning and deep learning programs and provides hands-on experience, enabling graduates to design, develop and improve AI products and solutions through innovation.

Building a productive economy that can compete globally is one of the mainstays of Bahrain Vision 2030. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will contribute to the realization of this vision on the ground. Increased productivity, increased operational efficiency, quality of service and competitive pricing will come as automatic outputs for the adoption of artificial intelligence and the creation of a more competitive environment, which in turn drives economic growth, profitability and wages. The process of continually increasing and improving productivity will enable companies to increase the salaries of their employees. The adoption of AI in the industrial sector enables manufacturers to produce more products with higher quality, lower cost and greater success than ever before. The adoption of AI applications coupled with cloud computing and capabilities to handle big data storage and analysis improves efficiency in manufacturing environments, leading to better performance and results.

In addition to its programs with the Bahrain University of Technology, Huawei is pursuing other initiatives to develop talent within the framework of the “Bahrain Drive on Talent” program, where the company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Tamkeen Labor Fund to trains 3,000 students in the information technology sector and communications. The training will help to provide learners with knowledge and practical experience on the latest information and communication technology, which will help them in their future careers and develop their productivity. The information and networking program approved by Huawei ‘HAINA’ is the second of these initiatives, whereby the ‘Huawei ICT Academy’ is working to build an ecosystem for higher education institutions to improve training in the ICT sector. Many leading Bahraini universities participate in this program.

At the same time, the implementation of the Huawei ‘Seeds for the Future’ program, one of the most popular ICT skills development programs between universities, companies and institutions in Bahrain, the region and the world, continues. Bahrain has been participating in the “Seeds for the Future” program since 2016, as local students take advantage of this opportunity for training missions to China to get acquainted with Huawei’s world-leading technologies and expertise. In addition, the annual Huawei ICT competition witnessed a large participation of Bahraini students who did well to attract attention in various issues of the annual regional final.

We consider “Huawei” as an example of open partnership and cooperation in building the capabilities of technical human resources in the countries in which it operates. As part of its social responsibility, the company is eager to build a talent supply chain that covers the entire process of learning, certification and employment. It seeks to deepen the mechanism of collaboration between universities and companies, as it promotes the development of the sector and innovates talent development models based on the requirements of companies. Our universities help to develop talents and refine information and communication technology expertise to meet the needs of the sector and ensure the provision of qualified high quality talent that contributes to the development of other sectors and industries. There is no doubt that all of these initiatives will help consolidate Bahrain’s technical superiority as it moves toward transformation into a sustainable digital future based on knowledge.


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