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(MENAFN-TRACCS) Kuwait City – 13 June 2022: Boursa Kuwait Group has organized a training program directed by investment firms and asset managers in collaboration with the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA), reflecting the company’s commitment to implementing its strategic initiatives to increase the level of knowledge and develop expertise and skills for brokerage firms and asset managers, By reviewing the latest investment instruments applied in global markets.

Boursa Kuwait joined ICMA in 2017, a non-profit organization that has been working with its members for over 50 years to promote the development of financial markets and their participants, and to draw up the rules, principles and recommendations that the foundations of their success. ICMA has approximately 600 active members in all sectors of the international capital markets in 64 regions around the world, including public and private issuers, banks and securities dealers, asset managers and investment funds, insurance companies, law firms and central banks. financial markets around the world, ICMA promotes professional standards through training and education programs, designed and provided by professionals in all areas related to financial markets.

The organization of training courses is part of Boursa Kuwait’s efforts to make a significant impact on the communities in which it operates as part of its corporate sustainability strategy, and its ongoing efforts within the ‘Education’ pillar aimed at market participants’ give a profound understanding. of the functioning of capital markets, and the various tools and techniques needed to make informed and effective investment decisions Contribute to meeting the needs of investors. It is also in line with Objective 4 – Quality Education – and Objective 17 – Partnership for Objectives – of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to the “New Kuwait 2035” vision and the Kuwait State National Development Plan.

The program, presented over ten days from May 29 to June 9, 2022, also covered concepts associated with portfolio management, such as fixed income, equities, inflation, and portfolio creation. He supervised the training
Mr. Neil Schofield is a UK training consultant with over twenty years of experience in the financial markets. several Seminars for a variety of asset classes for many different audiences. You also worked as Director of Training at Chrisholm Roth Corporation in London and held positions at Chase ManhattanSecurity Pacific Bank Hoare Jovitt (now Bank of America).

In comments on the occasion, Mr. Scofield said: “During the ten days of this intensive course, we reviewed and explained a variety of concepts related to portfolio management, such as fixed income, equities, inflation and portfolio creation. the experiences of the participants, which is a central focus of these programs and courses. Finally, I would like to thank Boursa Kuwait for this opportunity, and I look forward to more cooperation in the future. ”

Boursa Kuwait’s corporate sustainability strategy provides for ensuring the implementation of initiatives and their compatibility with corporate social responsibility management, best practice standards in the sector in which it operates, and the expectations of investors; In addition to establishing strong and sustainable partnerships that help the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange to succeed and allow the company to take advantage of the regulations and points of power of companies or other institutions that have an expert in various fields, in addition to the inclusion of social responsibility efforts for the companies with the company of the company, and you do not And inculcate it in the company’s daily operations.

As part of the strategy, Boursa Kuwait has launched several initiatives in partnership with local and international organizations, focusing on supporting non-governmental organizations and charitable programs, financial literacy and awareness of financial markets, in addition to empowering women, protecting of the environment, and take all safety and preventive measures against the emerging corona virus. .


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