Jan Al-Aliyah on the Shura Council’s decision to invalidate the bid: we want an independent judiciary, not a judiciary

This afternoon, the director general of the tender department, Jean Al-Aliyah, held a press conference at the building of the tender department – Verdun, in the presence of a number of department heads and department employees.

After the national anthem, Dr Al-Aliyah said: “This is the third press conference because the employee does not usually hold a press conference, but the circumstances are imposed because the price of silence is more expensive than the price of talking, so we prefer to to speak. “

He added: “The first press conference was on November 19, 2020, entitled” In Defense of the Lebanese Administration and Its Supervisory Institutions. “

The second press conference was held on April 13, 2021, entitled “The corrupt fears criminal investigation, while the innocent rejoice.” This saying was taken from His Excellency President Michel Aoun.

Today’s conference is the third, entitled “There is no state without administration, no administration without supervisory bodies, and no administration and oversight bodies without judiciary” as protector, incubator and authority in itself and stable.

He continued: “In today’s conference we have two sections: the first is the transfer of the tender management to become, in implementation of Act 244 of 29 July 2021, the Public Procurement Authority. It was approved by the Wielhof in 2017.” and it was revised in August 2017.

Al Aliyah pointed out that “what is remarkable about the decision, of which the Tenders Department has so far not been informed, is that it is attributed to the Tenders Department which he calls” onaction “. I would like to emphasize that while commenting on a judicial decision, we are much more eager about the judiciary than they expect, and to comment on The judicial decision is a right as long as it is issued in the name of the Lebanese people, and therefore we have the right to see why this decision was delayed, from 2017 to today, before a new auction for the free market in particular was held on 14 July 2022, weeks before the new auction, weeks before the new auction, and the law We need a question mark asks, and the third big question is that the tender management with its current employees and its head will change in the Public Procurement Authority on 29 July. ”

He said: “As this issue is very dangerous in terms of public finances, I apologize to every citizen who can not ensure his existence, and to every employee who can not reach his workplace, and to every patient who use herbal medicine because he can not buy medicine, especially cancer patients, and if we do not talk about This issue will continue the situation that has brought us to the bottom of the abyss as long as the administration and the judiciary are somewhere subordinate to the politicians , we should not think of supporting any party or any funds, the money came to Lebanon from the nineties to today, it flowed but it does not exist now because there was no administration Independent and impartial for projects in which funds was spent in the absence of the fifth and deterrent role of the judiciary against all who were exposed to world money and the interests of the state, and for that we can not remain silent.

And he continued: “Weeks before the entry into force of the Public Procurement Act, someone came to write that the tender department had failed, as he said the tender department had given contradictory statements. He did not say where and when? The strangest thing is that he issued the indictment without my knowledge as the accusation was spread to the media, At a time when the Shura Council is invalidating administrative decisions rather than evaluating control processes, and therefore 3 papers were circulated to the media and the title ” The Shura Council condemns the management of tenders ”was chosen, told of the failure of the tender management.

He added: “Let anyone come and say that a file has been in the tender administration for a month, not years, then he has the right to accuse us of lack of action, and today the rabbit made two decisions, which means the decision is final. “

He stressed that “the administrative judge is looking after the interests of the Lebanese state,” saying: “There are conditions for the annulment of contracts, and under these conditions is that the state’s rights should not be violated. If there is no re – hearing about this decision is not., it is possible for the company that decided to annul the contract to accept and say they answered me.The difference between the amount he paid in 2017 and the amount I over five years. ”

And he continued: “The other possibility is that it is possible for the company that was unfairly excluded, according to the Shura Council, to claim compensation for a profit over a period of 5 years, which is $ 500 million on the state “either because of ignorance or going out with someone, and we’re at the bottom of the abyss. Not knowing where we’re headed.”

He said: “Politicians should take those they like to serve in the administration to their homes, and service should not be at the expense of the people’s interest.”

He stressed that “the situation is no longer bearable. We are in exceptional circumstances. We have not announced the strike, but it is impossible to reach our workstations. In our administration, employees still receive a salary of one million and “If you find conflicting statements, it does not mean lack of action, lack of knowledge of the administration or It misleads the exhibitors, and in this case you can not condemn, but rather transfer the matter to the Financial Public Prosecution.”

He said: “You, Your Honor, the judge, you can not deduce lack of action from false statements, because lack of action is the result of withholding work, while giving false statements is a negative act , and if you have data, why have you been growing on it since 2017 until today? has taken a decision that attributes a lack of action in our administration, which leads to mistrust in our administration. “

He added: “I have appealed to the Minister of Justice that if there is no retrial regarding this decision, it will place financial burdens on the Lebanese state, and I also have a letter to the Business Authority in “I sent a letter from the head of the Central Inspectorate, and I said it in public.” I, Jean Alia, will distribute the contents of the book to the media, and it is not confidential. . “

He stated: “We, as a tender administration and as a citizen, reserve our full rights to sue the custodians of the cases that are supposed to represent exclusively the state, and the legal and criminal responsibilities that will follow. . “

He said: “Since 2012 I have been in the tender department until 2017. The business authority in the Ministry of Justice, when the name of the tender department is received, sends us the review to respond to it. Because it is the state’s attorney He asks about security and economic conditions and studies risks Today he asks about the legal conditions, and if the Shura council’s speaker changes, the decisions will not change unless the one who removed Judge Shukri issued by the Shura council is the one who committed the offense, and I say if I do not rule. ”

He continued: “The era of darkness is over and the era of light has begun, and this book will be announced before the media and on my responsibility, under the right of access to information. And more than such a scandal, we wants an independent judiciary, not a law enforcement court. “

He said, “The verdict was issued on May 26, sent by the Business Authority to the Ministry of Works and I forgot about the tender administration. The adviser’s review is scheduled for June 3, 2022, which means after the verdict is issued “and it will be with the Minister of Justice who is responsible for the management of the administrative facility for the work of the judiciary.”

He continued: “Whoever has two ears, let him listen. Whoever is subject to tender management, whatever it is, will be answered. Whoever confronts the original will not be afraid of tools. He who applies the law makes “others are afraid, but he who leaps above the law is afraid of the human worker. You have a problem with someone to solve it.” There is an administration that is still “on its feet” in the Lebanese state, which is the tender department that does not enter politics or sectarianism and partisan quotas in it, therefore they have “disregarded its name.” You accuse it of lack of action Contrasting rulings, go to the competent court and do not terminate the contract directly.

And the attic concluded: “This situation is unacceptable. Yes, the employee does not speak to the media, but until you get me to my workplace, give me my rights, prevent attacks on the tender administration, and leave the bodies required to protect the rights of citizens, then I will not speak to the media. ”

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