KAUST leads innovation with 150 pupils in the first “entrepreneurs” adventure camp

KAUST leads innovation with 150 pupils in the first “entrepreneurs” adventure camp

Sunday – 20 Dhul Qi’dah 1443 AH – 19 June 2022 AD

The camp aimed to support enterprising entrepreneurs and improve their innovative capabilities (Middle East)

Jeddah: “Middle East Online”

From 16 to 18 June, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (CAUST) hosted its real Entrepreneurship Adventures training camp, which aims to support enterprising entrepreneurs and improve their ability to continue their entrepreneurial journey.
150 innovators from across the Kingdom have been selected to participate in this camp, selected from the first two groups of the KAUST Intensive Open Online Course (MOOC), to personally participate in the bootcamp.
In the training camp, which lasted for three days, a group of future company founders, led by mentors from the KAUST Entrepreneurship Center, gathered, where they worked to develop their unique ideas for beginners, previously formed in the online courses .
Nurturing young people and embracing their creative thinking outside the box is crucial to driving the success and growth of entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. Within the framework of this vision, KAUST aims to build a community of innovators who will serve as the human capital that will drive the next wave of innovation in the Kingdom. To support this trend, KAUST has set up its first intensive online training . courses in entrepreneurship, as free Arabic-based courses.
The first group of these courses was launched on the global education platform edX.org and lasted for 8 weeks, during which it attracted hundreds of thousands of learners across the Middle East and North Africa region, while the fourth group is on the verge to begin on July 18th.
More than 1,200 innovators graduated from this program, a group of whom was selected to participate in the training camp, where the participants received practical training that includes a series of challenges and competitions designed to help them focus on the idea to start making their business models expandable by 10 times, and identifying gaps in their founding teams. They also received mentorship, guidance and feedback on their offer and business model. The boot camp experience has helped the candidates reap many rewards. In addition to expanding their networks, the boot camp has also enabled them to better prepare for leading start-up accelerator programs, such as KAUST’s leading accelerator Taqaddam, which targets deep technology beginners. focus.
In this regard, Hattan Ahmed, Head of the Entrepreneurship Center at KAUST, said: “Supporting entrepreneurs during their journey is critical to creating a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem for beginners in the Kingdom.” He added, “We are pleased to see that aspiring entrepreneurs are joining us in the training camp we are actually hosting at our university, moving this event from virtual to physical space and activating the community of enterprising pioneers across the Kingdom.”
Unlike typical online courses, Entrepreneurship Adventures is a unique course in that it shifts the experience of modules, instructors and lectures to levels, challenges, competitions and additional content that unlock according to the participant’s progress. The course contains basic challenges for a project founder, starting with team building, product thinking, development and ending with promotion, financing and marketing. Additional content was also provided by expert investors and seasoned entrepreneurs, along with webinars and workshops with mentors focusing on the pillars of entrepreneurship. The whole course benefits from a fine approach, involving online learners, while ensuring appropriate learning outcomes.
Building on the success of the program, KAUST will present the Entrepreneurship Adventures program throughout the year, and for two new seasons – summer and winter – including webinars and weekly workshops. Registration is now open for the next group of course and bootcamp, starting July 17, 2022.
With the training provided by KAUST, future entrepreneurs can test and refine their ideas and gain insight into the next steps needed to turn their ideas and visions for their beginners into reality. By supporting the community of innovators, KAUST helps entrepreneurs, whether newcomers or established pioneers, to shape the future and economy of a broad geographic region that includes and beyond the Kingdom, the Middle East, and North Africa.

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