Normalization versus protection against the Safavid invasion !? Written by Jabbar Al-Yasiri

This is the situation of the leaders of the Arab and Muslim nations from the sea to the Gulf since the beginning of the twenty-first century .. ((printed, confessed and surrendered .. surrendered …)) !? , and here they are, after a total absence of the pioneering role of Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Algeria … They became like orphans at the tables of comfort, trapped within the confines of their protectorates and palaces, and their capitals and airports, which overnight turned into military bases and aircraft carriers for the United States, the Zionist entity, Britain and France, and their cartoon armies to protect their thrones, and the influence, interests and security of their masters’ embassies!

Here, after more than seven decades of the Arab-Zionist conflict, they are hoisting the white flag in submission, seeking humiliating surrender, not a just peace preserving what is left of their watery faces! They are chasing to win the approval and friendship of the leaders and rabbis of the Zionist entity, who are occupying their first qiblah as it is Al-Quds Al-Sharif and Al-Aqsa Mosque since 1967, and the murder and humiliation of our Palestinian brothers mastered..and who of them gives more, and who pushes better, and who opens his bedrooms faster ….! !!

After a century of training, housekeeping and the policy of roots and vines, there is no option or even tomatoes …?, And basically there is no time for the rulers of the Gulf Protectorates, especially Saudi Arabia, and the neighboring areas. , near and even distant Arab countries, to get rid of the cycle and syndrome of fear and terror. And the insomnia that makes them insomnia, to get rid of the nightmare and the ghost of the boomerang and the growing Iranian military power! Not to mention the horrors of the alleged Iranian nuclear program .. which threatens no one but the Arab countries and peoples .. It is rather just for pressure and to obtain more concessions, extortion and permanent milking.The Arabs got out of their rumbling environment knelt. to their callous gulf, and for this reason they have and will have no other solution than to hide themselves and immerse themselves in the bosom of Greater Israel, who came to control all the threads of the game, and gradually to achieve his eternal dream without launching preventive wars and using nuclear deterrent weapons except for the destruction and burning of Lebanon, Damascus airport and Gaza Strip. Gaza from time to time to laugh at the minds of the Arabs, and to establish the theory of resistance and resistance in the minds of the idiots. Win “From the Euphrates to the Nile”!

The new missionary and reassuring plan that is taking place, and its plays, especially after the destruction and subjugation of the entire Middle East, whose signs have begun to appear on the horizon … after forcing Iran with premeditated advice over five Arab capitals has directly, and indirectly, 6 Gulf states twenty years ago.It has moved from threats and intimidation over a period of 42 years …!?, and has become a requirement to follow a policy of direct deterrence, to the mullahs of Iran in check. , and to sever the ties of direct and indirect ties between them and their tools, fins and weapons in the region and the world, and to temporarily halt their expansion into Mecca and Medina, which now speaks of their liberation from Wahhabism in public. . pipe dreams, being Iran or Persia with its geographical location Great and prominent, which connects the East with the West, and which carries the genes of the Persian element and the hostility towards the Arabs and Muslims because they annihilated their ancient empire it, is, and will remain until the collapse and fall of these great powers that secretly protect and threaten them. In public, to provoke only the feelings of the idiots and the naive … It will remain the only safety valve in the world for their interests and the growth of their influence, and the expansion of their control over especially the Middle East and the world in general, and that changing a regime with a new one, as happened in 1979, does not mean at all that the Iranian role and position is abandoned, or that the reality of The situation in Iraq or the region is not for the better.

It goes without saying:

We say to those who have begun to give good news to these oppressed people, and to those who have begun to exchange happiness and blessings among themselves, and hope for the appointment of an extraordinary American ambassador to Baghdad, and the arrival of their master “Biden” to the Gulf region, to congratulate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the expected inauguration of Prince Muhammad bin Salman to be an extraordinary king !!!, and to have a fateful summit with to hold the leaders and leaders of the region, including the leader and commander Mustafa Ibn Mashtaat !, to strike the final nail in the coffin of hostility, boycott and non-recognition of the Hebrew state, so that America and its Western allies gradually services of the mullahs of Iran can be abandoned after they have fully completed and completed the task, and the simplest proof of what preceded was the steadfastness of the ceasefire between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia! ?, and the withdrawal of the arrogant leader “Muqtada al-Sadr” from the play of the political process in Iraq, not to mention cutting off the road to the tripartite alliance __ Chinese-Russian-Indian .. and the fourth of them Their dog … !!!

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