The Faculty of Biotechnology, Misr University of Science and Technology, the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East

• A selection of the best faculty members from the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, science, agriculture and biotechnology

• A leading study program that offers a graduate who can compete in the labor market at local and international level

• An annual employment forum to which graduates are invited and to inform college students about all the latest developments in the academic and research aspects

• Dr. Ashraf Haider Ghaleb: We meet the needs of the labor market. We work to do innovative scientific research and provide community services

The Faculty of Biotechnology at the Misr University of Science and Technology is one of the most prestigious colleges to which students want to enroll, given its importance in the field of medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural sciences. The faculty is a group of the best faculty members of the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, science, agriculture and biotechnology working in harmony to offer a leading study program to graduate cadres who are able to compete in the labor market at local and international level, according to the prescriptions and protection of Khaled El -Toukhy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Misr University of Science and Technology, who pays close attention to the educational aspect.

In this context, dr. Ashraf Haidar Ghaleb, acting president of the Misr University of Science and Technology, said that the Faculty of Biotechnology in its medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, agricultural and environmental fields is the twenty-first century revolution in life sciences, and biotechnology includes applications of genetics engineering in the fields of medicine, pharmaceutical industry and agriculture.To provide food security, preserve and develop the environment and invest its natural resources.

Dr. Haidar that the Faculty of Biotechnology at the Misr University of Science and Technology is committed to graduating a biotechnology specialist in accordance with the approved academic standards that meet the needs of the local and regional labor market in the medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental sectors. innovative scientific research, the provision of community services and scientific consultations within the framework of progressive values, and we strive for the college to be academically accredited. And a pioneer in the field of biotechnology at local, regional and international level.

While dr. Hala Issa, Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology at the Misr University of Science and Technology, explained that one of the college’s goals is to work on quality assurance in the college to qualify for academic accreditation, as a biotechnology specialist capable of to compete locally and regionally, and to conduct applied scientific research to provide solutions to health, environmental and agricultural problems. The development of the college’s postgraduate programs, the increase of community participation and communication with graduates, the development of the skills and abilities of faculty members and leaders, continuous evaluation and development based on the opinions of the beneficiaries, and the improvement of the competitive position of the college.

Dr. it confirms. Hala Issa owns the college’s alumni follow-up and career guidance committee, and was formed under the chairmanship of the college’s vice dean for community service and environmental development, and its goals are to strengthen communication and strengthen the relationship with alumni, participate in the events and activities organized by the college, and promote cooperative education with a number of bodies outside the university for training, conferences, seminars and workshops Work, and the establishment of an annual employment forum for the labor market to which graduates and men of institutions, invited companies and various employment agencies, instructed graduates and guided them to the available future jobs, and worked to develop academic, research and training plans in line with the needs of the labor market in those agencies, pointing out that a Minister’s decision was issued Higher Education No. (776) dated 16 March 2015 commences postgraduate study for a master’s degree from the second semester (spring) for the academic year 2014-2015 in the following two fields of specialization: Biotechnology, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Environmental, and Pharmaceutical No. 11 dated 11/11/2018 with the equivalence of a master’s degree awarded by the College of Biotechnology – Misr University of Science and Technology with a master’s degree awarded by Egyptian universities, and 23 master’s theses were discussed, and the fields of work of graduates in scientific centers and various research centers (universities and higher institutes – the National Research Center – Burj Al Arab City of Science and Technology – Zewail City of Science and Technology – Genetic Engineering Research Centers – stem cell research centers), serum and vaccine research centers, serum and vaccine research centers research, manufacture and marketing of biological devices and preparations, departments of forensic medicine and departments, oncology hospitals, institutes, departments and centers and others.

She indicated d. Hala Issa pointed out that the college is eager to qualify its students for the labor market through the continuous development of the scientific content of the courses, as well as through agreements with bodies, factories and companies specializing in all fields of biotechnology as training bodies for students. in field training programs, which is one of the graduation requirements Organizing scientific and cultural events on an ongoing basis as an initiative to enrich the knowledge background of students and faculty members.

The college communicates with the various employers to know their opinion about the educational program and the level of the graduate. The college and through the university are also eager to participate in various employment forums, offering its graduates a number of jobs. The latter) has published about 88 scientific research in prestigious international journals with a high impact factor in the field of molecular biology, cancer treatment, nanotechnology and its applications in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental fields Research has been published in the field of industrial waste disposal dm analysis.

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