The launch of the second issue of the “My Community Tech .. Technology for Community Service” forum … next September

Yesterday, Monday, the Arab Council for Social Responsibility held a press conference on the launch of the second edition of the “My Community … Technology for Community Service” forum under the slogan The Road to Flexibility and Green Transformation, which is scheduled is to be held. in September 2022.

Dr. Mohamed Azzam, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab Council for Social Responsibility and Conference Rapporteur, said that the second edition of this forum comes after the great success of the first edition, which was held at the Egyptian Opera House in September 2021, and under the protection of the Ministers of Communications, Information Technology, Environment, Culture, Social Solidarity, Finance, Trade and Industry And in strategic partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Organization for Migration (UN-IOM), the United Nations Volunteer Program (UNV), the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), the Universal Health Insurance Authority, the Federation of Egyptian Industries, the Swedish Embassy in Cairo, and the Rowad 2030 project at the Ministry of Planning. 70 Egyptian and international speakers.

In its first issue, “My Community.Tech” also led to the Cairo Declaration on Community Service Technology, which transforms the recommendations of the dialogue sessions and discussions of experts, from state leaders, UN organizations, international companies and international experts, to in feasible initiatives and projects that contribute to the further activation and localization of technology developed in the hands of Our Youth into a more productive, efficient and prosperous community for all its categories, which achieves economic growth and social justice in an optimal way in line with Egypt’s 2030 vision.

Azzam also stated that the theme of this year’s forum, “The Road to Flexibility and Green Transformation”, is in line with the Egyptian Government’s efforts to host the COP27 Climate Summit, as well as the presidential initiative “A Dignified Life” to provide a better environment for more than 60 million Egyptians, and that this year’s conference will discuss a group of themes aimed at shedding light on the importance of technology to achieve Egypt’s Vision 2030, more economical and social empowerment for various segments of society, especially the youth, women and people with disabilities, the preservation of heritage and national identity, awareness raising, shifting to society and the green economy, and increasing employment by small and micro-starters Green, with added value and higher competitiveness, through a series of dialogue sessions and workshops on the steps and projects undertaken by the Egyptian state in this field t e reviewed, with the participation of senior officials and experts.

In turn, the dr. Randa Rizk, Secretary General of the Arab Council, announced the Arab Technology Award for Community Service “Imtiaz” in its second issue to determine the best practices of community service by using technology at the level of institutions, projects, social responsibility managers and entrepreneurs , which was won in the first edition by AstraZeneca, PepsiCo and Juhayna.In the category institutions, Care International and Pioneers 2030 in the Ministry of Planning in the project category, and L’Oreal in the category of social responsibility managers.

Dr. Muhammad Khalif, the Assistant Rapporteur of the Conference and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Council, indicated that this year’s issue would be the inauguration of the “Arab Social Entrepreneurship Day”, dedicated to the discussion of mechanisms for the increasing the efficiency of the community entrepreneurship system, green start-ups with high added value, and technological innovations serving the community The economy, how to attract direct investment to these companies, and exporting their products and services to foreign markets.

Yasmine Wali, head of government relations and institutional affairs at Jumia Egypt, said the group was preparing to present a comprehensive report on sustainability at the African level.

Mohamed Abdel-Motaal Ahmed, Executive Director of the Development Department at First Abu Dhabi Bank, Egypt, indicated that co-operation in the second conference to be held next September will focus on financial inclusion from the central bank’s areas, including social responsibility in the agenda of Egyptian banks and the role of financial companies and banks in community development and sustainable development

Naglaa Nassir, Head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Sector at Telecom Egypt, indicated that the partners present in Mojamaji Tech come from different backgrounds of banks, companies and others, and they have many experiences. There is an active role for companies and government institutions to discuss issues related to technology and to support civil society.

It is noteworthy that the press conference was attended by a group of leaders in the information and communication technology sector, international institutions, large international and local companies, the banking and education sector, and development and financing institutions.

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