The legal opposition is an integral part of the Egyptian component and the national structure

Representative Ahmed Badawy, head of the Committee on Communications and Information Technology in the House of Representatives, said President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s call for a comprehensive national dialogue was a courageous step that would change the course of political life in Egypt. changes, and explains that the legal parties’ response to it shows the sincere intention to work to meet challenges and promote the public interest.

In his dialogue with Al-Dustour, Badawi added that the agenda of the political dialogue will be determined by the participants themselves, in order to achieve real outputs that contribute to the building of the new republic, emphasizing that the achievements of recent years in various fields amounts to miraculousness, especially in the field of communication.And information technology, after the digitization train reached its terminus in 70% of Egypt’s governors.

■ First, how do you see President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s call for national dialogue?

– I see it as a brave and wonderful step by the leader and leader of the nation, President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, who knows what the value of this great people is and what it takes to progress in all areas. The full opportunity for dialogue between all legitimate political currents and legally recognized parties, to reach a political roadmap for the public interest of the Egyptian state.

■ What is the significance of the timing of this presidential call?

The presidential invitation came at an excellent time, in light of what is going on around the world, so it’s a call for dialogue and coalition to confront dangers, because we live in one homeland and one country, and we are all one blood, brothers and brothers.

Therefore, it was necessary to work to address the dangers that plague the country, and which the world is experiencing as a result of the repercussions of the Corona virus and the Russo-Ukrainian war, and its impact on global food security, in addition to climate. to offer. change, and what is happening on the Egyptian borders, and all this confirms that the call It came at the right time.

From my point of view, the call for national dialogue comes within the framework of President Sisi’s work with full force in order to consolidate the principles of the constitution and the law to build the new republic, in which the principles of citizenship, dialogue, participation in decision making and not to exclude those whose hands are stained with the blood of Egyptians and who act as bats of darkness, in order to disturb public safety and social peace, stir up rumors, and adopt foreign agendas to put it on the land of Egypt.

To this I say: No way .. the Egyptian state is strong, and it is led by a wise and strong leader, who draws his power from God and the support of his people, and draws all political forces around him together.

■ How did you see the opposition’s call for a comprehensive national dialogue?

Comprehensive national dialogue with all political powers without exception or discrimination, and with the guarantee of President Sisi personally, is a very important issue, and his emphasis on preparing an adequate report on the outcomes of the dialogue and its submission to him personally confirms the seriousness of the call for dialogue, and is a real guarantee that the dialogue will At the highest level it will have real outputs that contribute to the building of the new republic.

It also confirms that President Sisi is the head of the Egyptian family, and stands at the same distance from all, and that all parties are equal to him, and therefore his call was directed to the opposition and the majority, because the Egyptian opposition is’ an integral part of the Egyptian component and the national structure, and operates within a framework of legitimacy, and its objective The purpose of all is the public interest, the support of the state and the maintenance of Egypt’s national security. Therefore, the Egyptian opposition is welcomed by all. It is the right of any political faction to have a special vision for development and change. Here we are talking about the legally recognized legal opposition, which operates within the framework of the state.

Consequently, President El-Sisi’s call for dialogue was due to a large event and an important custom he established at the Egyptian family’s breakfast party in Ramadan, and the ceremony past Ramadan witnessed the presence of opposition figures with a presidential invitation. , which is an embodiment of President El-Sisi’s thinking, and his orientation to reach consensus among all on the need to uphold the interests of the nation, contained in his invitation to all to participate in a comprehensive community dialogue, to achieve the most appropriate ways to advance the development process, and to draw up an agenda with the priorities agreed, to put it into practice.

■ What is your assessment of the partisan and political response to the call?

The biased and political reactions to the presidential invitation are very positive, and this reaction confirms many things, in addition to everyone’s confidence in the seriousness and sincerity of the person who made the invitation, because everyone knows that President Sisi is only looking for the importance of the country, and the interest of these great people, and wants nothing of a Step he takes or calls for is only the future of future generations. In addition, the important point is also that this broad response from the political parties and powers shows the respect these parties have for the homeland and the maintenance of its interests, and a sincere intention to work to meet all challenges together, and it also indicates the willingness of all to work together, to work in a team spirit and not to try to triumph, but to take part in upholding the higher interests of the country.

The presidential call is a real opportunity for all political forces to participate in the national dialogue in all transparency, and if the opposition has complained in the past of marginalization and does not hear its voice or find an opportunity to present its proposals and opinions on all national issues. , today a true patriotic Egyptian president and a great leader came and opened the door for All honorable national powers and political parties to express their opinion, present their proposals and discuss what they consider to be in the public interest, whether in the political, economic, social or cultural aspect.

And the whole scene is a great achievement, because President Sisi called on the opposition to express itself through this dialogue, while presenting what they see on various issues, and working around it all to the people to present, which means that the opposition’s vote arrived, by a presidential invitation.

■ What are the most prominent files that will be on the dialog table?

The agenda of the dialogue will be determined by those who will take part in it themselves, as all political forces and parties will prepare working documents that they want to discuss and express their opinions and suggestions on various issues.

But in general there will be main pillars for dialogue, including the political file, which is divided into two parts, one dealing with the external vision and the other with the internal vision.We will also deal with the economic and social files and other important files .

■ In your capacity as Chair of the Communications and Information Technology Committee in the House of Representatives … How do you see the achievements in this file?

The achievements achieved in all fields amount to a miracle. The achievements achieved during the era of President Sisi are real miracles that have already taken place in various fields on Egyptian soil, through national projects that are all on the ground. see and touch, and is in the interest of the Egyptian citizen.

Everyone sees the global road network and what has been achieved in the means of transport, and what has also been achieved in the field of food security for the Egyptian people, through projects to reclaim one and a half million hectares, and non-traditional agriculture, as well as in various fields.

In the telecommunications sector, the last phase has proved that the state is strong in the field of information technology and digital transformation in all areas, and we have projects to digitize government institutions and others, and all of this is already being implemented to provide service to the citizen. easy, easy and fast, in the least time and with high quality.

The digitization train has reached its final station in 70% of Egypt’s governors, after manufacturing cables and optical fibers, and the governors have already started introducing databases and information and handling it through the new network.

As for the remaining governorships, which have not reached optical fibers, these cables are currently being connected, in coordination with Telecom Egypt, to increase the speed of the internet in all governorships, as many areas have become dependent on availability and quality. of the network.

■ Some complain about the occurrence of defects, malfunctions or interruptions in the telecommunications system, whether in the education sector or on new paths. How do you see it?

– We must admit at the beginning that we will not have a strong internet network through copper cables, so we had to work to change all cables from copper to optical fibers to have a strong and fast internet, and high service and excellent quality . Therefore, the cables have already been changed to improve the service, and I say: Goodbye to the downfall of the education system, because most schools have been changed from cables, after their needs have been identified by the Ministry of Education, and provided with what they required by coordination with Telecom Egypt. As for the global road network that has taken place in the Egyptian countries, there was a shortcoming in the communication service in some areas, which cannot be accepted because it affects the life, security and safety of the citizen. Therefore, the state contracted with telecommunications companies to strengthen the service, and some companies acquired new frequencies and recharge stations for cell phones.

Does the legislative environment keep pace with the achievements in the communication file?

The House of Representatives has recently enacted the law on combating cybercrime, which has succeeded in preserving personal freedoms and combating crime at the same time. In the coming days, the e-commerce law, introduced by the government, will be discussed to protect the citizen against electronic fraud, and this development The legislative environment has led to an increase in investment in the field of communications and information technology.

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