49 works by the graduates of the Adham Ismail Center … Children’s Issues and the Meaning of Love and Giving Themes of the Exhibition

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, the Adham Ismail Center for the Fine Arts inaugurated an art exhibition for the center’s graduates, in which 26 students participated and presented some 49 works whose themes ranged from childhood and human feelings, portrait, heritage and crafts. All of them were distinguished by the use of the oil painting technique and their submission to the rules of the realistic school, in which the Adham Ismail Center has always been known, this ancient artistic building, which provided the artistic movement of many young talents who had their brushes and colors written for their promising and bright future.

ways of communication

In a statement, the director of the center, Qusay Asaad, said that the postgraduate exhibition, which is under the auspices of dr. Lubana Mushawah opened, including 49 works using oil painting technology, measuring 170 and 26 participants. and the meanings they carry such as innocence, giving and love, in addition to the child in our present exceptional circumstances, and heritage works that offered ancient traditional occupations and crafts, works that expressed ancient Damascus and that symbolized it of originality.

He added: “The exhibition, under our supervision, is always a station in which the student presents his works that carry his message and goal. The work is always a means of communication between the sender (the artist) and the receiver (the audience). ).), and through this space, lines and colors the student expresses what he wants. “

He pointed out that the graduates of the institute studied for two years and then three months to prepare for the graduation project, and thus the color that any student studied uses as a paste and as a state of absorption, reflection and brilliance and its meaning within the concept of painting, that is, according to the work the student has chosen, he can apply the state of chromatic brilliance to serve the idea.

strong side roof

In turn, Director of the Fine Arts Directorate Waseem Abdel Hamid confirmed that: “Adham Ismail Center is considered a strong supporter of the Syrian plastic arts movement, and the exhibition is always sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, where special attention is paid to its students and graduates who are taking their first step into the art path with full force because of the strong technology that the Institute offers them.And an understanding of art in general and of painting in particular, and therefore it is a strong supporter of the visual arts movement. ”

On the possibility of students participating in the spring and autumn exhibitions held regularly by the Ministry of Culture, he said: “It is very important and necessary, and in fact, I used the exhibition to help young people to invite artists when I saw this beautiful and amazing level, technique and beautiful realism, so they started to form a new line for each of them, so I invited them to Direct because such works in the annual Spring and Autumn exhibitions must be displayed and highlighted. ”

quantum leap

As for the Secretary-General of the Union of Fine Artists, Ghassan Ghanem, he explained: “As for the students’ participation today, there is a qualitative leap from anything else offered in artistic works. To make the work better do as it is. “

On the topics raised in most of the paintings, he said that: “The situation in which we live is a state of kindness and tenderness and something related to the child. Therefore, 80 percent or 85 percent of the paintings their themes of love, affection, cooperation and solidarity with each other, whether it was sadness or joy, and various emotional states.Therefore, most These paintings had a high dose of tenderness and kindness, and this is what we need today in in light of the situation we live in. ”

emotional feelings

The center’s graduate, Reem Al-Faouri, said: “I have chosen the subject of emotional feelings, specifically jealousy, and embody in my paintings that jealousy can be between friends, children and sisters, in addition to not having to be not the result of malice, as it sometimes stems from innocence, as found in my paintings. “Something we learned at the institute is to express feelings by drawing, so I liked participating in my project.”

She added: “The issue of expressing feelings is one of the very difficult topics and requires the artist to put all his feelings and emotions into his painting, and the institute has provided us with the academic thing in art and painting, and there are many rules we follow and great knowledge of colors and stages of painting until we get to work or paint.

homeless childhood

Alaa Al-Hosali told us about her participation and said: “Today I liked to express the childhood that was moved between the destruction and remnants of the war and the appearance of hope and innocence in the eyes of children remained in spite of the cruelty of the war. By expressing more and mixing colors. ”

portrait art

As for the student, Rima Rifai, she explained: “I always prefer portrait, so I liked that it was a subject for my graduation, but in an unconventional way. I chose international paintings and distinguished people with different skin and hair colors.I found that it serves the aesthetic aspect of the paintings.I can work with strong strokes because these paintings firstly belong to the school of realism and secondly they are simulations and they have to be presented as they are in their original version is.”


Finally, the student, Yasmine Kaddoura, indicated that she chose crafts as the subject for her paintings, and tried by different age groups to emphasize the continuity of their transmission and inheritance from one generation to another. an important part of the painting, as it expresses his personality, his feeling and his artistic spirit, whether the work environment is organized and neat or random.

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