Abbas Al-Nouri: My family does not care about me, and the infallibility is in the hands of my wife

The Syrian artist, Abbas Al-Nouri, made new statements that ignited a wide wave of controversy on social media platforms while he was a guest on one of the television programs and spoke about various stages in his life, since his childhood in which he has lived in poverty to this day and the great successes he has achieved in the world of drama and art, and the statements he has made. is, in addition to his loss of interest from his family (his parents and sisters) so far.

“Surprising” Confessions

Syrian artist Abbas Al-Nouri was a guest on the “Book of Fame” program hosted weekly by Ali Yassinin on the Lebanese “Al-Jadeed” channel. He replied: “I’m scared of what I wear and I’m scared when I run. Away from it, it will not look like me. I’m so and I’m not ashamed of my condition, on the contrary, I’m proud of my condition and all my faults and shortcomings. “

And al-Nouri added in his speech on the Lebanese channel, that he had gone through stages full of flaws and problems, and without it he would not have learned or benefited, and if it were not for these experiences, most of which was unsuccessful, the horizon and doors would have been locked for him, but he later benefited greatly, and it was a real entrance to express himself and his personality. He also wants to get away from the oppression in which he lived in his youth, whether in his family home or the society in which he lived and grew up, and pointed this out by saying: “Because our society is an oppressed and oppressed society and one among pressure is on. “

Regarding his family’s interest in his artistic beginnings, Al-Nouri replied: “My grandfather did not care about my cinematic artistic beginnings because he did not have a television, but my daughter lived for a good period and watched my work, and I was at this age, and dozens of series can be done, and so far my family (my parents and brothers) have not sat down. With me watching my dramas, I can only happen once or twice, and so far I am waiting for attention from my family, but I can find nothing that is missing, and currently my family (my wife and children) compensate me for that. ”

Al-Nouri also explained, “Society has taught me that I care about my condition, and I did not see myself in a good condition except by studying, even though my parents took me out of school, but I studied and succeeded on my own and entered the university and succeeded, I learned how to love and achieve success because we do not know how to love (society). ” .

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“The infallibility is in the hands of my wife”

Within the context of the controversial statements, where the Syrian artist spoke about his relationship with his wife, author Anoud Khaled, he confirmed that he did not even think about her divorce, which caused a surprise to explode that the infallibility is in her hand, not in his.

Al-Nouri said during his presentation on the Book of Fame program and after showing a video clip from the series “Bab Al Hara”: “I can not work with my wife like that, neither with jokes nor with seriousness, and after the infallibility is in the hands of my wife and not in my hands, she is the one who separates from me .. Ever since I raised the flag, she is everything ”.

Al-Nouri spoke of his wife, adding: “She was not the first woman in my life, but she was the first love, and it was not the first experience in my life, but it was the first love, and I was the first thing I saw in something in me that said it was your wife. “

Al-Nouri noted that: “So far, there are many issues related to my personality and my relationship with the world based on this basic compass, called” Anoud “and on her mind, ability, transparency, affection, innocence and power. “

Al-Nouri confirmed that “his wife was afraid of him, not of him, and she always said that if people do not know him on the street and approach him, the matter is more painful than seeing all the people you approach and you accept. “

And when he asked his son to marry a woman who looked like his mother, he said: “I can not tell him, although I hope so, but neither I nor his mother impose anything on him. , since our family relationship does not have the influence of the father. I do not want to repeat my father. However, I have flaws and I am not ashamed of my flaws and I hope my children will judge me for my mistakes. ”

He explained that he does not count the days and years of his life despite the age of seventy, emphasizing that each age stage has its own energy and distinctive splendor, while he is not at all ashamed to mention his actual age, but rather that he is proud of everything in his life, including mistakes, flaws, and experiences that were the main cause in shaping his power.

Abbas Al-Nouri denied his accusation of atheism, as rumors have it, emphasizing that he is a secular person, meaning the separation of religion from the state, while denying any idea of ​​suicide, and he also made it clear made him not happy with the comedies in which he participated.

On the other hand, on a technical level, Abbas Al-Nouri has achieved an excellent presence in the recent Ramadan season, as he participated in the series “The Levant Environment” “Haret Al-Qubba” directed by Rasha Sharbatji and ” With Suspension of Execution ”under the direction of Seif El-Din Subai.

It is noteworthy that Abbas Al-Nouri is a Syrian actor, born in the Al-Qaymariya neighborhood in the Syrian capital, Damascus, in 1952. She works in directing and bears all the costs of rehearsals. This group was called “Theater of Light”. During his university studies he knew theater more precisely and at that time worked with academic directors, and his most important play was “A Messenger from Tamira Village in Search of the Cause of War and Peace” by Egyptian author Mahmoud Diab.

He went to television in the late seventies from the university to the delegation of director and actor Salim Sabri to the university, where he chose him to represent with him a television evening entitled “Samar”, and from here he went on to television drama, and among his most famous television works: “Salhia Nights, Bab Al-Hara, On the Edge of the Abyss, The Invasion, and the Invasion is the first Arab series to win an Emmy Award.

It is noteworthy that Abbas Al-Nouri has been married to Anoud Al-Khaled for 31 years and they have two sons, Mayar and Ranim, and spread rumors about their divorce in 2020, but Al-Khaled denied these rumors by visiting the filming website of the series “True” in which Al-Nuri participated in his heroism.

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