Dialogue with reality and lust | 22 Arabic

One of the days of December, specifically the twelfth night of it, the wings of the moon at that time began to appear in their human form known as the evening time.

He sat in his chair covered with the smell of cigarette butts and instruments from the fifteenth century followed him through the room like a child who had recently learned to walk. His lonely lifestyle, if we are more precise, has every word that comes up she knocks, intoxicated. by daytime to bring her to this moment when she wakes up in sync with her sisters with open eyes before this majestic scene. It would happen here, he drank a glass of his drink and started lighting a cigarette that he forgot to count in order while contemplating the dying corpses of these words, how to put them in their proper context, him imagine Botticelli with a full box of embalmed colors in front of him, pulling half of the curtains to keep himself protected from the light. lover of the eternal and unfulfilled darkness, he drank another cup and seemed full of life, even my heart began to beat for you.

Author: It’s so simple and cliched, I know at least two people who came across this rule well.

Half of the galaxies are in the sky, half are in my eyes, and the other half are created when I see your face.

Author: I can smell how my spinning ability rots, I have not even seen it yet, at least not on the ground, we start over.

(The sound of the room door opening firmly and firmly)

Author: Aha, dear reality, to be honest, this is the first time I’ve met you with pleasure. What do you think of giving me some flirty sentences since I no longer have stock today.

Reality: With an accent that makes you feel like a mother who has adopted a child she hates. You’re still trying to flirt with a girl you did not see, there is no doubt that I characterize your situation as a smart crazy man, I was originally wondering about the amount of flirting you wrote without at least telling her bieg.

Author: It’s not the time for your reality now, come share a drink with me on this wonderful night, we’re starting a shocking night!

Reality: I thank you for your invitation, but I will reject it as I have rejected your invitations of the last thousand, your attempts to make me actively drunk during this period, are you trying to reject me?

Author: I’m just trying to make you bend.

Reality: You’re still smart even if you smell your tobacco and alcohol, I never bow, even kings bow before my strings, I’ll help you and assume I’m accepting the invitation, let’s look, try comparing her eyes to heaven, since you will not achieve both, or let’s say Her hair hides the moon, a metaphor for her face, a poetic expression, or for her half, what does she look like in your eyes?

Author: Well, I’ll be honest, she’s just a girl, there are the most beautiful and the best and I can compare her to sixty different phrases, but she’s just an ordinary girl, but I love her.

Reality: Then why did you love her, and maybe she did not love you at first, you thought?

Author: I know all the possibilities you will say, do not tire yourself too much, I loved her mind, not her body, the mind has no counterpart or expansion in the universe, it is beyond you in power, authority and history, I hope you will share this love with me as I am not so attracted to corporeality when this comparison in love is eternal.

Reality: You still believe in your usual philosophy, after all, she flirts with her mind, then how he attracted you despite the distances.

Author: My God, if it were not for reality, I would not have accepted this kind of naivety, flirting with it in all the elements of nature, I even went to the fabric of the universe and stole a piece of it to to write two lines, but I thank you for trying anyway.

Reality: Did you say oh my god! Strange that you still believe in God, people like you only believe in themselves as gods.

Author: They do not believe in the way people are enforced, but I always have God in me.

Reality: Inside you! did you eat it

Author: I contained it as we all ordered.

Reality: I will not get involved in this conversation with you today as my schedule is full of tasks, this is what I can offer at the moment. Excuse me now that I’m going out to make some kids homeless. I heard there is a happy family who think that life smiled for them at the end of the street, I need to inform them about my existence through the bankruptcy of their father and the sale of their family home and around ‘ to have to work at a young age before drowning in a sea of ​​dreams, good night, your sleepy one.

(The sound of the door reopening with a funny beep, as if a child had been stroked by his mother, with the sound of heels clicking and a sigh with the smell of the resurrection of the dead, came in) .

Lus: Nad, nice, I could not stop my ears to hear, and I can be sure you’re talking about a girl I knew, your choice is very elegant, sir, you have a body like a piece of snow, tender and soft, and of course cold.

Author: Welcome, my erotic loop, bring a cup along and share my height here. Reality has just left, I do not think he will accept to sit down one day and exchange his words .. (Reality eagerly interrupts him)

Reality: After thinking about it, I think I’ll sit a little curious in your talk, because it’s somehow striking, going on, beautiful (the chair next to his chair turns away from lust that is gracefully bent, while kings bow before him)

Lust always looks with a hungry eye, but this time it looks at reality: I thank you, and rub your shoulder with premeditated advice.

Author: Now that we are sitting, what is the reason for your honorable visit, Your Majesty, in this universe?

Lus: I did not intend to come to your office today, I came with a young man on a date at the end of this street, and there was one of the girls of great beauty and shape, I’ve been trying to persuade her ever since. the early evening hours to kiss him in public. At that moment, I heard you and this gentleman next to me talking about flirting, and I decided to go in and express some nice opinions about me.

Author: I thank you for this wonderful initiative on your part, but you know, regarding my opinion on innocent ghazals, I categorically reject them (he sniffs some tobacco and gives her a look of defiance and arrogance )

Loop: I know what’s going on in your head, I walk around in it all the time, but let’s look at it technically, imagine your bodies bending in their etheric form, kissing falling like rain on the ground craving for water after a long summer, just to name it, let me tremble in love!

Author: It sounds very sweet, let me look at it and look at it with my own eyes….

For countless hours there was a long and existential debate about love and virginity between the author and lust, while reality was amazed at what came out of their lips under the moonlight looking out over one window on the four-seater table in the form of the sun, surrounded by incomplete views preserved in my papyrus nights.

(The sound of the real chair moving, and the breaking of the imaginary harmony between lust, philosophy, art and a bit of chaotic alcohol and tobacco with its own rules)

Reality: It’s unfortunately too late, I’ll have to go to my own time shell, this place suffocates in dreams for a being like me, I’ll be back tomorrow and maybe remind the family in a nicer way of who I am, goodbye. .

Reality comes out the door and keeps it open to give the impression that he will return whenever he wants. Lust turns to the author’s wax-colored face on the intellectual table and says:

So, would you confess your love for her and see how your mind multiplies to give birth to opinions similar to yours in facial features ?!

Author: I do not think I will in the current term, I need some energy for some future suicide-like activities.

And what have we gained from our long discussion?

Author: Save a family from the clutches of reality.

Lust smiles as she looks at the face of the devil reflected in the absence of the moon and realizes in her that he controls everything around him with a flowing demagogue, and she knows that she will always remain trapped in the office, and that the fourth chair on the table was nothing but his dark personality, which is curious in appearance and thirst.

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