“Expo City” represents Dubai’s most beautiful ambitions

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, announced the opening of the “Dubai Expo City”, the new destination in the Emirate of Dubai, on the map of ideal destinations for accommodation, business, education and the home of innovation around the world, and the latest model for future cities, in early October 2022 next. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said in a tweet on Twitter yesterday: “Brothers and sisters, after the historic success of Expo 2020 Dubai, which has been visited by more than 24 million visitors and which is a mark in history of Expo exhibitions over 170 years, we announce today, about the transformation of the exhibition grounds into (Expo City Dubai), a city that represents the most beautiful ambitions of Dubai.

His Highness added: “Expo City Dubai will be an environmentally friendly city, friendly for families and the future generation, technology-friendly, economically friendly, a city linked to a port and two airports and associated with the fondest memories for millions of people. A thousand and one terra suite. His Highness said: “The new city will have a new museum, a global exhibition center, headquarters of major economic companies, and pavilions of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt and others include. It will be a city full of economic activity and joy. for our children and families, if God wills. It will be a city that represents the dream of every city. “

future cities

“Expo City Dubai” represents a new and global home for creativity, and a model for future cities in the field that have become a prominent landmark and gained great global interest, after the end of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, and the region transforms into an ideal destination and an environmentally friendly and technology-backed futuristic city.

“Expo City Dubai” is based on the heritage plan of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, and to be part of the Dubai Urban Plan 2040, on the momentum and resounding success of “Expo 2020 Dubai” in creating an environmentally friendly and technology-backed futuristic city. The city will open on October 1, 2022 and will include a number of the main pavilions in the “Expo 2020 Dubai”, and will also include a group of diverse attractions, offices, leisure facilities, restaurants, cafes, sports clubs and a shopping center located directly via the Dubai metro can be reached.The city also includes Dubai Exhibition Center which provides world class services for hosting exhibitions and conferences and will be a leading family destination.


A number of the main attractions of Expo 2020 Dubai will remain in the new city, namely the dome of Al Wasl Square, Al Thuraya Park (the rotating watchtower), the surrealistic waterfalls of the Expo, the Sustainability and Mobility Pavilion “Terra” and “Alef” to provide interactive educational experiences with visitors.

Later this year, the Events Pavilion will be transformed into the Expo Museum, to be a new addition to the “Expo City Dubai”, shedding more light on the history and impact of previous International Expos, and to highlight the success of the event offered to celebrate the world for six months in the UAE.

The factors that attract visitors to Expo City Dubai include the Women’s Pavilion, which highlights change makers from around the world, and the beautiful Vision Pavilion, which highlights the career and vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister emphasizes. Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. .

Emirates Pavilion

Visitors will be able to visit the UAE Pavilion, Saudi Arabia Pavilion, Luxembourg Pavilions, Australia, Pakistan, India, Morocco and Egypt to add new experiences to its outstanding content, as well as the possibility for visitors to access all places by acquiring a special city. card, what details of the benefits it provides will be announced during the coming months.

Expo City Dubai will be free of disposable plastic, and will retain 80% of the built infrastructure and buildings, including 123 LEED-certified buildings, embodying the highest levels of sustainable design, construction and operations. It will be the first community accredited by the International Building Institute “WIL” in the region, in a clear indication of the positive impact of the built environment on the health and well-being of visitors, residents and workers at Expo City Dubai.

Dubai Expo City offers a wide range of opportunities for companies working to achieve their sustainable goals, and is already attracting the interest of a large number of tenants, as the “Dubai Expo City” will soon include the new headquarters of DP World and Siemens , in addition to start-ups and companies.Small and medium.

Deputy Head of State:

“Expo City Dubai will be a city that is environmentally friendly for families, the next generation, technology and the economy.”

“The magic of the Expo will continue, and so will the Al Wasl Dome, the Expo Waterfall, the Emirates Pavilion, the Alf Pavilion and the Terra Pavilion.”

“The city will be full of economic activity, and joy for our children and families. It will be a city that represents the dream of every city.”

Al-Khatib: a city accessible only to pedestrians

The CEO of Real Estate Development and Delivery at Expo City Dubai, Ahmed Al-Khatib, said that work is underway to study the overall plan of the site, in line with the vision and goals of the city, which provides additional land around will include the city. original “Expo 2020 Dubai” website, which indicates that the doors will be open. For property developers and joint ventures to develop the available spaces.

Al-Khatib revealed that the city would be meant for pedestrians as cars could not be used in it, at a time when the means of transport provided, such as golf carts, electric bicycles and bicycles, are being discussed while benefiting from the “Dubai Metro” station, for mass transit services to and from the city.

He pointed out that the parking lots will be changed to locations close to the vicinity of the residential and commercial buildings within the city, and the integration of all areas and areas around the site in the city plan will be reviewed.

He stressed that the “Expo City Dubai” is designed according to the urban planning model for a sustainable environment, as it includes more than 120 buildings accredited by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system.

Al-Khatib indicated that the regulatory framework is currently being developed in the city as it is a free zone, which will provide a package of services and facilities to the business community and investors locally and globally.

Faraidooni: Educational opportunities and workshops for schools

Marjan Faraidooni, CEO of the Visitor Experience at Dubai Expo City, said that education will be a major focus in the city, pointing out that in light of the success and popularity observed by the “Expo Program for Schools” during the activities of Expo 2020 Dubai, a group of opportunities for schools in the city, and workshops focused on many educational fields.

She stressed that cultural programs will continue in the coming period, initially focusing on the content of the “Terra” and “Alef” pavilions, while in the future various artistic and cultural programs will be developed, and points out that the specializations of the pavilions of the countries that will be present in the city will be determined in agreement with the countries concerned.

Free access to the city

Chief Sales and Communications CEO Sholto Douglas Home said admission to the “Expo City Dubai” would be free for visitors, at a time when fees for visiting destinations and pavilions in the city would be determined later, before the opening.

According to the conference participants, details of special admission tickets that will allow visitors access to a variety of suites will be announced soon.

“Expo City Dubai” represents a destination for global creativity and cultural communication and an ideal model for future cities.

A city that is free of single-use plastic, and it will retain 80% of its built infrastructure and buildings.

Continuation of the attractions in the new city, namely the Dome of Al Wasl Square, Al Thuraya Park, the Expo Waterfall, the “Terra” and “Alef” Pavilion, to provide interactive educational experiences with visitors.

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