Fitzpatrick wins his first major after a captivating triple fight – Yalla Match

The 27-year-old broke the world record. 1 Scotty Sheffler and Will Zalatores with one shot after a captivating rollercoaster fight with the American duo in Brooklyn, Massachusetts.

Victory does not see the world. 18 He made history as only the second player – and first non-American – to win both the American Amateur Championship and the US Open at the same venue, after winning at The Country Club in 2013. Jack Nicklaus is the only other golfer to have achieved this feat, but Victories at Pebble Beach in 1961 and 1972.

It also secures Fitzpatrick’s $ 3.15 million share of the $ 17.5 million prize pool, the largest bet in the history of major tournaments.

68, 70 and 68 over the first three rounds reached him as co-leader, along with Zalatoris who was on his way to the crucial day as his third 68 was enough to secure a one-time victory at 6 below par.

“The feeling is beyond this world,” Fitzpatrick told reporters.

“It’s so cliché, but these are things you dreamed about as a child. To achieve this, I can retire tomorrow as a happy man. ”

Born and bred in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield, Fitzpatrick could not resist being compared to his beloved football team Sheffield United.

“I’m in the same agreement – I do not expect it to work well, I do not expect it to work,” he said.

“I definitely feel like I work hard for it, and as I grew up, it’s the mentality of everyone around us … the mentality of the underdog. You work for what you get. ”

More major downfall for Zalatoris

The small defeat caused more sadness for Zalatores, who has now finished second in three majors in recent years. The 25-year-old missed the Masters Championship by one stroke in 2021 before suffering a play-off defeat to Justin Thomas at the PGA Championship in May.

Despite losing by the same margin of error, Zalatores said Sunday’s small loss would take longer to process than that of the Masters.

“It hurts,” Zalatores told reporters. “Of course we do the right things.

“I would have paid a lot of money for about one and a half inches and would probably be a three-time main champion at this stage.

“It is especially very painful, but it is motivating. I have to keep doing what I do. I know I will get one sooner or later. ”

Zalatoris plays his hold from an 18-tee.

Meanwhile, Schaeffler just missed his amazing calendar year with his second major win, after winning the Masters in April and adding three more PGA Tour wins.

With his 3-under 67 routine dropping below any of Fitzpatrick’s laps, the world’s number one could regret a windswept dark wave during Saturday’s penultimate round that left him throwing five strokes over a four-hole stretch. .

“This week I hit some of the worst shots I’ve ever had in my career, hitting some of the best shots, so it’s been a lively weekend,” Scheffler told reporters.

A tip from the hat to Fitzy. He plays golf very well and he definitely deserves to win this event. ”

Hideki Matsuyama’s 65th best card finished fourth in the under-3s, while Colin Morikawa and Rory McIlroy were tied for fifth with one stroke.

Scheffler plays his shot from the 16th innings.

Tough last day

With pairs of playing times singing in ascending order to the top of the leaderboard, Scheffler’s sparkling start to world no. 1 opened with successive sparrows leveling the playing field with the leading duo moments before the game.

Two holes later, the 25-year-old was already the absolute leader at the age of five with another birdie in the fourth, although Fitzpatrick immediately responded with his own birdie to keep up.

Schaeffler’s fluent start provided a stark contrast to Zalatores scrambling to level the opening slot, firing two back-to-back ghosts to slide down the leaderboard.

However, Zlatori’s reaction was at first as certain as his downfall. After passing twice to stabilize the ship, the American shot four birds over the next six holes to chase Scheffler and Fitzpatrick.

A frustrated golfer goes into a sermon after having to play an embarrassment at the US Open

Remarkably, for all the tides in the final round that pulsed, after 13 holes, the picture looked almost like the start of the day, with fellow captains Fitzpatrick and Xalatoris Scheffler driving.

The trio would have been stunned if it had not been for some of Fitzpatrick’s 13th champions. Forty feet from the well, the Englishman struck a crushing blow on a cliff to paint the level with a birdie, and celebrated the animal’s effort with a roar and a fist pump.

The only difference from the to-do list was that Scheffler now lags behind with one hit instead of two. After chasing the turn with five chapters and four birdies, his back nine snail pace started with successive ghost images that left him 4 below the total.

final installation

Then it became seismic. Zalatores could only see in the 16th round how Fitzpatrick shot a great birdie to take a lead with two shots that lasted only a few minutes, as Schaeffler jumped in the 17th to overtake his compatriot in second place .

With a small margin to repeat the equalizer in the 18th minute, Scheffler’s exclusion put pressure on Fitzpatrick and aligned his shot on the penultimate hole.

But as if enjoying a casual tour with friends, the Englishman smiled and laughed after coming home before taking a shot at the last discount.

At the closing event of a captivating last day, Fitzpatrick seemed to be in trouble after his shot found the bunker, but the Englishman returned with an excellent shot from the sand to find the green.

Zalatoris responded on his own with a brilliant approach to ensure that the lead came to the last shot, but after putting Fitzpatrick on track, he could not conjure up the jumper he needed to force a play-off round not.

Respected Fitzpatrick restrained himself while waiting for his opponent to finish, before Zalatores entered the house to ignite scenes of unbridled joy – and many tears – between the Englishman and his team.

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