Mohsen Mohieldin reveals to Al-Dustour the secret of his interest in producing programs for children

The past few hours have unveiled a set of initiatives for the production of artistic and cultural works for children, in response to the Egyptian artistic community on what the Disney platform does, and its cartoon works that do not conform to Egyptian customs, traditions and origins.

And then a large number of stars decided; To adopt the presentation of ideas and the production of works of art; To address children and develop their mind and skills, of an Egyptian nature, characterized by the preservation of Arab origins and customs.

“Children’s programs” is the gateway through which I entered the world of art

“Al-Dustour” contacted the talented artist Mohsen Mohieldin, one of the most important stars who presented a large number of cartoons and religious stories to children, who kept the secret behind his love and interest in the presentation and production of children’s works for many years. revealed: “I hope that ideas for programs will be produced and developed.” for children as it happened in the golden age, and to provide all that is new to them; I do not exaggerate when I say that “children’s programs” are the gateway through which I entered the art world to become what I am now. “

Mohieldin added: “Since my childhood I was a kid who loved art. I was a spoiled little kid, I loved acting and dancing, and I was good at imitating those around me, and I did. always attracted the attention of those around me.My older brother was a graduate of the Institute of Dramatic Arts «Decoration Department», working in television, so he decided to take me; To start with children’s programs, and at that time I was not more than 8 years old, so I entered the world of television, and participated in children’s programs, which included several artists, including Mamdouh Abdel-Alim and Abdullah Mahmoud, while the artist and director “Inaam Al-Jeritli” , for whom I have all the respect, appreciation and condemnation. Thanks to her in my career, she is responsible for teaching children to act, and Dr. Ratiba Al-Hafni, may God have mercy on her, presented, and she was then the dean of Arabic music, and di e orchestra went to learn music and dance with her.

The proper education of children and the discovery of their talents is an essential part of making a comprehensive artist

The talented artist continued: “I entered the world of art through a children’s orchestra and from there to the Children’s Culture Palace, and the members of the orchestra alternated roles, as Ahmed Salama was writing while I was directing, and among the members of the band was a wonderful singer named “Rabee”, and the orchestra was known at the time as “The Band”. Jump. ” Some directors went to children’s programs; To choose among us those who are fit to play roles in their work, and praise God, I was constantly selected and nominated by my teachers; Therefore, he was of the opinion that the proper education and training of children, developing their skills, researching and discovering their talents, and encouraging them is an essential and big part of making a comprehensive artist, and it was raising children in a very big way. bou. ”

Emphasis on what is forced on us from outside cultures

Mohieldin stressed the interest in the work offered to children and in confronting the cultures that are imposed on us from the outside that are not in line with Middle Eastern societies, and that is what we should all do to bring generations together created, and added: “I never gave up on them until a time came in the nineties and I Empty Exactly for children, both at the level of producing and directing cartoons and writing plays at” Children’s Theater ” , and directing it as well.Comics were made according to the Sunnah of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, whereby they won awards and were honored in Europe for their quality.

Mohsen Mohieldin’s latest work

The talented artist, Mohsen Mohieldin, recently participated in the series “Revo”, which achieved great success on the WATCH IT platform, and its events revolve around a lyrical band that gained great fame in the nineties and at the time the form of music has developed. , but time has changed the lives of the members of this group, The series featured Amir Eid, Sedky Sakhr, Tamer Hashem, Sarah Abdel Rahman and Hassan Abu Al-Roos.

He also starred in the past Ramadan drama race in the series “Secret File” in front of star Hani Salama. In 2013 and the numerous abuses that took place in it, compared to the current situation, more than 25 artists participated in the series, including Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Donia Abdel Aziz, Nidal El Shafei, Dina, Majed El Masry, Ihab Fahmy, Caroline Azmy, Nabil Issa, Saba El Rafei, Iman Youssef, Madeleine Tabar, Ahmed Al-Rafei, Nour Mahmoud, Muhannad Hosni, and directed by Hassan Al-Balassi.

It is noteworthy that Mohsen Mohieldin obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute of Cinema, director’s department, and worked on radio in 1969, and in 1970 participated in the play “The Minister’s Campus”, after which he performed numerous performances of the Children’s Theater and the Theater of the Hundred Chairs, then the play “The Lover of Appearances.” And then in 1970 he presented his first work on television, the series “The Killer”, then the series “Teardrop on the Cheek of the Moon” and “The Chance of a Life” in 1976, in addition to participating in many radio series such as Dandash ”and“ A First Year of Love ”, and The play“ Sk on your daughters ”with the genius Fouad Al-Mohandes.

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