President of the Businessmen’s Association: The Egyptian private sector has all the ingredients to expand trade with Africa

President of the Businessmen’s Association: The Egyptian private sector has all the ingredients to expand trade with Africa

Written by: Maher Badr

Within the activities of the 29th session of the African Export-Import Bank, held under the auspices of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, is an “extended session” in the administrative capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt with the participation and strong African presence between the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association (EABA) and some African speakers involved in intra-African free trade Also represented by members of Afrixamebank

Dr. Yousry El-Sharqawy, President of the Egyptian-African Businessmen’s Association, gave the opening speech in the special session of the Egypt-Africa session on the business table, which was organized under the title.
“Promoting trade between Egypt and Africa in line with the Intra-African Free Trade Agreement – the vision of the private sector”

At the beginning of his speech, Al-Sharqawi praised the good organization and expressed his gratitude to the Arab Republic of Egypt, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the Board of Directors of the African Export-Import Bank and its affiliates, and the Central Bank of Egypt on its head / Tarek Amer, Governor of the Bank, the African ambassadors who attended it and the entire African financial and business community, where the attendance of this session exceeded more than 500 participants from every curve of the continent.

El-Sharqawy emphasized his pride in the participation of the Egyptian-African Businessmen’s Association, as one of the business organizations that works hard to connect the African private sector community with a new, vibrant and dynamic goal and thought, and works to this conference from the land of the administrative capital, the integrated development model that has become with many projects and achievements in infrastructure and roads And many others, it is the most important talk and the easiest way to attract and fascinate investments and cooperation of all participants , gentlemen visitors and Afrikaans brothers

The discussion was attended by ing. Abeer Lehita, head of the African Women’s Committee in the association, ing. Hussein Al-Azzawi, head of the energy committee, and Mr. Karim Al-Barqouqi, Vice-President of the Export, Import and Customs Committee

The head of the African-Egyptian Businessmen’s Association explained
What has happened in the Arab Republic of Egypt over the past eight years is a very important model for development and the mainstay of the economy because Egypt now includes giant projects and is now considered one of the most important countries that has foreign investment in the last stage attracted. to international reports, whether regional, continental or international reports It has become a development work model that can open the door to many works for African cooperation and inter-investment with the countries of the continent

The speech focused on various axes, the most important of which are the importance and application mechanisms to activate the free trade system more than just promotion, in order to achieve intra-African trade rates, which are rising in growth and we need more,

Al-Sharqawi pointed out that the business community knows and appreciates the role that African leaders play, and we know that there are many challenges, and in return there are many virgin opportunities and ambitions that need to be worked on to overcome challenges, especially witnessing the Egyptian-African arena in a state of complete agreement on a common destiny and great need To improve and apply joint capabilities with the countries of the continent, and not everyone, especially the private sector, ceases to diligently looking for opportunities within the African continent to bring about successful inter-investment and trade with the countries of the continent that benefit.

Al-Sharqawi emphasized that what President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi presented in his speech at the conference yesterday was a variety of focused and important messages that reflect the way and map how to shift the economic perspective from the theoretical side to the practical side. to transform, which we desperately need and we need to study and correct the mechanisms of access. To the best results and how can we all know what is needed to rebuild the continent’s infrastructure so that it can exploit its capabilities.

During his speech, Al-Sharqawi indicated that as an association we have presented an honorable model for cooperation with African brothers in the private sector in 3 years, and through 22 qualitative committees we have presented many and dozens of charity events in order to publish success stories of various investments and products with more than 19 African countries, and the association has become representative offices, most of which work To facilitate and provide what is required of a positive and promising commercial and investment climate, and it is one of the most important channels for achieving joint economic cooperation.Unconventional from the point of view and with the degree of endurance from the private sector, the most important of which is to reformulate the philosophy of the Egyptian business community to encourage it to the depths of the continent to enter, especially the horizontal entry of many small and micro business owners, and we will with all the tools and resources to do so, work in our permanent cooperation with state agencies The Egyptian, which spares no effort and provides a leading model in African cooperation.

Al-Sharqawi told everyone that Egypt possesses all the elements of commercial cooperation with all the countries of the continent, as it is a stable and secure country that has accumulated experiences and different classes and a long history in agriculture, industry and trade and own leading products in the fields of medicine, building materials, food, engineering, clothing and leather Multiple experiences can also be transferred from Egyptian experts and competencies in all sectors and specializations, which can contribute to the support of intra-trade while non- traditional solutions such as customs certificates, export documents, customs standards and efficiency and increasing the efficiency of the performance of executors at borders, in banks and in shipping and transport companies.

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