Prophetic leadership is a global approach to progress

The concept of personality has aroused a number of researchers who have tried to explain why some people are more capable than others of exercising leadership effectively, and some of them have gone for the equality between leadership and strength of personality, and a group researchers agreed with them in defining the leader as that person who has the greatest number of characteristics. Personality, and some scholars viewed leadership as a set of qualities that enable an individual to perform a task for others. Personality theory views leadership as a one-sided influence, meaning that the leader possesses a set of qualities that set him apart from others.

While leadership as an exercise of influence is an activity aimed at influencing people, it encourages them to work together to achieve the goals set with accuracy and clarity. Consequently, a leader in this aspect can be defined as a person who engages in work that has a positive impact on others and is more important than the influence of any other member of the team.

In terms of leadership as art and behavior, some researchers see it as special actions in which the leader engages in guiding and coordinating the work of his group members.

Leadership from the perspective of persuasion has focused on and concluded a number of researchers by saying that it is the ability to decide what to do and then convince others to do it.

We can say that in any situation someone is trying to influence the behavior of another person or a group of people, there is leadership, whether it is in business, education, politics or in the family. Effective leadership is the essential life force that motivates, organizes and pushes individuals to achieve goals, thereby clearly defining the direction, the goals accurately and the strategy, sharpening the enthusiasm, inspiring the feelings and pushing the workers to make amazing changes , which ultimately makes it work around the human vision and improves its performance to greater limits, and naturally builds its personality beyond its limits.

At a time when individual, collective and international crises and disasters are increasing, interest is increasing and the search for the optimal solution is increasing to bring about a radical change, to improve the painful reality and to work towards high levels of the desired bring about change. in life, after the curriculum and vision have faltered and shortened, and there is no doubt that the optimal solution and the desired need is the presence of leaders The great who accept their fate and the path of science, knowledge, insight and global vision , loaded with moral authority.In this way, Islam brought about a qualitative and quantitative change in the life of mankind with its foundations of a divine approach whereby the souls of its followers first changed, and it has a change in their societies until the change reached the horizons of the world and The face of the world changed, and Islam illuminated the sky of mankind with the stars of the verses of the Book and the Sunnah to put them in the darkness of life leads to what makes it happy.

The principles and systems of Islamic administrative thinking are based on a firm belief that does not change, and apply at any time and place, as opposed to the principles and theories put forward by Western administrative thinking, which differ according to its laws. , while administrative thinking in Islam is a way of life, and it is the best tool for promoting societies if applied properly. And an in-depth and research look at the leadership and administrative organization that the messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, established for society, we find that it is an efficient and effective system, in which management functions effectively and efficiently applied, and the state’s administrative structure, guidance and control systems were organized in a very successful way from the ancient and modern perspectives.

Also, an in-depth study of leaders in all environments and the difference in their influence and personality type, humanity has not reached a leader nor will it find a leader who has reached the highest levels of human perfection except Mohammed God bless him and grant him peace A complete personality in all aspects of his construction and all the phenomena of his human giftedness and all the factors of his survival. The Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, leadership in the ability to effectively, successfully influence leadership, and continuity of call, convey and convincing He was the best leader, the teacher and the educator.

Thus, we can establish the leadership and management school and methodology to upgrade man in all societies and bring about justice and charity for the whole world, a prophetic administrative school that achieves adequacy and scientific, high morals and clean practices combine, based on high human values, in accordance with the exalted human needs, and pay attention to the matters of human activity. Good management of community affairs and service, in order to achieve its goals, and what these processes require in terms of planning, setting goals, estimating needs, providing capabilities, coordinating, controlling and effective, efficient, wise leadership, by the emergence of talents and leadership skills in individuals.

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