Qatari riders were first on the 800 world teams

His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani, Ambassador of the State of Qatar in Germany, confirmed in exclusive statements to Al Sharq on the occasion of the Qatari cyclists’ victory in the “GBI” international competition, and their win of the first place for the best completed charity work, that the victory of the “Qatar Dragoons” team.For the fourth time in a row, it is an honorable achievement that is added to the successive achievements of the state of Qatar in various areas.
His Excellency the Ambassador said: We congratulate the Drago Qatar team on completing the difficult journey, which is a humanitarian and charitable work aimed at the partnership project between Drago Qatar and Qatar Charity in the work of a charity project that represented in the construction of a school in Somalia.
Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed explained that with the victory of the “Drago Qatar” team, the pillars of this charity project were completed today, behind which charities were behind, and a full-fledged team worked long distances to promote this charity, and the team members gave everything they had to retain the title and dominate The throne of winning as the largest team donor in charity work among 800 participating teams from different countries of the world, which in itself is considered a success for the team which has continued at the same level in recent years and during this year, which has also achieved a victory to be added to it.

Qatar’s interest in sport is a message to the world

His Excellency added that Qatar is one of the countries known to be interested in sports, and his institutions are also interested in it, and proof of this is the participation of Qatari institutions in this global competition, and note that Qatar’s interest in sport a clear message to society and the new generation in maintaining the practice of sport that reflects a correct image and the civilized society and the new generation.
On the participation of His Excellency with the “Qatar Dragoons” team, he explained that the participation of the team members in this victory and the deserved victory is one of the happiest participations he has had over the two years in Berlin, and all team wishes members success, and emphasizes that he will be with the Qatar Dragoons team in this international competition next year.

The people of Qatar are chasing after good

His Excellency the State of Qatar’s trip to Berlin pointed out that the state of Qatar is one of the pioneering countries in charitable and humanitarian work, extending a helping hand and assistance to all afflicted countries and peoples, and it has undoubtedly been positive on reflecting the Qatari society. , which has become a desire to love charity and contribute to charity and provide white hands to other people in need, the Qatari flag in front of all participating teams from different countries of the world is a clear, strong and expressive message to all participating teams, emphasizing that the most supportive flutter on the podium was one of the most beautiful colors the podium on was a point. The end of the “GBI” global competition.

Our embassy is happy to win

He stressed that the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Germany, with all its staff and diplomatic corps, was delighted that the team reached the finish line and won this competition as the embassy members along with the Qatari team at the 10 km procession to the finish line.
His Excellency pointed out that the Qatari embassy in Germany offers all forms of assistance to Qatari citizens who are in Germany, and the embassy also has a role to contribute to charitable work on behalf of the state of Qatar, such as the embassy in the has worked in the past. year to provide assistance in areas that have seen floods, emphasizing that the embassy It will go next month to provide the necessary support for football stadiums and kindergartens in one of Germany’s states, and this is the message to be conveyed on behalf of the state becomes Qatar and its permanent contributions.

Sat Al-Kuwari: We are ready to provide the necessary support to citizens

Mr. Sabet al-Kuwari, head of the medical attaché in Bonn and responsible for health affairs in Germany, said: The directions came to the medical office to prepare for the necessary and necessary intervention to provide medical support to the members of the Qatari team to provide. to participate in the global GBI competition, especially as such sports are dependent on bicycles. Not without injuries, which led to the medical office being ready to also give support and encouragement to the Qatari team, explaining that the injuries were minor, simply scratching, if the presence of the medical office members at the participating team was more moral and conveyed a message that all members of the medical office are present To serve the team and intervene in the event of any emergency, especially as the riders through narrow roads, lanes, depressions and elevations, which requires the presence of the medical team and guidance of the team.
He added that the Katari team’s victory in this competition reflects a heartwarming scene and gave all the participating teams an image that the state of Qatar has the best athlete to represent in various sports activities.
Regarding the presence of the medical office in Germany and the provision of the necessary for citizens, he explained that the medical office is interested in providing everything needed for Qatari patients sent by the state, and is also concerned with the provision of the medical need for Qatari tourists during their presence in Germany, as the Qatari medical office is ready to provide all assistance to citizens. cases in Germany, France, Italy and European countries near Germany.

Saleh Al-Ghanim: We thank His Excellency the Ambassador and Speaker of the Shura Council for their support

Saleh Al-Ghanim, a member of the Qatar Dragoons, thanked His Excellency the Qatari Ambassador to Germany, who worked to overcome all problems in front of the Qatari team, celebrate them and share the joy of taking first place to win and achieve in the GBI competition. , and to the Speaker of the Shura Council, who was in constant contact. With team members first hand, who know the latest developments and follow them up.
Al-Ghanim added that the Qatari team was eager to take part in the global cycling initiative, with the participation of 23 Qatari cyclists, all of whom worked to contribute to the promotion of charitable work in building ‘ a primary school in Somalia.
He said the idea of ​​the initiative revolved around the fact that each participating country has a goal of providing charitable work, and the idea of ​​the Qatari team came to build a school in Somalia, and the team has the slogan chosen “Drago Qatar for Education” due to the acumen of the “Drago Qatar” center in collaboration with Qatar Charity in supporting education in needy countries and a guarantee for children as it is one of their rights and Muslims should stand with their brothers and support them in receiving education.

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