The asceticism of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and the extravagance of today’s rulers

During these blessed days of the most holy month of Rajab, a unique birth through history and time, past, present and future, is the master of rhetoric and the inspirer of scholars, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him), this unique personality, both on the level of Muslims and on the human level. He is the one who says and does the principle of justice, equality and justice, and he is the one who affirmed that man is equal to man in character or his brother in religion.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) is a personality who in his entity brought together all the benevolent opposites, and these qualities competed among themselves, but they remained at their highest levels in terms of applying His supporters, and equality in the distribution of wealth and the assets of the Bait al-Mal, is a principled, moral and legal policy from which the Imam (peace be upon him) has not deviated one jota.

The late Imam, the Great Ayatollah, Sayyid Muhammad al-Hussaini al-Shirazi (may God have mercy on him), says in his valuable book (The Third Infallible, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, peace be upon him):

(Characteristics of the Commander of the Believers (peace with him) were not gathered in anyone before or after him, and in him (peace with him) the opposites of the nobles were gathered.)

All the great values ​​and abilities were born in the personality of the Imam (peace be upon him), in the first moment he appeared to mankind, to find himself in the presence of a brother and professor sent by God Almighty as a savior of mankind, the noble messenger Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, so that he learned on his hands and grew in his intellectual and religious realms. And mankind, and knowledge was taken from him, to the pinnacle of ascetic behavior in the world and its temptations.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) was, is and will remain a school of asceticism that has not been matched by a school through the ages. At a time when the obedient people succumb to the temptations of the world, chase after them, kill for them, oppress and violate the rights of others, greed, lust or influence, the Commander of the Believers was (peace be upon him), in a valley and they are in a completely opposite valley.

Even when power was in his hands, and the temptations and privileges worshiped him (peace be upon him), he did not even look at it at a glance, and did not think about it for a moment, nor did he attract his attention or his heart.Pallies, and he did not eat what he enjoyed, and did not drool over that money seeping into the treasury of a country that today has an area equal to tens or even hundreds of countries, so what kind tax it was, what gold, and what big money.

Great values ​​are the biggest bond

All this and all others were under the command of the Imam (peace be upon him) and obeyed his will, but he denied it, and piety, mercy, justice and great values ​​remained his greatest support in his policy with all, preceded by asceticism because it is he who leads the rulers to steadfastness and self-struggle and does not submit to his desires and temptations that it seeks, etc. Imam Ali was an ascetic in power but in the whole world.

It came in the linguistic meaning of the word asceticism, that is, devotion to worship and to abandon worldly pleasure, and to turn away from it in contempt for it. And this is the exact description that applies to Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in his great asceticism, his firm piety and his principles that make everyone equal and do justice without imbalance and just so that even the closest people to the Imam (his brother or sister, for example) has no privilege over others who live in the state of the Imam (peace be upon him), Muslims or others.

Imam Shirazi says in his same book:

(The Commander of the Believers (peace be upon him) spent his entire life in asceticism and abstinence from worldly pleasure and obsession with the hereafter until his asceticism became an example, and almost no one, whoever he was, would asceticism of Imam Ali does not deny. (peace with him), either during the days of his reign or before it).

With all the elements that the personality of Imam Ali (peace with him), absolute confidence in himself, and his belief in the great educational values ​​he studied in the school of the Greatest Messenger (peace with him), he (peace with him) used to direct his sermons to the people, and to invite them to what he wanted from them, just as he was their model. In asceticism he describes to them his life based on the least necessities of life, such as food, drink, clothing and housing, so glamor meant nothing to him, nor power or money or influence or manifestations of superficial extravagance.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) defeated power and his temptations

He, peace with him, with all his piety and faith, and infallibility and trust in God Almighty, and with his greatest balance of knowledge he had acquired from his teacher, the Noble Messenger, asked people to help him his to continue asceticism. if they were not able to do so, and he says firmly to them that their world will not deceive him, therefore he does not store up gold, nor does he care about purification, nor any of the temptations of power and the world come to his mind alike.

Imam Shirazi says:

(If we were to call the evidence of his asceticism (peace with him) we would have lived long, but it is no harm to refer to some of them: He (peace with him) said: Indeed, your imam has enough of his worldly possessions by his shed, and of his food with his slices, but you are not able to do that, but help me with piety and zeal.Chushiness and payment.Through God, I do not have your worldly wealth accumulated in cleansing, and I did not accumulate from its spoils in abundance, and I did not prepare my garments for burial.

See the rulers of today, especially Muslims, how their imam treats the world, how he relinquishes power and his privileges, and how he thinks of himself with the least money, even if it is his right, because he is the supreme overseer of the treasury, he goes it clean and clean inside his hand is white, and distributes all the money equally to those who earn it. Then he thanks God Almighty for helping him leave the treasure chest as he entered it, and he is the one who does not do a few dirhams to buy a garment !!

Imam Shirazi confirms this when he says:

(Imam Ali (peace be upon him) came at once, and he did not have the value of three dirhams to buy a garment and what he needed, and at the same time he would divide everything in the treasury among the people, then pray in it and say: Blessed be his God who brought me out of it when I went in there).

How far is Imam Ali (peace be upon him) from people’s money, and what is his protection when it comes to their rights, and what keeps him away from a lavish life when he sells his sword to finish, and he does not think to buy a second shirt, he rather sticks to one shirt that he gets no one else to wear when he was it, which means there is no alternative. He has this only shirt. Is not this a lesson for today’s politicians and governors competing among themselves to purchase foreign (brand) packages of hundreds or thousands of dollars in order to repair their insoluble psychological shortcomings.

This is Imam Ali (Ali), he is the model for man with his different responsibilities and levels, as he is the greatest model for the ruler and the official who enters power with power, arm and hand and leaves it just as he entered, it is the ruler on which Muslims and all mankind await.

Imam Shirazi says:

(And in Al-Manaqib: Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) remained of the treasury until he sold his sword and had only one shirt at the time of washing, and he could not find another).

How much do Muslims need Imam Ali’s (vv) approach and his asceticism, and his way of governing people, running their affairs and protecting their rights and money. Are not the rulers of today, especially Muslims, required to draw inspiration from the Imam’s biography, his personality, principles, asceticism and the winning of the faculties that made him an example to the ruler who rules the world and power? and defeated Mgrauthma?

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