The Houthi’s oblige their employees to bring their children to the recruitment and mobilization camps

Despite intimidation, roots and media campaigns in which dozens of radio and television stations took part, the Houthi militias, in addition to mosques, failed to persuade the majority of students’ parents in the occupied Yemeni capital to enroll their children in sectarian camps that it opened under the name “summer camps.” For this reason, they took refuge in forcing Employees in state institutions and departments to bring their children to these camps.

The Houthi militias made the imposition to bring the children of employees to the camps an additional condition for retaining the job, and a degree of loyalty to the group’s coup project, according to what was confirmed by 3 employees of the Central Organization for Control and Accountability, the Ministry of Public Service, and the General Authority for Insurance and Pensions.

According to the sources reported to Asharq Al-Awsat, the Houthi leader Ali Al-Emad, who fired more than 600 employees and retired under the pretext of being unfaithful to the militias, with the employees of the militia-controlled Central Organization meets. for Control and Accountability in Sana’a, and informed them of the need to bring their children to the camp, which was erected in a place next to the building of the device; Where children receive sectarian mobilization and weapons training during working hours, and leave with their parents when it’s over.

The sources said that this case has become a condition of staying in the post, and a measure of the loyalty of the employees to the militias, and a confirmation that they do not support the internationally recognized legitimate government. with about 700 Houthi militia members.

One of the workers told Asharq Al-Awsat: “You are faced with two options: either you retain your only source of income because the monitoring body is one of the government institutions under the control of militias in Sanaa, whose salaries are paid. is to workers, and his budget is about two and a half billion riyal a year, or That you refuse this humiliation, and therefore you will not get the money to spend on yourself and your family. ” (The dollar is about 600 riyals in the militia-controlled areas).

For these considerations, the employee indicates that those in the apparatus accepted the inclusion of their children in the Houthi camp; Especially since most of the employees are basically members of the group.

Another employee confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat that those in charge of the Houthi camp were working to mobilize the participating children with extremist sectarian ideas, glorify the Houthi dynasty and their teachings, slander the rest of the sects and fight to inflate. The mobilization clauses also include training in the use of weapons.

Elsewhere in Sanaa, two employees of the Ministry of Public Service and the General Authority for Insurance and Pensions, which is subject to the Houthi movement, spoke to Asharq Al-Awsat about instructions issued by leader Salim Al- Maghales, holding the post of minister in the unrecognized coup government, to all employees The need to enroll their children in the camp opened in the courtyard of the Institute of Administrative Sciences building in Ministry of Justice.

The two sources confirmed that the majority of the workers withdrew their children from those camps, after becoming aware of the sectarian content offered in them, and challenged the majority of the country’s residents embracing the Sunni sect, in addition to the fear out. that their children will be subjected to a process of brainwashing, through extremist religious discourse and incitement to fighting.

One of the employees said: “Minister Al-Mughals was surprised when he visited the camp; Where he found that there are only dozens of children who are loyal to the militia and its members, ”emphasizing that the program is based on two principles: the first is undertaken by a civil defense lawyer; Where children are forced to take an oath of allegiance to the doctrine advocated by the Houthi dynasty, and then pledge allegiance to the militia leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, and the group’s opponents, who are described as enemies of the so-called “Koranic procession” and as “hypocrites and enemies of God” with reference to the majority of Yemenis who do not believe. The myth of the “state” and the sanctity of the Houthi dynasty.

The source explains that the second part of the mobilization program, in which a military trainer in uniform, undertakes the task of training children in combat exercises beginning with training to stand, move and organize in a queue for military parades, and coordinated to step in. steps, while chanting slogans of battle and sanctification, ending with learning how to use automatic weapons. .

This is accompanied by – according to the sources – a presentation of what the Houthi militias describe as “champions”. Video clips of children who had previously participated in wars and died during confrontations are shown, while new children are asked to follow their example.

Families living in Houthi militia-controlled areas have stated that despite the large sums of money spent on setting up such camps, and the associated media campaigns on more than 35 local radio stations, and all militia-controlled TV channels, and neighborhood officials put pressure on residents has. And to get a gas cylinder at home to send children to these camps, the vast majority of families refused to send their children, after becoming aware that they were camps for sectarian mobilization and recruitment.

Over the summer holidays, the Houthi militia has launched hundreds of camps and training and mobilization centers in schools, mosques, towns and cities to attract and recruit children, which is the group’s annual behavior, as part of its identity effort. too sure. of Yemenis, and to raise a new generation that believes in the holiness of its Houthi leader and his dynasty.

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