The prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi … Ask for death, and life will be granted to you By: Issa …

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Written by: Issa Qaraqe

The prisoner Zakaria al-Zubaidi wrote after the martyrdom of his brother David on the commemoration of the Nakba on May 15, 2022: All that I lost, I did not say goodbye to them and did not bury them. She was the one who always said (God makes my day before yours), and my brother Taha buried him while I was under the wreckage of the camp and the demolished houses, and today David, and I could not say goodbye to them all or be able to perform the ritual.

This text is not quoted from a Greek myth or from a fictional world novel, it is from one of the children of Umm al-Abed, the martyr refugee in Jenin camp after her relocation from the town of Caesarea during the Nakba, Umm Zakaria Zubeidi who carried the martyrs in her womb and released them one by one into freedom, they were born and raised and then She preceded them by leaving her first memories, and she still receives it, and they have nothing does not change.

The prisoner Zakaria al-Zubaidi, who was born in 1976 in Jenin camp, lived his life between death, bullets, imprisonment and persecution. Bloody in April 2002, his brothers Taha and Daoud were tortured and their house was demolished several times. Zakaria was pursued and a target of liquidation until he was arrested in 2019. When you talk to him, you only get words of nostalgia and farewell smelling of loss, his friends his loved ones and his brothers left him alone and he continued to carry on his shoulders Hundreds of funerals.

Al-Zubaidi family has not reunited once, everyone is either in jail or underground, now he is in a lonely cell on hunger strike, still fighting, he is the son of the camp, his burnt body radiates like a sun disk in the desert, still in work clothes, commando clothes, He sharpens the sword of his will to be prepared for whatever is to come, he has a clear sense of death and a greater sense of life emanating from a thirst for ideas.

The prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi is every Palestinian, he is the general and current situation, he wanted the legitimacy of death to complete the legitimacy of life, life needs death. I was born into this life from below, from below and the margins, and I grew up like heroes growing within hours, not years.

Zakaria al-Zubaidi, the only Palestinian who wanted to exist through death, like the sun that gives light but does not absorb it, he regained his sun nature and hastened the sunrise, when he is thirsty and spring does not come, he goes to the fountain, when he is hungry and does not get to bread, he seeks bread until he gets it, he does not need help, he does not turn around, fight, complain, cry, curse, get angry and calm down , but he never looks around.

Pray for death, and life will be given to you. Zechariah repeated this saying attributed to the companion Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, may God be pleased with him. This death comes from the side of light, and Zechariah comes from the direction of darkness. Death is strong and Zechariah is weak. Death is the highest and Zechariah is below. Death is in the Watchtower and Zakaria On the bottom of the earth, in the mud that crawls and crawls and calls into space, the legend was stunned to find Zechariah and death in the mornings on the sidewalk against each other.

On the day of 6-9-2021, and from the hole he dug in the Zionist Gilboa prison, he saw heaven, which is Palestine. Six prisoners came out of the earth capsule. Help us, O wind, around the sand and go up to Mount Tabor in Galilee. Helps our muscles to discover the body of time. Take us out of the rooms Death, spoil our winds in your dust and scatter us so that we may blow in your air, and that we may know how to write the dawn.

We will get out of prison, said Zechariah, which is a verse (and Zechariah when he cried to his Lord, Lord, do not leave me alone and you are the best of heirs), make me a verse, the soul is free, we will come out in a capsule, poem or song, we will come out from above the earth or below the earth, all the prisoners on a Close relationship with the heavens and with the winter fruits in summer and summer fruits in winter, paths that go beyond the closed eternal wires, the miraculous abilities that cause the prisoner to besiege the jailer, are a sign when you see what you do not see.

All the cities and towns in Upper Galilee and the Palestinian coast stretched out their hands to the heroes of the Freedom Tunnel, and she said to them: Hold the tree branches, follow the streams of water, read the inscription on the stone, listen to the roaring from the Mediterranean and the clouds, watching the swarms of birds, you will arrive safely accompanied by the moon and dew and dreams awakened by the past In the return of the absent present.

Zakaria al-Zubaidi believed that he should only cut half the way, so that his inflamed inner strength would complete the other half. Zechariah and his six captive companions arrived from Gilboa Prison to the village of Naoura in northern Palestine, attracted by its beauty, Palestinian fragrance and wild flowers. Zakaria remembers the poem of the poet Badr al-Din Hamid about the village of Noria when he said:

The girl of this time does not fear death
She spends her days wishing
Of beauty it is formulated and has life
I am of her..with her soul and she is of me

Zechariah and the six prisoners bathed and arrived at the Naura Mosque. At that moment, Zakaria realized that a free person could stop the occupiers with a prayer or a frightening cry if he hit an ax, a spade or carrying a spoon, so whoever wanted freedom had to elevate himself to himself and drag to the place of sacrifice.

Pray for death, and life will be granted to you. Zechariah refuses to let the cell be his grave. The tomb is there in Jenin. The future is liberated from me and arrives there. The truth will set me free. Zechariah said after blood and fire mixed together in a human ball called the camp, it burst from his smoky robe and a red flicker, the sun escaped. the coldness of death and the ecstasy of the sniper, no one rejects Jenin, martyrs build a state of blood and jasmine, this blood does not go to nothing, nothing is the fullness itself, so I thrive a lot for Your humanity, says Zacharias, finding a balance between life and death to clearly see and learn how to live.

O people, read this text written by Zakaria Zubeidi: They are good to kill, but we are good in death. How much death and how miserable are silent graves, dry air and trials of the earth. A cemetery, a cemetery next to a cemetery, the daily news smells like death, the black newspapers, the headlines, the ink and the nervous words, the air drenched in gunpowder and panting, death immediately explodes, and we make the space between the bottom and the top, to move the skulls and rise from the abyss.

They came so we could die and we are here to ward off death and have death, when it comes to beauty and meaning, we must bring the invaders back to hell or to exile where they were, we have no business, but to leave our lives now, we are not sorry for their fate that they are extinct or They evaporated at the end of the afterlife, they have come to uproot the buttons of our lives, and we are here resist with stones, stones, knives, pen, and prayers. He who lives by the sword will die by the sword. Standing over her head.)

Ask for death and you will be given life. This profession is all that is needed for matches and nails. If our lives are precious to us, we would prefer to sacrifice a part of our life force instead of giving ourselves to to leave a silent death in prison. or outside the prison, Zechariah wrote, We live thus, feet in the cold and feet in the heat, came in death and advanced in life, and we must be the center of the globe, receive the sun from all places , sunrise and sunset, wars and crimes, despair and hope, but we are the ever-shining eye that guards Jerusalem the capital.


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