Today, this child has become one of the most famous artists in the art scene.The price of her wedding dress has reached an amazing number

A photo of a four-year-old girl was circulated on social media, and it was written that she was a well-known artist in her childhood stage, and she appeared with a white dress and a red hair tie.

This is the Yemeni singer Balqis Fathi, whose fans spread a photo of her as a child, in which she wore a white dress while tying her hair with a red “tone” and a “bridal” game carried in her left hand.

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Belqis appeared with features similar to hers today, which ended a controversy after she published photos of her without makeup in the last period, which led some to believe that she had performed operations to “blow” her lower lip, and the case was renewed after she posted photos of herself on her Instagram account with luxury makeup. .

Belqis Ahmed Fathi was born to a Yemeni father and an Emirati mother. She settled in the Emirates, specifically in Abu Dhabi, where her career began. From an early age, talented, she has been influenced by her family, who appreciate and master art. She sings and plays a number of musical instruments. She gained her singing experience by composing music with her father, artist Ahmed Fathi. She left music for a while to continue her studies in business administration.

Singing the Yemeni heritage is her specialty. She is also known for performing the songs of very great Arab singers with high professionalism. She won the award for best young female voice in 2011 due to a poll, and the L’Official awards in 2012.

Her star shone in the year 2011 with the two songs Diwan Al Poetry and Easy Matter. After joining Rotana, she opened the doors to fame more and more and released the song “Ya Hawa” with a music video in 2012, and a year later she released her first album, “Majnoun”.

She married businessman Sultan bin Abdul Latif in 2016, and we all remember the scene of her legendary wedding under the lights of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Dancing Fountain, where Balqis crowned her love with a wedding that has long been about has been spoken. in the presence of a remarkable presence of the most prominent stars of art and media and high-end personalities.

Belqis chose to wear a legendary and dreamy wedding dress, and she chose Saudi designer Tima Abdel at the time, as it took 1,500 hours of craftsmanship to design it, which was adorned with 24,000 sparkling diamond embroidery, and it was said that its cost amounted to 10 million dirhams, i.e. about $ 37 million.

The artist, Belqis Fathi, has received positive reactions from the Arab public over the past few hours, following the release of her latest lyrical work “Janoub Al-Darb”, which she co-hosted with director Sultan Al-Abdul Mohsen.

“Bilqis” presented the song in the Saudi dialect, which reached the trend in Saudi Arabia and a number of Arab countries on social media platforms, where the song’s viewership reached one million views in less than 24 hours.

Balqis Fathi appeared in the song “Janoub al-Darb” in Bedouin clothing to show the traditions of the people of this ancient region, which has a great history of heritage and folklore.

The Yemeni artist, Belqis, collaborated on the song “Janoub Al-Darb” with the poet and composer Turki Al-Sharif, the music arranger Muhammad Sultan, and the mixing and master engineer Muhammad Esmat, and the video clip was directed by Sultan Al. – Abdulmohsen.

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