Transmission of the sun’s rays to the watermark of Cancer


Important astronomical news: the transmission of sunlight to the water sign of Cancer:

Effect of the sun’s transition to the watermark of cancer:
* The sun’s rays (the biggest yoke) move to Cancer on June 21 and continue on July 22. The sun, which wants to represent ambition, desires, creativity, and how we discover and understand ourselves as it is authority and official bodies means, is located in Cancer Water sign, which represents roots, past, parents and childhood and which thinks with its senses and not its mind Reality lives under the slogan “I feel.” The Sun clearly shows this, and it is a fiery, masculine planet, unlike Cancer, that is watery and feminine. Therefore, the Sun of Cancer impresses man with a kind of mother’s tenderness and feelings of compassion and perhaps unrealism, but it stimulates communication with the family and a return to the place of birth and roots. Interest in the home and the elderly increases Age On the one hand, real estate business and construction activity are active. The chances are for each of the water and ground towers and all the towers as well:

The sun is the main ruler of your first and most important astrological is in Cancer, so your status will increase and your self-realization will increase, and when the sun is in Cancer for a month, it means that you will take care of yourself family relationships and your roots, and there are surprising financial developments as the situation offers you a wonderful opportunity in professional aspects, your possessions increase and you find solutions to outstanding issues like a problem within your family. will appear peaceful, friendly, considerate of others’ feelings, and altruism will prevail over you. You tend to be private in your emotional relationship.

Specifically, the Cancer Person will make you highly proficient in social communication and evidence-based talks, drawing attention to your words and writings, as you demonstrate clear vitality and great positivity by overcoming problems and achieving great harmony in your personal relationships. . Mercurial and loves change in everything, so you have to expend your great tend to read, learn in general and multiply social relationships and friendships .. Financial and emotional fortunes that will reach their climax in the coming weeks. .

The sun will be in Cancer, i.e. in the astrological house of money, Gemini, which means that there are many financial and material gains you will get .. you tend to put constant savings too, and you can liquidate in an important project or an association or a participatory work. The most important thing is that there is a period of liquidity .. You have stable and special principles Love for privacy and secrecy about your life and property .. you build fruitful relationships and are a person who is able to fix things and you are very interested in bonding and stability and you have opportunities to get married if you are single..the coming period is better financially ..

This period is important to you with the presence of the sun, and it is your season and your solar power return. It gives you visible personal qualities like: strength of character, more sense of security .. you tend to change everything, take care of your appearance and take care of those you love .. you will feel great confidence and can be very honest. Opportunities It’s great to be in a leadership position and to gather the loyal ones. Your path in life and in the presence of the sun will be special, unlike anyone else, and equipped with a competitive spirit. Opportunities are in every way Just pay attention to what does not match your feelings and intuition. The period is considered the best financially and breakthroughs have been waiting for months, so to speak.

With the Sun of Cancer in your twelfth astrological house, your personality may tend to be shy and somewhat introverted. Avoid a noisy life and be a calm, poetic person. You just should not expect things and stay away from negative thinking. .especially pessimism, pay attention to health, and try to do internal investigations..You have solutions to issues It is important, and if you work, you prefer, or rather you succeed, to work behind the scenes .. It strengthens your love for meditation and diving deep into business..The single lion has a new emotional relationship that you will be discreet about and live it out in secret ..

The Sun of Cancer is the place for you and these developments are suitable as you will be very much free from restrictions and obligations and feel safe and at seek the pleasure of yourself and you go to everything you love without any restrictions and you seem very tolerant .. you like to achieve justice and equality .. you are very interested in friendship..stay away from Extremism and show that you are an educated person with deep knowledge and intellectual openness that you share with others.

The sun is in the main astrological house, and it is the tenth of the sign of Cancer, which represents your ambitions, aspirations and personal projects, so you are more powerful, confident and your personality is stubborn and intelligent, but you can become more dependent and hand out roles to others as you wish. You are eccentric, do not succumb to commands, your sense of success and ambition increases, and you may strengthen your talent.

The presence of the sun in Cancer in the location of the trinity for you, so you will be a person of intuition and a person with high physiognomy, and your chances are complete and many pleasant surprises may occur. you increase your sophistication and love of knowledge. Curiosity motivates you to travel far, whether physically or morally, to enhance your culture and renew your life. He sees your People are brave, positive and honest. They do not hesitate to do anything. Love science and different cultures, quick adaptation, passionate, ambitious and educated Your financial and emotional fortune will increase.

An important period with the presence of the biggest yoke of the Sun in the sign of you get money without fatigue, such as the money of others and of the emotional partner, the spouse or others, such as inheritance, gifts from parents , or a sudden gain, as it is in the best emotional period..Personally, you have traits like extremism in opinion and exaggeration With everything that is bold, stubborn, combative and provocative, you like to storm the unknown and trust no one. .Your chances are very good in material and emotional aspects ..

The greater yoke of the Sun is in Cancer, so you will have great opportunities for marriage as well as being associated with a job like a steady job. Just watch out for an emotionally or professionally cheating partner, especially if the relationship is new. A new contract, job or engagement, and others, but you hate being alone, so beware of relationships. Astrological circumstances give you sudden and unexpected changes, especially in emotional and material aspects, in the last week of June and the first and second week of July ..

The sun is in the sign of Cancer, so you will have a more accurate view of things and be a critical and free person from addiction .. you tend to take care of your health and it is a suitable period for recovery .. you work hard and seek excellence, but sometimes become more sensitive and hard on yourself .. You restore friendships from the past..Your financial situation is better, as a critical crisis ends when there is such a financial hardship .. Emotionally, you may be more prone to friendship and you may not care about the relationship outwardly, but you know what to do and how to direct your feelings.

With the Sun of Cancer, which is your ally, you will become a person who loves to show off and try to prove yourself in any way. I mean, you seek the spotlight without getting bored and you are a special dramatic person who will turn to you and get benefits you might not expect .. You look like multi-relationships, especially friendships and work, you tend to to move and be active. Your chances increase a lot and you win from games of chance or suddenly and accidentally .. You have the characteristics of romance, love of life and a tendency to change ..

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