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Head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in Iraqi parliament for “Al-Dustour”

Al-Dustour – Nouf Al-War

“Our meeting as a delegation of the Iraqi parliament led by Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi with His Majesty King Abdullah II could be one of the most important meetings that took place in the fifth session of the Iraqi Council of Representatives. , the deputy and head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament, Dr. Vian Sabri Al-Qadi, began her conversation with Al-Dustour about the last meeting – last week – held by a delegation from the Iraqi Council of Representatives led by Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi with His Majesty the King, the Prime Minister, my President and Members of Parliament The Ummah and the judge pointed out the details of these meetings and their importance, in a special dialogue, the text of which follows:

Your identification card: Who is the representative, Dr. Vian Sabri? .

Judge: I am dr. Vian Sabri Al-Qadi, deputy and head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party block for the fourth and fifth sessions in the Iraqi parliament, a leader in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi parliament, a doctor and a doctorate in community medicine.

Constitution: How do you read the outcomes of the meeting between His Majesty King Abdullah II, Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi and his accompanying delegation? And your meetings also with the Prime Minister, my President, members of the House of Representatives and celebrities?

Judge: Our meeting as a delegation of the Iraqi parliament led by Parliamentary Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi with King Abdullah II is perhaps one of the most important meetings that took place in this fifth session of the Iraqi parliament. And the Iraqi parliamentary delegation led by its members and its members carried the message of all the political forces in Iraq that the people of Iraq always regard the Jordanian people as brothers and sisters, and this view must be implemented through bilateral parliamentary and government decisions serving the interests of the two fraternal countries, and from the point of view of constructive regional cooperation to meet all local security, political and economic challenges health and climate. His Majesty the King addressed the need to find a way to form an Iraqi government capable of carrying out its duties, and that Iraq’s stability is necessary for the stability of the region, and that Iraq ‘ an important geopolitical position on the regional and global map.

In the meeting with the Speaker and members of the Jordanian House of Representatives, they discussed the deep-rooted Jordanian-Iraqi relations historically and in the present, as Jordan is at the forefront of countries that have positively dealt with the existing political system in Iraq, and Iraq has good diplomatic and cultural relations with Jordan, interest of the two countries.

Talks during the meeting with the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Senate revolved around finding a mechanism for further cooperation in the executive and legislative field, creating a suitable environment for investment in Iraq, as well as strengthening memoranda of understanding. understanding on all fronts, including construction of the Al-Faw oil pipeline to Aqaba, the joint industrial cities and the facilities available through Iraq for Jordanian investment firms and to promote trade exchanges between the two countries.

We also discussed the need for Iraq and Jordan to integrate their economies and to improve the mechanism of cooperation in the fields of agriculture, education and the economy. Students and Iraqis in Jordan are in large numbers. We also discussed the importance of strengthening economic memoranda of understanding and in the field of investment and in the fields of energy, agriculture, education, medical tourism, technology and leadership.

Al-Dustour: You had personal and practical experiences with and in Jordan, before this visit, what do you remember about them? .

Judge: I previously met His Majesty King Abdullah II during his visit to Iraq and Parliament in 2012, and I also had the opportunity to be in the current delegation to visit Jordan, the Brotherhood, to receive His Majesty for the second time. times to meet, and His Majesty is better than carrying the burden of trust to His people with wisdom and ability to a bright future.

I will also not forget the Jordanian generosity when I was in the Royal Medical Services and the Ministry of Health during my studies on the council and was sent to Jordan as an educational twin and it was a wonderful experience and we and the students of the Kurdistan region received the best reception.

I, as the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, and as citizens of the Kurdistan region, have the brotherhood of Jordan’s leadership and people all appreciation and respect, and we thank them for their continued support for Iraq and the region in our war against ISIS and terrorism We strive for more cooperation, understanding and communication at all cultural, political and economic levels.

Al-Dustour: How will these meetings serve the two countries, especially after they recently signed the tripartite agreement with Egypt? .

Al-Qadi: New horizons of cooperation and regional integration will be opened by tripartite cooperation between Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, to address common challenges and concerns at all political, security and economic levels, within a mechanism the three countries are determined to serve common interests.

Al-Dustour: How do you read the Jordanian-Iraqi scene today? .

Al-Qadi: Jordan continues to take self-assured steps, led by a wise king and a people who love their leadership and are politically stable to horizons of prosperity and progress, and Iraq, as a brother country, has certainly supported need his land. brothers in Jordan and all neighboring countries, although Iraq is a promising investment country, but political and security stability limits the benefit of the wealth and capabilities of Iraq in general.

Al-Dustour: While keeping track of events, how did you view parliamentary life in Jordan? .

Judge: Jordanian parliamentary life may not differ from that of the Iraqi parliament in its general committees, but the Iraqi parliament may certainly differ, because the political life in parliament depends on the political decision of the joint parties in parliament, in addition to the presence of the Jordanian Senate as a synonymous and supportive institution for parliament This is what we are missing in Iraq, because until now and since the adoption of the Iraqi constitution in 2005, we have not the Federation Council, the legislative body that is not supposed to. to make legislation and establish a clear law.

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