What freedom are you talking about, snowman and supporter ??! Written by / Abdul Jalil Al-Zubaidi

I listened to YouTube channels of people defending the former Baath regime, and because some of them were working in newspapers and media institutions at the time, I thought it was necessary to respond to them.
Muayyad Abdul Qadir is a journalist who worked in the Baath Party media before and after the Baath coup in 1968. He also called Snow Tikrit and worked as a secretary and press adviser to Saddam Hussein.
These two journalists today talk about press freedom and claim that they were free to write. !!!
As for the snowman’s phone, I do not know him and did not hear from him until after he published articles in the newspaper Al-Zaman, issued by Saad Al-Bazzaz.
As for Muayad Abdul Qadir, who claims that the press was free. What I remember from his writings is that he was compiling reports on the blockage of sewage in Saddam’s neighborhood and that he asked for it to be treated ((because the neighborhood bears the name of the leader …) ). !
As for his articles in Alf Baa magazine and the newspaper Al-Thawra, it does not go beyond the glorification and deification of the leader of necessity.
A young Brazilian woman gave her braid to Mr. Presidential gift
Electricity workers in the Indian province of Punjab promised to Mr. President…
Algerian students studying in Belgium congratulate the president on his birthday.
Comrade Abd al-Hasan Rahi Pharaoh reveals a mural of the leader’s portrait. This is the news that Muayyad and his companions wrote earlier in all newspapers and on the first and second pages.
What freedom does a supporter and snow talk about?
Did you forget that the news that the news agency (Aa’a) sent via the telex device publishes a text, even with its grammatical and linguistic errors and vague wording?
Four people, including Daoud Al-Farhan, on the first floor of the news agency in Al-Zaytoun Street, were the ones who determined the publication of news relating to the party, the president and the war.
Did you forget that Tariq Aziz is the sole supervisor of all newspaper headlines and headlines, and that he is the one who, of course, instructs at 12 o’clock in the evening?
I remember in 1984 I accompanied my friend to the newspaper Al-Thawra, and he wrote a sophisticated, impartial and objective paper on the relationship between Islam and Arabism. There we met the editor-in-chief, Amin Jiyad, who, before reading the article, informed us that it was not suitable for publication.
Why is Jiyad invalid ?!
Jiyad replied: We do not publish on these topics to non-Ba’athists .. I honestly tell you that my way of accepting the article is ((I put my hand on the paper and when I feel the Ba’athist’s heat and it then feels I decide to publish it ..)) !!!!
In 1987, we were student students in newspapers. We were only allowed to write trivial journalistic articles and investigations, such as: What’s in the university student’s portfolio, What’s in the student’s Lepix? How is the food in the college club? What are your favorite songs?
I remember the two most important things I did, which was an extensive investigation into the phenomenon of begging and the aspirations of students after graduation.
The second topic deals with the aspirations and wishes of the students, and after I completed it and was in the newspaper Al-Jumhuriya at the time, I handed it over to Professor Sami Al-Zubaidi, editor of the Universities page, who every time has been published. Tuesday of the week. However, two weeks have passed and the issue has not been published, I spoke with mr. Al-Zubaidi checked, who told me that the newspaper’s general manager, Sami Mahdi. He wants to meet you ..
Indeed, I met Mahdi, and when he tells me that the topic will not be published because it is malicious !!
How is it disinterested, Sami Mahdi?
Sami: It involves hostile goals against the mind of the President, who commanded His Excellency to encourage marriage and reproduction, and you, Your Honor, shed light on the unwillingness of young people to marry after graduation !!!!
What freedom are you talking about?
It is not now in defense of the system, but it is a reality and a reality and from the data of (creative chaos) … Today and in this era, the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and political insult leaders. and mocking without insulting the writer, insult and mocker with any accusation.
Today, sites and pages on social media defend and favor foreign countries, and no one holds them accountable. We studied the press law in your era, and under its provisions, seven years’ imprisonment for anyone who insults a friendly country of Iraq, let alone those who advocate positivity for a hostile country. !
What freedom are you talking about?
Today, a news website released out of the capital, Baghdad, publicly slanders the intelligence services, reveals their names and addresses, and even promotes their killings, and no one dares to hold this website accountable, even if the Prime Minister also the direct head of the agency!
Oh (Angels of Press Freedoms), your alleged tribute to the freedoms of the Baath era is a true recognition of the freedoms today. Because you are lying and no one holds you accountable. So what if you spoke during the Baath era about press freedoms in the era of the leader or in the royal era ???? ..what will happen to you? Won’t they question you about your intentions and ask you about the intent and purpose, and whether you compare two covenants? !!
A broadcaster you know, on the Voice of the Masses radio station, did not say the word while reading the news (and take care of it) and was pleased with (the leader, may God protect him).
He was summoned by your friend, Abu Yarub, the head of the institution, and he referred him to the intelligence services. He stayed there for a month, and he entered it with a weight of 110 kg, and he got it leaves, weighing 60 kg.

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