Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s brother sends her a message: I love you, I miss you

The artist, Wael Abdel Aziz, during his arrival as a guest on the “Kalam Al-Nas” program, presented by the broadcaster, Yasmine Ezz, sent a message to his sister, the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

Wael said in his message to Yasmine: (I love you, you miss me, you miss me, Yasmine and Saif, and may God keep you gentle and heal you and keep you away from any evil, and may God help you in you live and succeed and keep you alive).

He continued: “In a situation that happened a long time ago when Jasmine was not advertising, there was a businessman, Yasmine, who was doing an advertising campaign, and he was married to a very famous singer, no.” an Egyptian not.And a gun came out, and his father was an honorable and good man who came out and led him, and after how many months later we heard that he killed himself and killed his wife, so what would he have gotten?

This comes after Egyptian star Wael Abdel Aziz, the brother of Yasmine Abdel Aziz, reacted to her after she accused him of selling her in exchange for an expensive car, and after she made a statement from her lawyer issued in which everyone is asked not to record. any issue related to her brother.

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Wael published a statement of explanation from his lawyer about what has happened in recent days and said:

(My client received a warning letter from his sister’s lawyer, artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz, misrepresenting and misunderstanding what my client mentioned in a post to support his sister regarding her health and social condition.The sister wrote a post in which she attributed to her brother what he did not do)

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And he continued: (And I dutifully realized what I was doing, so I deleted the post, and in the interest of my client not to give the opportunity to fishing enthusiasts in turbulent waters, he will take no action in does not make this connection, in appreciation of the misfortune she is going through, until she overcomes her crisis and returns to her audience and family).

The beginning was with Wael Abdel Aziz who published a photo of him with his sister and commented on it, “Oh, my daughter, you are like us, we are after our Lord, your fatigue is our fatigue, your joy is our joy, and we are with you and see you for the day of judgment.

Although Wael did not make a mistake in his message to Yasmine, but she reacted in an extraordinarily offensive way, which is why she wrote: (Attox, you sold your sister and took a Mercedes for her wish).

Wael responded to Yasmine’s attack, saying:

(I did not blaspheme you, with God. You do not know that I removed you and how protected you, and I tried to see you and your problems with the least losses, but you do not learn. God learned your lessons, and the lesson of your illness taught you nothing. We are the ones who will buy you.

Only a few hours later, the two brothers erased their messages to each other, and it seemed as if someone had intervened to calm things down.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz canceled the sequel to her husband, artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, from her account, but at the same time kept the photos they brought together, raising the audience’s questions about the development of their marital relationship. has. and whether they have separated from each other, which Yasmine or Al-Awadi have so far not clarified.

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To this day, Yasmine has permanently interrupted her brother Wael and refused to reconcile with him, especially because he has sinned against her in public and in front of millions, accusing her of her honor, making it difficult for any honorable woman to to forgive who accuses her of this shameful accusation.

Ahmed wrote at the beginning of their marriage against Yasmine and her husband Al-Awadi:

(To make a mistake, do not make a mistake with the one who made you a mistake in her whole family, and the one who allows someone to make a mistake in his family allows that anything else happens to them .. What I want to know now is how do you live together at home and work without class, even in class, no one told me why ..! I’m also the one who made scandals and this is the origins .. !!! Announce your passport .. and just empty love posts on social media).

He continued: (Ok, I swear by God and my Lord and I do not worship. I will not give up my right, my reputation and the reputation of my family, except when things fall into place. Those who are wrong with me is like the people who missed my fellow students.I will take my right to the law. !!!!!!!!? .. and everyone will know who was right and who was wrong).

He also wrote in his previous attack on her when he accused her of living without marriage with Al-Awadi:

(Behold, O Yasmin, O Abdul Aziz, my sister: I with you and in your back Of And you small supermotors Problems very Because of you Of And you Family series small start Of your problems with Poet and cooler And you I know that I I was hurtIn which how and his case maids Recently not issue hit to me she was pink and between girl Hesham Salim actress to me wear it tart in and she .. I stood jump you everyone What I ownOf Energy I defend About you in Everyone Attitude Difficult bitter on you And I forgot my life and myself for you and stay Everyone placebo Iand your motheryou are arrogant keep a star in your field .. will be for youyour choices all of which for yourself And we passed you On The most your decisions and I was the only to me I supported you I stood next to you in your divorce .. but Hänhrtl and go do you know One younger Of you B 10years no Of your age and imagine photo hash Which be needed On account I heard you and our reputation no nobody will allow .. Of when and us let’s do holidays birthday and go down Onsocial media .. Of when People You answer in our biography !? and sit down we fight On social media and with that your life And you free In which .. I will you talk On slot to me belongs to me .. you boycott Everyone the family want do you to me On your mood .. we time now And you want understandRelationship de any And the its smell On where).

He went on to say to Ahmed Al-Awadi: (As for the brother who walked and saw you in every place and saw you, the golden egg that you would crack every day. And of course, because you know that you completely rejected, so you are not going to do it and you have nothing but the northern road you have been walking with people’s daughters for years !! Our whole life in our situation, and no one has heard anything from us, and there is no need for this atmosphere of images and confrontations, and I am afraid to threaten anyone).

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